Heads Up!

By Warner Bros.
Games · 12+


It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've spent." Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends! From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends' clues before the timer runs out! Play one of the many exciting categories, or create a category all your own! Features: - Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time. - Draw a new card simply by tilting your phone. - Keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook. - Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app! With 40+ themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop! Decks include: - Celebrities - Movies - Animals - Accents - Characters - And lots more! Game-nighters, your app is here.

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What fun game (5/5)

This the most funniest game ever - ZBkping

Heads Up (5/5)

I love heads up because when my family and I play we always have so much - Talia Samalim

Family loves you (5/5)

Great awesome thank you for the experience love the Family time - Rint 30

So much fun for kids (5/5)

Great when waiting in lines with kids. Lots of fun to do as a family !! Perfect app. - NYCnycUSA

Love it! (5/5)

I play this game with my fiancé all the time and we have such a blast it's great for anyone couples or for the whole Family! - Carly J7

Fun! (4/5)

Always a good laugh! - Kelowatts

Fun for all! (5/5)

Family night always includes at least an hour of Heads Up! - Sapphire Up

It’s good (5/5)

Ururudududhdu - Ogmjssnl

I love Ellen!!! (5/5)

Super fun game! - iJonnyR

Heads up (5/5)

I love this game - AliiSlim

There is ONLY one thing I don’t like about it or else I love it (5/5)

The one thing I don’t like about it is that you need 2 or more people to play - Renee Reel

I love this game :) (5/5)

Great game for kids and kids in their family they have fun with their own food and they will have to complete their work for me and I will have them come back and get them done for sure thanks again and have fun coming here again thanks buddy for coming back in town and for me to pick them I’ll pay to pick him up for lunch thanks buddy thanks again thanks for coming - ABughio

VERY FUN! (5/5)

Always a great time for any occasion or gathering! - BR0KEN MVN

Disappointed (2/5)

The app keeps freezing and it crashes a lot. I just payed $0.99 for it to freeze and crash, on top of that it charges you if you want to play other heads up games. please fix and I would rate it again - Niceeawsome dude

Just that guy (5/5)

Awesome so fun to play when it's raining and the power goes out - Bruhh 🤔

Buy more packs??? (1/5)

This game barely comes with any question packs. Such a waste of money. I do not recommend this to anyone. DO NOT BUY!!! - Timmmmm007

Whyyyyyy (3/5)

I hate how when you get it right you have to place your phone down I did it and my phone fell and cracked this is why I give it a 2 star rating but I changed to a 3 because half was my fault for not playing on the carpet - nikik mange fan

Thx for this app (5/5)

Awesome app ❤️ - ❤️love🍍🍍

SUPER FUN! (5/5)

Kudos to Ellen and other developers of this game! It’s more fun than I ever had! My family loves it!!,, - Blaqberri

Yesterday (4/5)

I only got this game yesterday but me and my friends have been playing it - 🦄Sophuua

Terrible (1/5)

I paid for the app and there are ads and I have to pay additional fees for other types of rounds? What a waste...I’m better off just downloading a free version of this game. - Manderson3112

Fun game, bad app (2/5)

Positives: 1. This is an incredibly fun game to play with friends and strangers alike! It’s super fun for parties and I try to play it any down time I can with friends. 2. New content is always being added, leaving a reason to come back. Neutral: 1. While I do enjoy the free packs, the “advertisement” packs are so basic and “brainwashing” that they aren’t that fun to play. I paid for this app, don’t advertise to me. Negatives: 1. This is what one of the worst optimized apps I have ever downloaded(iPhone 6, iOS 11). I own 90% of the packs. Every time I open the app, it takes so long to open. On top of that, the game lags when choosing your pack, starting a new game, or even registering pass or correct(if it registers at all). Archiving the packs I do not use do not fix this problem. Don’t even get me started on the crashes. The worst part is I feel these problems are somewhat recent because I remember a time it ran better. It’s a shame the app is so frustrating to use, I would only recommend it if these problems are fixed. 2. Say goodbye to your battery life. 3. Warner Bros. made this game, the most greedy game company of them all. I probably have more against them than you do so don’t let this hold you back. - CJGreene35

Best app ever! (5/5)

We play it everywhere! When we get bored, like at a party or at a restaurant, we whip out our phone and start playing. It’s so much fun! - psleal

Amazing! (5/5)

Heads up is my favorite game to play with my friends! - lolbananas101

Pay!?! (1/5)

This game would be 5 stars without a doubt if I didn’t have to pay for each deck, that’s ridiculous! Yes it is only a dollar for each deck, but you already pay for the game. You should be able to earn free decks through playing the game. There are so many more free versions of this game which is even more ridiculous that you have to pay for each deck. - Xdrjbsjbstjcdddvh

Great game! (5/5)

Great game for get togethers. Bunch of laughs! - Hdisbais

Follow me on insta (4/5)

A_castillo22_ - Acslater34

Free Deck Issues (1/5)

I’m being told that I can download any deck in the store for free, but it won’t allow me download any. I’d love to give this app 5 stars, but until this gets resolved I simply cannot. - Spam Tate

Crazy fun!!! (5/5)

OMG- we screamed with laughter - spud13

This is so weird (1/5)

I just got and I had headphones on and it was all the way in but it still didn't do sound in it I tried watching a video but that worked. And the game didn't work😡😡😡 - Amysanders4

Great family game! (5/5)

Perfect for the holidays and family get togethers. - Dawgfan442

Awesome Game (5/5)

Loving this game. It brings all the fun and excitement needed for any get together. - Barbiequte

No ok (1/5)

It is ok I gess😕😕🙁 - Kygibs

Awesome game app (5/5)

Easily one of the best ever game party apps ever! So much fun and addictive. Highly recommended purchase; well worth the $ for the app as well as the additional deck cards. - LA Jr.

Love, love, love (5/5)

I love this game and have a new idea for a category. The Simpsons! - Dadadadadasadadadadsdsddads

Soooooo Much Fun, was the highlight if our New Year's Eve party! (5/5)

Love this game, everyone I introduce it to does as well. - KayaChey

Love it but (4/5)

great app a little slow and laggy. But they sponsor Ellen DeGeneres so I don’t like that - Joecool🏆🏆🏆

Great! Needs team options, though. (4/5)

This game is sooo much fun! We have a blast! The free decks are awesome. The only thing I wish it had is a versus setting where teams can compete. - AlainaBrooke

Sponsored everything (4/5)

I know it’s the world we live in. But I’d like to live in a a world where everything doesn’t have to be sponsored, including games. - G'ville Jon-Paul

Amen (5/5)

Great Game! So fun to play with my friends and family Hilarious! Classic! - Flaming Applesause

So much fun! (5/5)

My family laughs so hard when we play this game!! - Ajwmeeeelike!!!222

Family Fun (5/5)

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Eve Family Fun. - Not the Best Photographer

Amazing (5/5)

So much fun - Lizard409

Great Game, but could be better... (4/5)

This is a great game that is fit for all age types. I like the free gifts 🎁!!! The only thing that could be better is that some of the game bundles are a bit pricey and should be lowered not just free. Other than that I ❤️ the game!!! - Celloprodigy🎻

Funtabulous!!! (5/5)

The most fun you can have with your friends and family and still have a phone in front of your face! - BarbieWojo

Pretty little liars deck is fake (2/5)

I bought the pretty little liars deck, and it’s NOTHING about pretty little liars. The cards were completely random like “twitter” and “waffle”. Is this being fixed?!? - Tara948

Better than heads up 7 up!!! (5/5)

#Nuffsaid #ellenismyspiritanimal - Msuleblanc

It keeps freezing when you pass (1/5)

Verry annoying when this happens, not sure if a patch is in order - Baguidy19992

Amazing (5/5)

Good for playing with friends - Angry customer ( Emily)

This App is a scam (1/5)

So I had an app with the same name on my android phone. I loved it. Great with kids. This App is awful. I still can't believe I paid a dollar for the right to buy categories to play this game. There are even advertisements for the "free" categories. So really nothing is free. I feel scammed. - helloq1223