By Kentaro Yama
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With this app, you can add effects like a cross filter to attach to the camera lens. Light emitting materials and reflective object will shine even more. Jewelry, glass, illumination, etc. Please use when you want a gorgeous shot a little! !!! Please be careful for too much light. !!! ■ Basic function - You can shoot the video and photo with impressive Glitter effect. - You can edit photos and videos from photo albums. - You can create "kirakiragraph" from still image. - Swipe left and right to change effect. - Adjust light with Kirakira power slider. - On the confirmation page, 25 histories are displayed. ( Please check the photo album for the shooting data older than that. ) ■ Notes · Sometimes, there is an unintended area is sparkling .... · By the situation at the time of shooting, the video might not all glitter or too sparkly. Please try to adjust with kirakira power slider. #FEEDBACK if you experience any problems or have questions or suggestions please contact: If you can send a defect report, it will be helpful if you can describe your model and iOS version.

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It won’t open (1/5)

Every time I open it and click the camera icon it shuts down. I payed for an app I can’t even use. - davidhume77

white screen (3/5)

i have an iphone 6S and i got this app about 3 weeks ago, and it was working fine up until tonight. i open it and all i see is a white screen and the icons but i can’t tap on anything - doughnut98


honestly y’all gotta fix this because this app ain’t free.99 and it worked perfectly fine before - Lalalopsi

Confused and upset (1/5)

i literally got this app last night and while figuring out how to use it i fell in love with it. it’s a beautiful idea. today however, i open the app and the whole screen is white, i can’t touch anything on the screen to work. re downloaded the app and still the same thing. this needs to be fixed or i want my dollar back. - cocainelabs

Does not work like it should! (1/5)

Love the idea but there are so many things wrong with the app, it does not run smoothly at all, pictures don’t upload to the app, and there are so many more issues! - adhxo

It doesn’t work 😑 (1/5)

I downloaded it and it won’t work I’m mad I paid for it - Youoatl

Stopped working (1/5)

It was working then stopped working, all my pictures came out white when I save them and it keeps freezing, disappointed because I spending money on this app. - melanieeexx3

Stole my money & I WILL get it back (1/5)

I downloaded this app and didn’t even use it and yet they took money off of my card. I need my money back or you will be sued. This deserves no stars because whoever runs this app is a thief. - Justinee Malik


The first app I decided to spend money on and it doesn’t work. I bought it to not have to deal with the ads on the free app that’s similar but at least that app works on my phone. Whenever I open this one it’s just a blank white screen. The icon for video rotates when I turn my phone to landscape so I know it’s not frozen. - Frankie Ell

Not working (1/5)

When I select a pic from my album the screen is just white with no picture or effect. THE FIRST APP I EVER PURCHASED AND VERY DISAPPOINTED!! - LarkLocs

white screen when uploading really kills the vibe (3/5)

love the app but please fix it so that photos in camera roll show up... it’s such a pain when the screen just goes white and there’s no way to see/edit the pic - I love boxer dogs217

I like this app but it’s very glitchy. (3/5)

I enjoy the apps features but it doesn’t work with certain photos. It wouldn’t be a problem if the app was free but it’s not. Please fix the bugs! Overall the concept is great. - Daniellaaa!

😤 (1/5)

I cannot tap on anything why ???? Please help I’ve deleted & downloaded it plenty of times nothing has happened it will not work please fix!! - guapfuul

It does not work!!! (1/5)

So annoying to PAY for an app that DOES NOT WORK 🤬 - Ambient Lina

Awful (1/5)

I payed for the app and it still does not work. Also there shouldn't be limitations on how much sparkle we want on our pics - I'm_real_yo

Was the best app for photos and videos until..... (2/5)

Was a great app when i first purchased it but now it’s freezing and glitching is there a bug???? We need that fixed ASAP - DavionnK

Love! However.. (4/5)

I love using this app to make my artwork twinkle, however, I wish there was a tool where we could blank out unwanted twinkles because it’s hard to make a drawing of a Disney princess sparkle on the dress without the eyes sparkling brighter and making it look demonic. - Safiria20

It’s ok can b better (2/5)

It’s a great app but not enough functions an not customizable I want more still a good app for 1$ - razr3255

Great when it isn’t glitching (4/5)

I’ve really loved this app but for some reason, with certain photos, the screen will just turn white when I try to import it. I don’t know what’s causing it but some pictures will work and look great and others won’t work a lot. Hope it gets fixed, really love this app! - TiffanyD124790438

It doesn’t work (2/5)

It takes forever to get a picture with this app. It turns into white screen and it takes a very long time to show up. - Makiki's

Fix the freeze (2/5)

App is great when it works but freezes most of the time I use it. Not fun to deal with. - DelilahMari

Don’t believe the hype (2/5)

The sparkles are cute however it doesn’t give you a variety of shapes, size, and colors to choose from 😒. I wish I could get my money back. If you wanna spend a dollar, get sparkle cam.. better effects and doesn’t lower your video quality! You’re welcome! - ilovebaconyumm

Frozen (1/5)

Never got to use it :( as soon as I bought it and opened it up, it froze. I exit it out and tried again but nothing. I even gave it a few hours but nothing:( - Allie-lolo

It would be great but.. (1/5)

It worked one time for me. I’ve seen lots of people use this app and it seemed pretty good. I also saw lots of good reviews and a couple bad ones. But I’ve deleted and re downloaded it 5 times and every time I try to use a photo from my camera roll, the whole photo turns white. And when I save it, it’s white too. I don’t know if it’s my phone or there’s a bug in the app but I literally just bought it today and it stopped working after I saved one photo. - Nerdy.kat

Don’t waste your money! (1/5)

I just spent MY OWN money on an app that closes out every time I try to open it and use it... what a waste! Is there any way to fix it??? - SVNJNC

Girlllllll (1/5)

I been knew about this app so when I finally bought it I opened it and there’s just a white screen it won’t like me record or nothing if I spend my money on an app I expect it to work. Do better ✌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️ - Cookie____super___cool

Loving kirakira+ even more... (5/5)

with the new filters! Use it only with camera and video (haven't tried uploading photos); sparkle effects are so beautiful! Lots of fun pointing iPhone at light sources and watching the lovely effects. ❤️❤️❤️ - BAR112

My favorite app so far (5/5)

It’s never too much sparkles. Love it! - Eldorado112233

It’s not working properly (2/5)

It’s works only if u take a picture or video directly from the app. But if u try to add it to an existing photo or video, it will not pull up the image/video and the screen is completely white🤷🏾‍♀️ - divameka

It didn’t even work (1/5)

I just bought it and it didn’t even work??? WTH is this? I spent .99 cents for this and could have used it on something else. I was so excited to get this app, but the expectations let me down. - I am so disappointed :(

🚮 (2/5)

I love this app but y’all need to fix it every time I try to upload an picture to edit it’s just a white screen like what’s the problem.🤔 - Mirskiii

Can’t see any videos (1/5)

Every video i take on this looks awesome while I’m filming it...the minute i go to review/save it, there’s nothing there!! I want my money back, this app is worthless! - Simintel

Freezes (1/5)

My app freezes all the time! - The Chicest Chick

Not working (1/5)

Purchased Kirakira and whenever I open it up it’s just a white screen🤷‍♀️ - Loviebuggy

FIX THIS! (1/5)

I paid my money for this app and I can’t even use it. Every where I click in the whole app doesn’t work. Nothing responding. I check to make sure the app has permission to everything it needs to, it does. I restarted the app, doesn’t work! I restarted my phone, STILL doesn’t work! I would like a REFUND or for you to FIX this issue!!!! - illy0000915

Broken? (1/5)

All I get is all white images. It won’t load my photos. - rbullwinkle

Disappointed! (1/5)

I just downloaded this app as one of my first apps to ever actually purchase & i’m disappointed because every time i open it the screen is frozen . It won’t let me go to my album or click anything , very disappointed that i downloaded it . - Qowindidnwinsowme

Stop working for me and I paid for this 😐😐 (1/5)

wow the app stopped working and checked to make sure it was updated and it was - Meandme110301

Stopped Working! (1/5)

Not sure what bug fixes have been made, but I’m no longer able to save photos to my iPhone X. App freezes and crashes every time I take a photo. - DepecheModeNY82

Couldn’t get it to work a 2nd time (1/5)

A white background comes up and it doesn’t show the picture. Total failure. Do not buy. - Jemainiac

Amazing App! (4/5)

I love this app! It makes everything glittery and beautiful, and catches the light wonderfully. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish it had to additional functions: the ability to make Boomerangs, and maybe some sort of stability function for videos. Sometimes I’ll be taking a photo of something glittery, and while it’s beautiful, I wish I could have the movement of the glitter like you get in a video. Overall, definitely recommend! - a;sldjflsfjslfkjd

KiraKira Iisue (3/5)

LIKE this App but would LOVE it more if it was consistent. When I first bought the app 2 wks ago it filmed videos and took pics in real-time AND I was able to edit/bling out old photos in My Album. Now I am no longer able to edit photos nor videos already taken. JUST did an update that said fixed bugs and still cannot edit photos already taken (old or new). Please fix! - Andreen0211

LOVED this app until...😑 (2/5)

I loved this app and it’s actually the first app I’ve actually spent MY money on. (I always download free app). I took my chances by purchasing my first app and at first, i loved it! But now, any time i start trying to record a video, it’s like a slow freeze.. and it sticks while recording. Hard to explain. Is this a bug? Could it be the model phone i have in which the app does not support my phone (iPhone 6+)? Is this happening to anyone else? **i’ve updated this app to most recent update and it’s still having the same issue, I’ve turned my phone off and back on, I’ve also deleted and re-downloaded this app AND updated my phone as a whole to its latest update. HELP! - Jonest022895

Great app but.... (5/5)

I would have gave an 5 star rating but the only thing I find an issue with is not being able to “tap” where you would like the glitter affect to be or not be to be.... say for instance when I take a selfie the glitter affects would be on my eyes and I don’t want it to be and you don’t have the option to remove it ... if the developers could add an option as to where the glitter would be positioned and removed that’ll be wonderful! - Matshyne

It’s not working (1/5)

Every time I open the app and try to edit a closes the app real quick. If I take a picture or video with the app, it disappears to never be seen again. What’s up with this? - Ksn76

Bugs (4/5)

Fix your bugs to make it 5 ⭐️ - الشامية

Obsessed (5/5)

Need i say more? This app is my life. Always be sparkly... - deenie1969

Can’t edit existing photos (2/5)

Can only edit photos or videos taken through app. Please fix. - nurse_fluffy_muffy

Needs to be fixed (1/5)

Won’t upload my videos, and when I try to upload a picture it shows a white screen. Veryyyyy Disappointing - Flat taco

Awesome... (5/5)

My favorite app of the season!!!!!!!! Thanks for designing it! - Boobooslulu