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Wanna save big? Over 300 million smart & thrifty shoppers have discovered Wish! Our mobile mall app connects you to thousands of merchants, making it easy to shop fashion, shoes, electronics, kitchen gadgets & more directly from the makers! You pay 60-90% less what you’d pay for in a store! Wish also uses cool, new AI technology to find products just for you and to filter out the bad stuff. The more you use Wish, the better we get at showing you things you’ll love! Discover incredible new items and deals on Wish! Browse Through Millions of Classic men’s clothes Sizzling hot women’s fashion Chic shoes Affordable electronics Lifehacking kitchen gadgets Coveted kids toys Pinterest-worthy home decor Indie & unbranded makeup And much, much more! Save Big Wish items are 60-90% off from retail prices! We’re not into markups. Catch our daily sales Play Deal Dash to win additional savings Earn reward points & redeem for coupons Purchase with others to get an additional discount Buy with 100% Confidence Read trusted reviews & see customer photos to discover our best items! Pay securely with a credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. Not perfect? Easily return items and you’ll get a full refund. Shop around the World Wish ships worldwide! We offer customer support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Danish, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Arabic, and Croatian. Your mobile mall is waiting for you! Download Wish to start shopping today!

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Products (2/5)

I have learned a valuable lesson; there is a reason the stuff is cheap. Most of it has been of poor quality, cheaply made, sizing way too small. Waste of good money!! - TeagueBillie

So wrong (1/5)

I won't buy anymore clothing from Wish. They don't give me the U.S. Sizes. And they don't give refunds back - Living me

Amazing App!!! (5/5)

I love Wish !!! The prices are always great& cheap! And the products they sell are awesome!!! - StephanieM82

Coolz Shizzle for Rizzle (4/5)

Awesome prices and plenty of ways to redeem coupon codes for extra savings! The only down side is that it takes a long time to arrive in the mail, but if you can wait about a month for your order, it’s worth it! 👍 - Minty Fresh Thoughts


Great prices. And great stuff - Monstar mona

More than expected (5/5)

Great for the prices. Sometimes clothing comes smaller than expected and one time I experienced where piece of clothing did not look like the picture. Overall items I’ve purchased have been good. Long shipping times are a negative but that’s an expected trade off for the prices. - Jais2344

Wish (5/5)

Love this app!! - NuNu424

Scam !!! Be cautious.. (1/5)

I ordered a laptop and got confirmation email with picture of laptop and such. Then after 3 days of order they said I ordered a screen protector. I requested to cancel order. Let’s see what happens. - DonaldTrumpThePresident

Me gusta mucho !! (5/5)

Llega a tiempo ! - hola wish

Love (5/5)

I absolutely love this app! I love the great prices and enjoy the extra discounts! - StacyMcC2004

Good (3/5)

The items are good and lesser value. Ordered items get delivered soon. Good can be made better with a direct customer care contact numb and quality bit better - vasuhemu

First time user (5/5)

Just placed an order and waiting for it. Have several friends who love it so i decided to give it a try. - Jessyboo1 pink

Great application (4/5)

Haven’t had any complaints ❤️ - New to smurfs

Love this app! Great buys! Fun and Easy! (5/5)

Absolutely love this app! Great for shopping and finding the best deals! I even double check with other sites and wish constantly beats prices and quality! Definitely recommend this for anyone ready to find some great products! Super easy and convenient to navigate through each category and products! Thanks! - cannamcka

Great app I love it (5/5)

Best app - Fresh Billz billzybaby

Worst App Ever (1/5)

Waited for my order for over a month and still have yet to receive it. I ordered it on March 12,2018. It is now April 19,2018. Wish told me my order was lost in transit. Yes they did give me a refund, but how do you lose an order. Talk to the companies and shippers and find people’s orders, don’t just offer refunds, overnight them replacements. After all, I waited a month for a product I still haven’t received. I wouldn’t have ordered the product if I didn’t want it. Very dissatisfied with Wish and I would not recommend them to anyone. Do not order from Wish. - Completely Unhappy Customer

Love the app but... (3/5)

Was very annoyed that they changed the amount of points you need to get a discount, before I had enough for 15% off, now it’s only enough for 5%! - Little TLK73

Wish (4/5)

Great app! Love it. - Mr.blk$$

Aggravating (2/5)

At first I loved it. I don’t mind the wait on the items. Sometimes I forget I ordered and it’s like a Surprise. However I made an order it never gave me any shipping info, I was charged for it. It was never delivered. Now like I said I forgot sometimes when I ordered something. So a couple months down the line I asked for a refund or a new item and I was told since it’s past 90 days or something like that I couldn’t get any compensation. Now more recently I ordered my nieces prom dress in a medium. They sent it right away and I got it within 7-10 days which, sure great, but it wasn’t needed right away. Because they rushed they sent me a XL! I tried to go through the return process but the label they sent wasn’t prepaid so besides me paying already $30+ on the dress, they expect me to pay the $14 it takes to ship it back. And then I wouldn’t be able to exchange. I’d have to order ALL OVER AGAIN AND PRAY They don’t mess up. And now hope it gets here in time. I don’t get paid for another week so this is seriously aggravating me and I’d beginning to really upset my niece. - Swalesail

Orders don’t come (1/5)

Half of the stuff I order never comes and it’s getting annoying. - gabe zab12

Wish app (5/5)

Great app. Love all the things in there and super fast shipping now! - yazmillove

Parts (4/5)

Lots of interesting things... only question is the quality. - Mikeclipse

Hooked on Wish (4/5)

I am hooked on getting things from Wish since my girls got me to start ordering off here, now trying to not buy so much at one time. Thank you Wish for your products and help in getting things I like. - Turner572005

Wish (4/5)

Cheap, and good stuff, just takes forever to arrive - Lexibear46

Review of WISH (5/5)

I placed all of my orders on March 28. I’ve received most of them, but I’m leaving for Paris May 7 and worried that they’ll not arrive in time to take them. So far my items have lived up to the description, and WISH has been excellent in keeping me informed. I love this app and check it every day to see what’s the latest update! Very pleased. - Totally Toby

No complaints (5/5)

So far, so good. I’ve used this app to order a bunch of things, and I haven’t had any issues. Shipping may take a while, but it depends on the seller. If you know what you’re doing and how to buy from a good seller, then there’s hardly ever a problem. - Booginz69

Excelente (5/5)

Excelente App para comprar con precios competitivos! - Alejin05

Loved it (5/5)

Beautiful - Amor del Mar


I will not be shopping on wish anymore , the shipping is wayyyy to long - •TRVZLL

Prices (5/5)

Prices are excellent!! The quality is pretty decent as well... - bwhall71

Loging in (1/5)

The log in is terrible, I can’t get into the app. - swimmingpook

Everything is cheap crap (1/5)

Do not buy anything electronic or automotive related because it’s all cheap crap that takes weeks to ship and doesn’t work at all. You also can’t trust reviews on anything because everything has 4.5-5 star ratings because it’s all bots. I got this app knowing I would get cheap flimsy products, but didn’t expect to find things labeled as “cameras” that don’t even take pictures. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM OF AN APP. - TheBreadNotTak3n

Great app (5/5)

The only improvement I suggest is to be more efficient and quick delivery time! - Maliyo

Great (5/5)

Awesome - maleah.a

Love it but not (4/5)

Wish is a great app to get stuff BUT! Read everything on the product you are in need of getting because 80% of all stuff are mislabeled picture show one thing but you get totally different package here is an example: You are looking for a drone and you find it supper cheap you order it and get just the blades for the drone. So I run into this on almost all the products Misinformation we call it. So why thy allow it well “stupid ppl” yup because half don’t read what is in the package. Also thy will give you a butt load of schematics on the item your getting just to be some little crap. Another example: you see a laptop it says $1 90% off and yes thy will give you full run down on the laptop system amp it up, always look at the description and you will see at the bottom key board cover.. so yea peeps watch it 😘 - Ericthemedic

Newly Orderer (4/5)

In hospital just had major surgery. So after scrolling through I began ordering. I heard from friends that I should check it out so here I am. I like the deals. Now I'm waiting for my purchases so that i can determine quality and if I want to continue - Slimgoodyshay

New to wish (4/5)

Thanks for the free gift! Please make the measurements for items in something other than centimeters.... that’s the only reason I didn’t rate the app a 5.! - mike-ra-fone

Bait and switch (2/5)

I have ordered 2 things with this app so far but what I have noticed is that the price says one thing but when you actually check out it is a totally different price. I think that should be updated immediately. I haven’t received any product yet and I think the app is super easy to use. Not sure what the product is going to look like though. - dkinney81

Great app! (5/5)

Love browsing things to buy in the future! Lots of cute clothes! - Gingie0915

Can't log in, forever loading (2/5)

The app hasn't been loading for about 4 or 5 days now. I updated it, and it's still the same thing. I'll open it, the app will bring me to the Facebook portion where you give the app permission to have access to some info, then it will perpetually load with my picture and the moving listings behind it, loading logo in front of it. Yes, I have turned my phone off and back on and updated the app. - BotannicalMammal

Awesome (5/5)

All items are as advertised - nachocuco

Amazing (4/5)

But b sure to put correct info otherwise you can't order - bossofnothing

Good but (4/5)

So on wish I heard that there are giveaways but I can’t seem to access them but my friend can.pleas fix this - Jake techno

Good cheap price’s good items (4/5)

I would recommend this app depending on what itself is interested in ur self.... - hearts90

Giveaway (4/5)

I love the app but how do you claim items when they’re having giveaways? - who_is_brianna

Good (5/5)

I love wish - Teshy nails

Wish is AWESOME (5/5)

I received my ring 12 days EARLY. It was even more beautiful than the picture! It was too large but it was only because I ordered the wrong size. I love this app and have placed several other orders I am waiting for. My daughter also uses and loved this app! - ivoryqueen

This is a pretty cool site. (5/5)

I've really enjoyed the variety of products. - beauc2125

Happy customer (5/5)

Thanks so much - Kamahkennedy

Addictive (5/5)

This app is great. Very addictive to just log in and shop. If you aren't in a hurry to get stuff and you always read the description and product reviews to be sure you know what you are ordering, you will never be disappointed. Always check size charts because it's not all American sizing. Sometimes stuff is unbelievably cheap, you expect higher shipping costs but it's always reasonable. Great variety of products, good service. - Leilawadee