Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

By Rockstar Games
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***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch 6th Gen, iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 & 4, iPad 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Pro.*** Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it’s the early 90’s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features: • Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models. • Enhanced for the iPhone 5 series and iPad 4th Gen and above with dynamic detailed shadows and real-time environmental reflections. • Physical controller support for all Made for iOS controllers. • Cloud save support for playing across all your iOS devices for Rockstar Social Club Members. • Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control. • Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them. Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. *To listen to your custom playlist, simply create a playlist titled “GTASA”, launch the game, and select the radio station “MIXTAPE”. Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios Find out more: See videos: Follow us:

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game mad good (5/5)

games madddddd gooooooood - Tyty0155773322

Crash!!!! (2/5)

This version is crashing all the time on my iPhone X and the worst part is it doesn’t save So disappointed - NAV!D95

Great game but glitches a lot (4/5)

I am always in the middle of the game or a mission and the game shuts off and I lose my progress. Fun game other than that . - HaleyDimas

Wonderful (5/5)

I love this game, i remember when i was a kid - Max451Lux

Awesome game even in 2018 (5/5)

I remembered how I felt excited when I first bought this game 10 years ago, the storyline plus open-world makes this game the best - CoolZiyang

Rockstar Games (5/5)

Rockstar Games please add ManHunt 1 on IOS/App Store for the iPhone please - Bryan Loaisiga

iPhone X (3/5)

Update for iPhone X. Game is unplayable, always crashes! - DesmondAF

Good game. (5/5)

Good - DatWhatItName

Classics (3/5)

I love this classic PS2 game. The graphics are still the same, lol. Brings back great childhood memories. However the app crashes, and now every time I open the app and the game loads, it Force Stops EVERYTIME. - iMikee96

Fruit phone and some better graphics. (2/5)

GTA SA is a great game already but it needs more stuff such as a fruit phone and way way better graphics like GTA V if you can soon please update it thank you - kelly12121212

Keeps crashing at the load screen!! (1/5)

The game keeps crashing at the load screen! I paid money for a game that won’t work? WFT?!?! - sligie57

GTA San Andreas💕 (5/5)

It’s still Number☝🏾📚💯 - Kid berry

Good but... (4/5)

The game itself is great I played hours and hours upon it but now whenever I try to load up the game it blacks out and takes me back to my home screen, so Rockstar I’d appreciate if you can fix this please - Sir_Liam

Update and fix bugs (2/5)

Please update for iPhone X - Night Wolf 😈

Crashing all the time, ruining my progress and the expierience. (1/5)

App constantly crashes on newer iPhones. - polarsnare

Good (4/5)

The game is good but it keeps crashing downloaded the game 3 times restarted all over but probably needs to update. - Ob4L

GTA Online Mobile? (5/5)

Please consider making a GTA ONLINE mobile game. I’d definitely purchase it - Slipknot530

Good until... (2/5)

It’s a good game until you get out of the 1st part of los santos - Blue451

Good job rockstar games (5/5)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the best games I have played in my life. Open world with incredibly crafted missions, making you explore the detailed world. Once you start your first mission you are already hooked, craving the next. All in all, rockstar games you are an amazing company, keep producing games. - seekndstroy204

Support iPhone X screen (5/5)

Hey , You makes me happy for this game , anyway i have iphone X , and it’s not support the screen , i just play game has support iphone X , so i need support iphone X screen quickly - basel-aljehani

Bug issues (4/5)

Why isn’t the game working - mplselfmade

iPhone X screen (4/5)

Update to fit iPhone X screen please - G⚜️

Awesome, but...... (5/5)

So I’ve been playing this game for over a couple of months now and I’ve gotten so far into the game, but now when ever I go to play the game, I push the start button, then it go’s to the screen with a picture and the loading bar at the bottom, and when it almost gets done, it stops and crashes, can someone please help me in this problem! - Septerno

Gg (5/5)


Game chashing (1/5)

Please update fix it or i want my mlney back - Delossantos1991

The Boyz N The Hood And Menace II Society Inspirations Really Shows (5/5)

San Andreas has it all, great voice acting, great story, great soundtrack, nonstop bloody edge of your seat action (especially the last half hour), drama, grit, and well timed humor. this is another one I highly recommend - poopsy duffus

Love this game (5/5)

Love this game please fix/update for the iPhone 8plus - Dboi23

Compatibility (4/5)

Make it compatible for the iPhone X plz🙏🏼 besides that, it’s a great game👍🏼 - Anonymous User7771023

Needs work (4/5)

Amazing, it’s a classic, (if you need tips on how to play the the game look them up online) but when I get on It cuts out, I’m at the part in the story when you race in red county and it keeps cutting out. - Duppy54

Awesome game! 😀 (5/5)

Rockstar this is a cool game.I play it everyday and it so much fun.I like how there is 3 cities and you can travel on them and collect collectibles for weapons.Also the weapons are quiet fun and useful to take out gangs.And I liked the story and missions.I love this game very much and very fun😄.I can even travel to San Fierro and Las Venturas. - Israel173821

Bugs (5/5)

I love this game but every time I play this game it stop working example of I play the game and it goes back on screen can you fix this problem - 74BEAR

love the game but it’s not loading (5/5)

First of all i love this game so much!! I’m just having on problem, it’s not letting me play. When i try get into the game and it loads right before i get into the game it completely leaves the app. If anyone can help please let me know. - Pinapplelover777

AWESOME!!!!! (5/5)

WHERE IS MAX PAYNE 2? - Jebandpooky

All my hard work for no reason (3/5)

I love this game but it has made me really angry. I keep getting lots of weapons but when ever I'm wanted and a cop busted me in a car i loose all my weapons but today when I played it a cop just bet me up and busted me when it was supposed to waste me so I lost all my weapons. Please make an update to were if you get busted you still get to keep your weapons. - KruzTDM and kaden

Gotta still realize this is a “PS2” classic im playing on a phone (5/5)

No complaints for real except save glitches that corrupt the game save and cloud. Sometimes there are some visual glitches people and cars randomly appearing before you. Frame rate drops is real but not consistent very playable and consistent 99.9 of the time. That .01% when the frame drops and picks back up you notice a quality in jump of graphics. Nicely done. Very graphically powerful game. Great game play, great story, “Awesome Game”. 4.5 because there is no cinematic camera. Why did you remove the cinematic camera? - HP313Kid

Please update (1/5)

I can’t complete the game stages due to during the last update - d7my_91

Crashing (1/5)

Every time I try to load my game it crashes before it fully loads. Annoying!! I just paid for this stupid game and now it doesn’t work! - CozyKitchen

Crashed (1/5)

Want my $6.99 back - Tonyakatiger

Can I play online with friends ? (5/5)

I have that question because I’ve been trying to play with a friend, by the way the app is pretty good. - williamtrl

Please read this (5/5)

I don’t know why the game exits me out when I press resume on the main menu please fix this - Smlroks

iPhone X update (4/5)

Can we get that X update for the beautiful OLED screen. - redcity11

Iphone8 can”t work (1/5)

This Gta doesn”t work with my iphone8... What the hell? - fix the bug ggg

I can not download again.... (4/5)

When do you Update game for iOS 11 ? I can not play games because iOS version and game version do not match. I wanna playing this game that "GTA San Andreas" - duck92468

Turning glitch (3/5)

When I’m driving the car and I’m not hitting The button to turn and it’s either turning left or right and I’m not even touching the button can you please fix that - walker cowart

Kinda upset. (3/5)

This was my favorite game. All I played. Then... I was robbing a house and then couldn’t move. Then i cleared my apps and tried again and it kept sending me back to my home screen. If you can fix this please do. - Lewis_0202

Love the entire GTA franchise (5/5)

I enjoy the fact that you guys don’t care about PC police. If you think doing any of this in real life is ok then you need mental help. - Tnredrose

Um can I play the game? (1/5)

So I bought the game on my iPad mini 4 and I loved playing the game it was amazing to see my old ps2 game on my iPad but maybe 2 weeks or so later the game just exits the app and goes out to home every time I try to go back in it does it again I can never start playing again I’ve turned off my iPad tried playing nope master reset nope some if you guys can do a bug and improvements update that would be great! - Killing machine lol

Game won’t open (1/5)

It worked well up until today the game no longer gets past the loading time - elanimal19

Very good (5/5)

Me hace recordar viejos tiempos cuando se jugaba en ps2 esta muy bueno los felicito - CarlesGabriel

Brings back memories (4/5)

Classic dope game, pretty impressive for a mobile game, except I would think the graphics would be better. Specially since the game came out more than a decade ago... - The real San Andreas