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Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second: -Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions -You can create your own questions in the Factory -Over 20 game languages -Chat with your opponents -Collectable card collection Need more? No problem: -Prove how smart you are -Learn something new while having fun -Make your mother proud So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game! Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit for more information. Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here: Be a social being, follow us!: Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack Instagram: YouTube: Google+:

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Pay to win (1/5)

Right answer option takes the challenge and fun right out of the game. Stupid decision, people! - dsaucedad

Cards Are Really Lame (1/5)

The game itself is fine. I play it a few times a week. The “collectible” cards are really lame though. You would think they would make the rewards you can get through the cards really good but even the “secret” cards have rewards that are random & don’t make any sense. Why would you wait two days to get 50 coins? Why would you wait three days to get one gem? This latest machine took all my gems, over 1,300. I’m ready to delete this nonsensical app & move on to a trivia app that offers real $ instead of lame fake rewards. - suedefan31

Mission (1/5)

I’ve won the entertainment questions at least 10 times on the 1st mission, it said to win it 3 times for 1000 coins and it will not go beyond the 2/3?? Please fix this glitch. - March 25 2016

Wish I could give 5 stars but... (1/5)

I wish I could give this app 5 stars. I really do. I used to love it, but several facts have made me not want to play anymore. First of all, (nope, not ads) I did pay for the ad free version. It used to be worth it. Not so sure it would be now as a new player though. So the first problem I do have is the fact that they took the time to play a round down...again. 24 hours is NOT enough time!!! They need to change this back to 3 days, honestly, but at least 2 would suffice. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM: Is that, for some reason, every time I use my coins now (usually for a double shot at a correct answer if I am not 100% sure I know) even when I get the correct answer I get kicked off like I answered the question wrong and it gives the turn back to my opponent. If it’s just going to send the turn back to my opponent why the heck should I use my coins to get the correct answer? PLEASE FIX THIS OR I AM DONE AND WILL DELETE THE APP. DO NOT give me one of your bots copy and paste responses telling me to email you. I already did. Just fix it. - KD7654

Mission Fail (2/5)

Latest missions are big tasks with small payoffs. Hardly worth it. - GinghamGal

Sometimes enjoyable (4/5)

I enjoy the game, don’t understand how to redeem prizes - Guest208

Good could be better (3/5)

I don’t like the time limit on the questions especially since I have difficulty with reading to the visual issues it forces me to make snap decisions also the entire card and Gem system while I get the idea seem completely utterly worthless i’d like it if you added a exchange method where you can exchange gems for coins - Gogoud

Extra spins and second chance for Q’s (4/5)

So this app is fun and all. However, I noticed on the free app you can watch ads for extra spins and second chances. Unfortunately, paid app people have to use their own earned coins to do an extra spin. I’m not saying add and ad button. But could there be like an extra spin or second chance option for the game like once a day or something. - Braydengj97

Well! (2/5)

Another update and I still can't toggle off the game sounds. They won't stay off!! Also the Halloween black cats are still on the avatar pics. Seems all this would be easy to fix! SMH Update: Still no fix for game sounds not staying off! 😡 Update: Still no fix for the above issues in version 2.63. - Stepwild

Playing time (2/5)

Please go back to 2 days or unlimited time to play. Can’t get back to games in time. Shouldn’t feel pressured to play a game. - doggiefan

Suggestions for improvement (4/5)

Love the game but we should always be shown the correct answer, and Triviathon needs 5 more seconds per question. - Khfrohyscnjorbj

24 hour forfeited turn ruins game (1/5)

I actually don’t mind that it forfeits the turn but after two forfeited turns it should force resignation of stagnant player. Without the forced resignation I end up the many stagnant games in my waiting for opponent section for days it’s awful. Before I was able to keep players that played at similar pace now there is just LAG and I have to start a bunch of games to meet the goals of the treasure hunts with players who never play their turn and I just end up playing myself in games that just go on and on since it no longer forfeits the game. - Disappointed trivia player

Could be improved (4/5)

Why can't it be improved to allow for playing from a horizontal position? - Whannabe

Was great until they cut the time in half (3/5)

You need to go back to 48 hours per turn. If you work and have a active life then 24 hours is not long enough to play. May have to stop playing....😕 - Liz in OKC

Removed pass ability and free answers??? (1/5)

They took out the pass ability in favor of buying free answers ($2.00 for 3 free answers)??? This is a horrible decision. They are sacrificing fairness in the gameplay to make more money. I will stop playing unless they fix this. - dafonearth

Stop asking me to review your app (3/5)

Fun game. Too many options I wish I could turn coin prompts off. Would be 5 stars but you kept showing me the rate your app screen after every question so here’s your rating. - Bradleylewisatx

New Trivia Crack app game. (4/5)

I’m thankful I was able to retrieve it when my phone became disabled, but it has no sound. ??? I otherwise, it’s great. I’ve been playing for over 3 years. And I play with some players not friends that long. - Lyn. ( moyielynette )

You pay money to win! (1/5)

I quit! Now you sell “right answers”! I can not believe this can be called a game if you can buy your way. Over it. You lost a good player. I played every day. You lose. - Giveupsoon

Right Answer Cheat is Wrong (1/5)

Come on. Paying for the right answer? Pretty much the dumbest thing in the world - Woodkie

Would be five stars (3/5)

Would be five stars if they werent so insistent that i rate this game in the middle of playing it. - Xeef63

What????? (3/5)

OK as much as they like play this game I want to things to be fixed, first of all what happened to the new game button? It’s no longer there and second, please bring back the skipped power up so I asked that you please bring both those things back please - Caroline Carbaugh

Only 24 hours to play - ripoff! (2/5)

Not a bad game, but for busy people, the 2-day timeout was frustrating enough; now it’s been reduced to 24 hours! Don’t bother with this app unless there is nothing going on in your life except playing games. Even if you don’t have a life, you’ll now have to find someone to play with who also doesn’t have one, because if they don’t play back within 24 hours, the game times out! Frustrating & completely stupid rule. - GameGirls 2002

CRACK is an understatement (5/5)

Help meeeee! I'm hooked. - Lolmom

New changes are ruining game (3/5)

I enjoy this game and play with 3-4 friends, however within the last week or two the time between when my friend takes a turn and when I must play has cut in half. I work, keep a house, a yard, a garden...among other things. I have five games that will end tonight without getting to lay them. I don’t have time to play every day. Six more will expire in the morning unless I play while at work (and I won’t). I liked having 48 hrs. 24 is too short and might be the reason I stop playing. But if you have spare time every day to play, it is a fun game. Answers are not reliable, but it is still fun. - dlatk64

Latest update is terrible (2/5)

Used to love this game but the latest update is messed up! Shortened your time to play games to 23 hours so you lose if you can’t play right away. Plus there’s a glitch that now even if I answer correct it’s ending my turn. Today I just opened it up to play and all my turns ended without playing and sent it to my opponent to play. Please fix this! - Big Daddy Chips

Get rid of Trivia Crack (1/5)

Trivia Crack now has a new feature that lets you just buy right answers. Now you never know if you’re playing against an opponent who will just beat you for a few dollars. Why would I want to play this game???? Way to ruin a good thing. I guess I’ll be looking for a new trivia app. I’ve been using your app for so long, and I’m so disappointed. - rxbrown112

So bugged (3/5)

I missed a question & waited, started a new game but it took right back to the question & no list of possible answers. Then it counted my time down to zero and froze on my iPhone 6S with 11.3 - MonroeDragon

Extend Easter Days or I’m Deleting this app after 3 years... (1/5)

Most ridiculous cash grab. 3 days for 21 characters. Extend this to the normal timeframe or I’m deleting this app after checking it twice a day for 3 years... - Beefjedi

Update on my review (1/5)

New review: first they take away the spin again option. Now they replace the skip question option and put in the “right answer option”. The latter you have to pay for. Ridiculous Old review: I’ve tried to submit questions because a lot of the questions now are geared toward the 20 and younger age group. BUT my questions were rejected and no reason was given. Don’t even bother suggesting questions. If they don’t want them on there, they reject them. The developers of this app are ridiculous and the support is no help. - MaureenRDiemer

Time frames are poor (1/5)

I’ve been playing this game for years now and you had three days to play the turns which was great. Because I play once a day. I purchased the ad free version as well years ago when it came out. So I’m disappointed that they have changed the time frame to play but their rules stated three days to play. I contacted support and they said they would send it to their developers but I see there was an update and I just played and it’s still only 23 hours to play not three days. I’m guessing I won’t be playing soon which means my friends that play will stop to since our games will be forfeited due to time frames. I was hoping an update will fix it but I guess it wasn’t important to get this fixed. - SugarAnnge

Disappointed (2/5)

First some question improper worded plus some question based on details not researched ! Also now you reduce response time that is the worst I work for a living the previous reply time was2 days know I’m finding I got 3 minutes to reply I have a life ! If I lose due to that I’m deleting this app when someone questions a answer and you can’t fact check or check wording that is misleading that is waste of time! - halfachamorro

ONLY 24 HOURS TO PLAY!!??!!?? (1/5)

Besides totally idiotic questions which no one (or at least no one who knows what they are doing) verifies they now have gone from giving 3 days to play to ONLY giving 1 DAY TO PLAY!! If I could give ZERO STARS I WOULD!!! - KenofOKC

Right answer power up (2/5)

This game is ruined. Whoever has the money can just buy these up and never lose. It’s ridiculous. As someone who has played the game for a long time, level 658, now I’m done. - Littlefigsmom


Why did you shorten the time from 48 hours to 23? Bad move! - Bigtmama

No easter card machine on iphone only android (1/5)

I noticed spots for easter cards last week, been waiting for the machine to pop up. Haven’t seen it, finally asked a buddy with android about it. They can access the easter cards on their android phone but not ipad. I hope apple users don’t get screwed over and have to pay more diamonds than android users either by extending the machine time or paying the obscenely high rate for VIP machine when the option to buy regular doesn’t exist... - Theo1288

New power up breaks the game (1/5)

In an incredibly greedy and cynical move, the developer has introduced a new "power up" which allows the player to literally buy a win with real money. It's called "right answer" and it just gives you the answer. The price is $0.99 for a three pack, so for the low low price of just $2.66 you can guarantee yourself the victory. I had set for myself the goal of reaching a certain win/loss ratio, and I was almost there. But the developer has just rendered that meaningless. Oh well, I'm done. - JLP802

Latest update is bad (1/5)

Latest update lessens the time you have for your games. Only 24 hours. Also, unrelated to the latest update, the missions are next to impossible for anybody with a life or responsibilities to complete on time. Play 120 turns in 2 days? It's like they think all you do is play Trivia Crack. Heaven forbid you have a life or responsibilities outside of a stupid phone game! 😲 - Finalanswer19

Fix it (3/5)

I agree with the person who posted that you no longer have two days to take your turn. Who has time to keep up with a game that only gives you less than 24 hours to play again? We have lives! Give us back the two days. Also, when the questions are incorrect on the trivia-athon, how are you supposed to report them? There are quite a few mistakes on those questions. - Le' Zoey

Questions (5/5)

The extra spin should be available every spin. The second chance should be available every time. When I want to use it, it’s not available. - Spinster475

App updates are not working (1/5)

Very disappointed that 3.6.2 is not going out to iOS users. I’ve updated, reinstalled etc and still on 3.6.1 - SReneeL

Love this game!!!! (5/5)

Very very addicting!!! Once you start you will be hooked!!! - Giafla

Love it! 😃 (5/5)

My boyfriend and I play each other all day. We are hooked! - $m00th Operat0r

Great game, that support… (1/5)

I’ve sent three messages to the support for this company. About 6 to 8 weeks ago the game start loading. Each time I get a green without that indicates the fix is being worked on. It’s obviously a programming screen and not iOS. It only happens with this game. Loved loved loved the game and my heart breaks because I can’t play it with my friends… - michaelboase

Too many notifications! Too many bad answers and questions. (1/5)

It used to be in older versions that you would receive notifications when it was your turn to play. Now, you are constantly nagged to play the game whether or not it is your turn. Only solution is to turn off notifications completely. But I would like to know when it is my turn. Also, far too many questions have wrong answers and many questions are misleading. Minnesota State University is not the University of Minnesota. And one more thing, we all know Beethoven was death. Why do you need to ask it constantly in so many different ways. #deleteTriviaCrack - MusicLover29875

Bad change (1/5)

Trivia Crack used to allow three days to play an opponent before canceling a game. Recently they changed it to 24 hours. I’ll be deleting this game soon. Life gets busy and it isn’t all about Trivia Crack. - know serve love

Help!!!! (2/5)

I actually love this game but tonight when I signed in it said I had to log into my account again. No big deal BUT after I did so it would only allow me to answer one question and then switch over to my opponents turn despite the fact I got the question correct. This happened four times and two of those times I used the double chance feature. Please fix this so I can come back to TC without hesitation! Thank you!! - Smd91469

Messed up App! (1/5)

I keep updating. Easter machine was there and now gone. And what was with the 59, 60 and 61 sections with Easter figures? I am only using my paid for app but it keeps asking me to go to it. My extra to buy leftovers machine went from 9 to 21 and today says 30 coins each? What a joke. I know others who are very frustrated too!!! 🙁 - MsSunny7

Was Fun (5/5)

The questions for the most part are getting filtered better with less questions that less than 1% of the world population would know. But the challenges are fixed in that you’ll rarely ever land on that character. The extra spin after you lose your turn, again fixed 1 out of 20 or more spins will you land on the big prize. On the other hand you’ll land on no prize every 3 or 4 times. Sad. Great game. - Krbos

What happened to the time limit? (4/5)

Used to be 2 days; now it’s just 24 hours... when did this change?? Makes it really inconvenient for people with busy jobs. - Doxietrek

Fun Game (4/5)

I really enjoy this game for the most part. I’ve actually learned quite a few things playing it. However, recently, I’ve found that the amount of time they give you to take your turn keeps changing. The two days were great, because it kept things casual. People have lives and having a day or two to get back to a silly game was reasonable. Now it’s down to one day, maybe even less, and it’s annoying. I’m forfeiting games I didn’t even know I was in danger of running out of time on. Please go back to the two days. I’d rather stop playing the game altogether than ruin my win/loss ratio because you guys seem to think this is the only thing happening in our lives. - Ashley_84