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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second: -Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions -You can create your own questions in the Factory -Over 20 game languages -Chat with your opponents -Collectable card collection Need more? No problem: -Prove how smart you are -Learn something new while having fun -Make your mother proud So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game! Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit for more information. Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here: Be a social being, follow us!: Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack Instagram: YouTube: Google+:

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Constantly forcing you into spending more $ (1/5)

Cant do much without paying more $$. - Dr. Chock

Paid for No Ads (2/5)

But trivia crack still advertises to you. Run out of hearts? Every time you exit a game, you’ll be hit with an ad to buy more. It just keeps trying to sell to you even though you paid to avoid that. - XOR24

Super fun! (5/5)

I’m addicted to this game! - Haley Padour

Content (4/5)

Sometimes the answers are wrong, and the spelling is also wrong. The formats are interesting. Buying coins/lives adds up very fast, somewhat expensive. - Claricecliff8

Very fun but pay to win ruins it. (2/5)

If you buy enough coins you can skip any question you do not know and never lose?? How is that supposed to be fun?? - Tas9158

Fun but needs better QA/editing (1/5)

Some of the questions are so poorly worded and there are a lot of misspellings and grammar issues. - pamo22

Trivia (5/5)

Love it, fun and educational - Lindavwyatt

gun (5/5)

fun - karamaneh

What happened to notifications? (4/5)

I am giving the app four stars because I have not been getting notifications when it is my turn to play. I’m totally obsessed with this game and love it 100% I just want the notifications to work. All the notification options are on in my phone, but for some reason they stopped coming in. After the last update, I noticed the change. Developers, please update again to fix this problem. - Mu5ikaddict_15

No longer fair... (1/5)

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years, and it used to be that the spins were not “fixed” or weighted to one category more than others. Not so any longer. It seems once you’ve played long enough, or accrued a lot of coins, the spins start regularly ending up on whatever category you are weakest in. Also, if you have a lot of coins, their “free spin” starts ending up on zilch 9 times out of 10. Too bad, this game used to be fun. - BeeBee408

Trivia crack (3/5)

Ever since you did updates on Tues., I have not been able to play. The game would not accept my password when I tried to log in. The game said they would send me a code but have not in 4 days. What's going on. - averyh01

Stop asking me if I like it. (3/5)

I like the game. What I do not like is being asked, every time I spin, to rate the program. I’d give it more stars if it did not constantly ask. - Truelovedtl

So fun! (3/5)

I love this game. But 68 gems for one card?!? I have to answer 1700 questions correctly just to get one card! Ridiculous. - ToshaKowal

Trivia (3/5)

I like the game, but I’m tired of having to log in all the time! Please fix it!!!😝😢 - Jjones 2440

Tournaments are Terrible! (1/5)

You’re out of the tournament if you tie!?!? What a bunch of crap. Getting 5 questions right can eliminate you?!?? OBVIOUSLY, if the developers are interested in actual people playing, there will be tie breakers until there’s a loss OR give more points for faster answers. Tourneys are CRAP! - K/K Peterson

Wonky but works (3/5)

Keep having to go back to the screen before every time it’s my turn to have a reload for it to be clear that it’s my turn I definitely would recommend the one without ads the ads are almost impenetrable - girlonthestreet

Garbage vetting and garbage gems (1/5)

Some of the questions that get through the process are ridiculously bad. And toward the end when you’re trying to get the last few gems, they raise the cost to exorbitant levels. It’s a bad way to end the game. - Wordchirpster

Won’t load (1/5)

Love the game but I can’t get my paid for no-ad version to load. I can load the free ad version but so many ads i can barely play that version. Love to play but can’t. - Hanselperson

Pay for it, and still can't play your friends continuously. (1/5)

One star. If you pay 2.99 for a game. You should be able to play with friends all the time. Not have to buy "lifes" or wait an hour. Stupid. - Robertson205

Love the app but still have ads after subscription and payment (4/5)

I oaid the 2.99 and still have ads. Even when i go on the app it still says remove ads and brings me to this page. It’s frustrating because i paid for basically the same thing as the free app. I love the game though which is why i still give it 5 Stars. - micoxiv

👍👍 (5/5)

Me encanta poner a prueba lo quense o he escuchado. Es otra manera de aprender tambien - Dieselazul

Wrong answers, too many gems for older characters, questions too long and some too hard (1/5)

There are some obvious wrong answers. Some of the questions are way too hard. The only people that would know the answer is someone who majored in that subject. They use to let you provide feedback but they took that away so now you can’t tell them a question has a wrong answer or that it is too hard. Update: they charge a lot of gems for old characters. The more you get the more the start uping the number of gems to purchase them. Just now it jumped from 30 to 46. It’s like they don’t want you to get them. The creators of this game are getting ridiculous. I’m gonna use my points and than quit. Also some of the questions are too long. They need to limit the number of characters. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to answer the question because it took too long to read the question. - MaureenRDiemer

A complete waste (1/5)

If you buy this ad free version you will have to pay 1000 coins instead of being able to watch a video to get a free second chance and about 500 if you need to use a bomb. There will be no freebies like the other version. Don’t buy this unless you want to keep spending money or have a disadvantage to people who are using the regular app version. I have this ad free version and still use the other app with ads. - JMazza1015

ADDs (3/5)

Game is fun and challenging. We play as a family. The ADDs are ridiculous. - Knuby

Latest is not greatest (2/5)

I am very disappointed that we are no longer able to report questions that have wrong answers, or the answers are subjective. Loved this app, now I rarely play. - Fed up in NC

Very addictive, but also maddening! (2/5)

It would be nice if players could rate some of the questions. Some are pretty good, while others require an encyclopedic knowledge. Any questions requiring specific dates should receive particular scrutiny. Lazy instructors rely on this kind of less useful question. It would be nice if passing on a category were an option, since many questions require special knowledge; case in point, I have never heard of "Cero", and could care less about him being the first to expand the empire. I do enjoy this game, but not the pop up ads! - Straight Arrow'60


I love, love Trivia Crack. Didn't realize how much I really know. I am pleasantly shocked! The incentives that Trivia Crack offered during the holidays was fabulous. Because of them I wanted to play all the time, now I’m not as quick to play. At least bring back the wheel when you lose a turn. I’d imagine that the incentives would be good for new members as well. - Beth21138

Addicting and fun! (3/5)

The last few updates have made it so there are too many taps between turns and the placement of where you have to tap is sneaky, making it too easy to tap the wrong thing. Just go back to the basics please! - cbusjenny

She beat me (1/5)

This is five stars but I’m currently very upset so I’ll change it later - You don't wanna know.

Too Many in App Popup Notifications (1/5)

You can’t just play the game anymore every 5 seconds there’s a notification about reaching a new level or the after you lose a turn there’s that dumb wheel then pop ups if you get answer wrong. Too much going on. Simplify the game back to how it was. - Spartan06171992

App glitches (1/5)

Steals your turn, forces you to share content because some of their prompts don't have an exit/close button. To make it worse, it's pretty much impossible to reach customer service. Hence this negative review. Waste of money. - tinfoilartist

Unexpected error (1/5)

Fun game when it works. I’ve been unable to log in the last few days with a message saying an unexpected error has occurred. Tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my iPad and phone etc. it won’t work on any device - mlockard

Crack indeed (4/5)

It lives up to its name- very addictive. Problems with question development and editing but still one of the best out there. - Cxbrightly

Do not spam me (1/5)

I would have given this 5 stars if you didn’t pop up a stupid message every time I spin asking me to rate the game. Happy now? You got your rating. I paid for this game, leave me alone. - vilyia

Trivia Crack (4/5)

It's fun but needs improving. Especially with Trivia Rush. That needs improving so bad. - MDHyman

I love trivia crack (5/5)

I love Trivia Crack. - Toni Wright

Money grubbing thieves. (1/5)

Used to love this game. Current version steals your coins by placing a thousand coin purchase right in the spot where continue is. I am so furious by this. Complete bandits and i want to say so many more derogatory terms. Straight up thievery. - Joe mirci

5 stars - change two things (3/5)

I just want to play trivia, I don’t want to buy coins or turns or whatever else you are trying to sell me. There should be an option to turn that off, a pay version where none of that is there. #2 my icon has had a Halloween cat around it since Halloween. It was cute at first, but it is January now! - LSM25

Wow (1/5)

SOOO MUCH ADS and the tournament thing is so rigged. If u tie with someone u lose coins and start from the beginning. Omg - AndrianDaBoss

Love it but... (5/5)

Really enjoy Trivia Crack however too many of the answers are always the first choice thereby when you do not know an answer your best guess is to always pick the first one. - Pezmom

Was a good game (1/5)

I really enjoyed this game for a long time. Lately they have added overlayed buttons blocking the games home screen. Cant click on things behind them. The buttons persist and won’t go away. Very annoying. - Bluesky98382

Definitely Improved (1/5)

I love trivia crack, despite some annoying features. The game has improved over time since I started playing, which is nice. However, there are still some things that I wish were different. For example, it takes a long time for the wheel to spin. The spinning wheel is a cute feature, but I wish it was a little faster about loading the questions. Also, the gems and vending machines. This is a fun addition to the game, which allows you to collect gems to win prize cards from vending machines. However, the gems are very time consuming to earn. You have to answer tons of questions to earn one and most of the vending machines cost several gems. So it takes an extremely long time to collect the cards. There is an option to buy gems for about $1 each, but I feel this is a huge rip off considering there are so many repeat cards in the vending machines. I wish the repeat cards were not a thing. There may be some improvements, like holiday machines that give daily discounts, and a new machine that only carries cards you need to finish your collection, but it is so expensive to use (gem wise) that it's cheaper to just take all the repeat cards and empty the other machines first. This wouldn't be as big a deal if the game didn't want to charge you $1 each for gems and then give you nothing for them. It's a little insulting. Also, I've created lots of questions in the question factory and I have not been awarded my achievement so I think that glitch should be fixed. Also, I'll add that I switched to the ad free version because even though you have to pay a few bucks, the ads are so prominent and so relentless and long that as much as I was playing it, it was worth it. Other than that, which I've learned to deal with, it's pretty great!! Amendment: So angry that the cost in gems for old cards just went up to 30 gems per card!!!!!! 21 was already outrageous! This is just lame!!!!! What a rip off!!!!! - Hammersbagofem

Best game!! (5/5)

The most addicting game ever. - Abuamir321

Get rid of Second Chance pop up (1/5)

It’s a shame to pay money for this app when it has annoying pop ups you can’t turn off. Please get rid of the second chance pop up or at least make it optional in the settings! - Hsirbskvdosjpsjabxpb

Disappointed in changes (1/5)

I really dislike the changes recently made, particularly the inflation of coin values. Also disappointed in the way collecting cards has turned out; there’s no new rewards being offered on any of them. Also, I have given up on submitting questions. Most of mine have yet to be rated or have been stagnant in number of ratings. Most of my friends have stopped playing, and so have I. - Andy R. R.

Love the game (5/5)

I love the game and most all of the questions. Great new challenges but keep them going by the way let’s not wait too long in between them. My least favorite of the challenge is the play so many turns not questions but turns. The amount of time to complete is nearly impossible as is the amount of coins you win. The tower kind of challenge where you keep answering the questions and each number mark you win coins is amazing. The amount of coins and the time to complete it is awesome. Keep it up thanks - Mdckrc

One star (1/5)

Keeps asking for a review so they got one star - Cody wangen

Don’t get suckered into making purchases!! (1/5)

Updated 1/4/2018 Be aware the number of diamonds you have to use to obtain a card keeps increasing. I am up to 30 diamonds for each card! This means if I want to purchase diamonds to get cards, every card will cost me $24.99 (32 diamonds for $24.99) If I buy in bulk, I can get 4.5 cards for $99.99. Since I still need 55 cards, I would have to spend $1,222 to purchase all remaining cards.. November Update Update - now it takes 21 diamonds to get a card. Seriously Trivia Crack???? I feel I was gypped out of numerous coins and the increase of diamonds (from 5 then to 9 to the current 14) to obtain a card is ridiculous. - BJLass

Can’t even play (1/5)

Paid for this app and keep getting an “unexpected error” when I try to log in to play! Why did I pay $3 for an app (again, because I paid for it in Android in the past!) that won’t let me play?! I’m looking into getting a refund. - mrsgresock

Too many ads during the game (1/5)

The game has too many ads during it which takes the joy and fun away from the game. - TntStrikeS