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Ever catch yourself forgetting life’s moments? Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. Let 1 Second Everyday help you remember your journey and create the story of your life. Get started with 1SE today! 2x winner of the “Best Use of a Mobile Camera” WEBBY Award. Featured by Apple, BBC, TED, CNN, Fast Company and more! "For over 6 years, I've been recording 1 second every day, so I'll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a positive impact on my life. This lead to the development of 1 Second Everyday; which makes it easy for anyone to do this too. Being able to relive every single day has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day notable. When I turn 40, I'll have a 1 hour compilation that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I'll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life." - Cesar Kuriyama, 1SE Founder Why 1SE is awesome: - MULTIPLE SNIPPETS Some days have so much going on, our classic project now allows up to two separate snippets in a day. - AUTO-SELECT: Don't know how to start? Roll the dice and auto fill your days with ease! - ROTATE & ZOOM: Pesky vertical videos? Begone! Lopsided videos ruining your mash? No more! You can now rotate and zoom to your heart's content. - UNLIMITED MASHING: Make 1SE videos of any custom length. Monthly, seasonal, or the past 5 years. You're in control. - NOTES: Take note of your day and leave a private message for yourself. - MOOD: There so many ways to remember your day, now you can remember how you were feeling! Get an at-a-glance view of your mood for the day with our newest tracking feature. - REMINDERS: Setup friendly creative reminders so you never forget a day! - PRIVACY: Your seconds are safely stored on your phone. They are never shared with anyone unless you decide to do it. Give 1 Second Everyday a try and start your own video diary today! We love your feedback and appreciate your reviews. Reach out to us 24/7 at support@1secondeveryday.com Follow 1SE on: - Instagram: @1SecondEveryday - Twitter: @1SecondEveryday - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1SecondEveryday

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Jillysfun (5/5)

Love it 😎 - jillysfun

Crashes iPhone 8 Weekly (1/5)

I’ve got a brand new iPhone 8, and every time this app updates it freezes and crashes my phone. I tried to deal with it, but it happens at least once a week so unfortunately I have to delete it :( - Nobueno_7294926

Only works on landscape mode (3/5)

Why is it so difficult for this app to be able to display in portrait mode? The idea behind this app is a good concept, but I've stopped using it because this is so irritating. - jpsteadman

Great for little ones (5/5)

I have only been using this app a month, and already I can see how much my infant daughter has grown in just a handful of seconds. Longer clips would have turned into an unfinished project, but this app makes it easy to document milestones. Absolutely loving it. - tiffanytravels

My favorite app (5/5)

I love this app. It keeps reminding me to record every day of my children's lives, ever if it's just for a few seconds. At the end of each month, I'm reminded of how amazing our life is, in spite of how long or hard each day may be. Best app ever ❤️ - erinmedina

Love it! (5/5)

Been using it for a few weeks and have gotten into the habit of looking for something great every day. Looking at the past moments of the month is very nice to remember what we do. App works beautifully and was well worth the $5 - KevinBell4


i have used this app for over a year and my phone is almost due for an upgrade and so far i have not found how to transfer the days i have to a new phone. my main worry is that i will never be able to have the whole video compiled once i get a new phone. - TrexZombieExperiment

New update lags my videos (2/5)

I get what you guys were trying to do with the new update, it looks great. But the IPhone 6s can't handle the new changes. The videos lag HARD when mashing and you barely get anything smooth displayed. Not fun to show to friends anymore. I hope there will be some sort of optimization or possibly a minimal mode. Even when recording seconds there is a 2 second delay on recording on pressing the button. 5 stars before the update, 2 now because functionality was sacrificed for visuals. - Zues8800

Amazing adventure (5/5)

It is kind of a miracle to see what all those seconds in your daily life add up to!!! - Evelyman

I loved it,but (4/5)

This app is amazing but when I got a new phone, I re-download the app and all of my days were missing and a cant get them back. I would love it if there were a way to get them back. - Elliot Sorenson

Love, but wish it had some other features... (4/5)

This app is great, but I wish there was a fast way to search for videos/images. For instance, let’s say I forgot to capture something on May 10th, 2016, but I would like to add a picture from May 9th 2016 in that slot instead. There’s no quick way to get to it unless you scroll thru ALL of your photos or videos. A time consuming and painful task. 😩 I also wish there was a way to change font size, color & location for the date stamps and/or captions. - Criticalofeverything

Love the new look, BUT.... (4/5)

I love this app. I do, but it’s starting to annoy me when I try to add a video and it tells me it can’t load it, because of the iCloud. I would hope and imagine they would be compatible, but they are not. I turned off my iCloud just to cater to the app, but no dice. Listen to me...use this app. Truly a great experience documenting life’s little moments, but please update this problem. - NotUr@verag3

Easy to use (5/5)

With the reminder I can always remember something to record. I am trying to record all the good stuff I have taken for granted in the past! So far so good. - Iron Methuselah

Life! (5/5)

I remember my life now!!! - B Blische

Mostly love it (3/5)

I love the idea of this app. However it is really frustrating to have to do everything in landscape view. I would think that an app that costs $5 should be more user friendly. Other than that, this app is great. Please fix. - sagie12

Love it (5/5)

It’s so much for to pick my one second. I love it. - Chicago sports fan22222222

Love this app!! (5/5)

Great way to see your life in a flash! - Nicoleyv07

Glorious (5/5)

I’d give it 6 stars it’s so easy to use - mintyfresh13

Best memory keeper! (5/5)

I was hesitant at first because of the cost. However it’s been worth every penny, and I’ve only had it for 2 weeks! It’s such an easy way to document something from your day, and when you go back to it, it triggers so many memories from the whole day! I’m enjoying it and find myself looking at my whole set of videos nightly. I keep telling my friends they need to get this app! - Jojogonz

Good app but hard to type on (4/5)

Could you guys add the ability to type in the diary portion in normal portrait mode? My hands are too small to use the landscape keyboard and it takes me too long due to typos. Thanks! - LorNrocks

Good (4/5)

Good app but I wish you could play music in the background of videos - Whichpieshoulditake

Best Paid App! (5/5)

I rarely pay for apps but sometimes you see one that j - Lolo in Mpls

Incredible (5/5)

As intuitive as it is important . Allowing to remember and rejoice in what will eventually be a calendar year of awesome memories . - Fish770

Awesome App (5/5)

I’m loving this app. Worth every penny. I created a 2017 summary in about an hour. From here on out I will update my projects everyday. Easy to use. Fabulous finished project. - BeachB@by

Lock screen please (4/5)

Can we have some privacy like a lock screen please! Then I will give 5 stars! Entire App Please! - Tennessee Slim

Nothing com-🍐’s (5/5)

The app is easy to use in every way and displays memories in ways that you will wish you are capable of with your mind. Great app, will be using forever! - lyz-dogg

Awesome idea and app (5/5)

I’m having a blast creating memories with this app. No real complaints, it’s very well constructed the only problem I’m having is pressing the turning camera button when using video. The square box lighting and positioning keeps picking up my finger and blocking it. - Neo234566

Met my expectations (5/5)

I knew that this app was really good so that’s the main reason why I got it and just as I thought , it was amazing. I like how you can record in the app and another feature I like is that when you put your second already In the calandra , you can delete that video from your camera roll and it will still be saved . I think it’s worth the money :) - Arianna 🕊

Weird Bug (3/5)

I love this app and I think it’s such a cute idea, but in the new update, when I go to record a video, I can’t flip the camera. It’s stuck in the front camera and when I try to flip the camera, it just focuses on where the flip camera button is. Please fix this I love this app so much. - Fisher12345

New update is terrible (2/5)

Need to fix this! Great app before the recent "2.0 version" or whatever. Now, you cannot record within the app without it trying to send the new recording to the previous day. The record button within the specific day does not work either! - PapaBaer_

Touch buttons (5/5)

I love the app but since the new update I can’t get the touch buttons (flash etc) to work and it’s not my phone - anfibio

Love this app (4/5)

I love this app and everything it has to offer but I am having an issue with being able to use the front camera all of a sudden. The app won’t let me click the switch camera button or any of the other buttons on the right side of the camera. - CarrieKrebs02

Perfect for watching my newborn baby grow! (5/5)

I love using this app to take quick videos of my newborn baby. I’ve loved watching his monthly compilations, and I can’t wait to share when I’ve got videos from his whole first year alive. This is such a cool way to watch his development and remember all the little precious everyday moments. - LKLankford

Landscape only (2/5)

It’s a great concept and the app seems well designed except for one major flaw: the entire interface is only available on landscape mode. I don’t use my phone in landscape for anything other than taking pictures or watching videos, and this is almost a deal breaker by itself. There’s no reason why the app should force the entire UI of picking videos and days in landscape, which is a much more awkward way of using the phone. If the concern is consistency of video aspect ratio, either make all the videos square or force landscape mode only when taking the video. - Yoft1

Love! (5/5)

I only just recently got this app at the beginning of the new year because I'd heard good things, but I absolutely love it. It's perfect how it captures small moments from every day and brings them together. And I never write reviews for apps so even just the fact that I'm writing one says a lot. - Nooneeverevenlooksatthispart

Discovered The Best App (5/5)

This app is incredible! What a great concept, idea & original idea to capture those few moments that life may offer! Open up the app, choose the date & shoot! Very simple to use, great tutorials & the customer support rocks! I had a problem, Jason responded & problem fixed! I love this app and can choose a date to see what was great! Thanks for this app & great job had by all! - 2TwinTowers

So cool! (5/5)

Is there a way to not have it ask for my email every time I open the app? - AvalonLoveLee

unhappy (2/5)

i love this app and everything but there’s a problem i’m having with some of my videos that they are cropped out of the screen and there’s a large black space instead. my videos aren’t centered and i have tried many times to fix it but it’s just showing the corners of my videos when i go back to watch them:( id like to fix this because i enjoy the app so much and want to continue with it but it just isn’t working with some of the clips. - btdgirl

So worth the money! (5/5)

Everyday I look forward to taking another video. If I do miss a day, there’s an option to upload from my camera roll which I love. Extremely easy to use and there’s so many fun options. I would recommend this to everyone! - Whovian_19

1SE Is a way I’m celebrating my new life (5/5)

I’m so thankful I saw the Facebook ad for 1SE on 1-1-18. I was just feeling happy to finally have the cloud lifting over my life after divorce. I am having fun making my timeline video! What an outstanding app. - willf13

What a fun app! (5/5)

I just discovered this app & cant wait for our year video! - J1s2mommy

My Son's First Year (5/5)

I love, love, LOVE this app! I've been documenting a second everyday for the past year - the first year of my son's life. It is truly amazing and heartwarming to see him grow up in one video. For the future - I'd love to see a feature where I can edit a clip later on, to make full screen or a different section of the video, for example. I'd also like to add music or something to the background, but I can do that in iMovie or something afterwards as well. Thanks for such an amazing app. I'll cherish these videos forever!! - candycrushaddictyup

Good but needs GP support. (4/5)

Great app but really needs Google Photos support as well for iOS. The concept is good but I have to remember to take videos which means most of the memories are created not organically occurring. - Huskersrool

So much fun (5/5)

My daughters and I are using this app to record memories this year and love its’s ease of use. I do wish we could make 1-2-3 second clips but I understand they are working on that. Great app totally worth 4.99! - 30below

So cool (5/5)

Love this ap - ElectraHog

I prefer the last version (4/5)

I've been using this app for over a year now, when the update came out I was excited and immediately updated it; then I found out 1SE turned into 2SE... watching a 6:11 video is long enough I don't need a 12:22 long video... In the last version you could hold in the rectangle of that day and immediately delete the segment, instead of having to click into it and then delete the segment. The last version also had orange rectangles that highlighted the days you did record something. Instead of this current all turquoise blue update... Clicking into any day would also directly put the video on loop so you could show your friends one singular second, which I found pretty handy. Please bring some of these things back! - Chenyutje

Good but, (4/5)

This app would be much better if you had the option to use a portrait layout instead of landscape. I record all my videos in the portrait orientation so the landscape style is inconvenient. - APearlk

Great! (4/5)

This is an awesome app that lets me keep my memories, journal, and daily moods all in one place. It's great. The only thing is that after the update, they made it all horizontal. I mostly take videos on Snapchat and they are vertical. I wish there was an option to have a vertical video not only horizontal. Also, the entries for the journal are still horizontal so it is weird to type them, Im just not used to it. Overall, it is great 10/10 would recommend - Izzy Freidline

A good idea? Sure, but... (4/5)

The app lacks a good ui. I’ve been using 1se on the X and It just feels like I can’t see everything at once. Maybe it’s a minor gripe, but it completely killed my experience with the app. I also wish that adding a clip was easier. Looking back, I guess the intended way to do this was to record your own video out side of the app and then port it in. But that feels clunky to me, and if you were to take a video in portrait it wouldn’t look right in the app, which can only be used in landscape. I also personally dislike the polish they chose, the color and font just doesn’t sit right with me. In closing, it’s great if your willing to put in some effort and you really want to make it work. Update: someone actually took the effort and time to respond to my poorly typed review. Seems like who ever’s behind the app cares about it’s user base and that’s great to see! Because of that I would fully recommend it, I have a feeling improvements are on the way! - iTyrannic

Great fun (5/5)

As a first time grandma. I love looking back on my photos. The video reminds me how quick this all goes by. Love it and it’s easy - Janetverniem