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Wanna save big? Over 300 million smart & thrifty shoppers have discovered Wish! Our mobile mall app connects you to thousands of merchants, making it easy to shop fashion, shoes, electronics, kitchen gadgets & more directly from the makers! You pay 60-90% less what you’d pay for in a store! Wish also uses cool, new AI technology to find products just for you and to filter out the bad stuff. The more you use Wish, the better we get at showing you things you’ll love! Discover incredible new items and deals on Wish! Browse Through Millions of Classic men’s clothes Sizzling hot women’s fashion Chic shoes Affordable electronics Lifehacking kitchen gadgets Coveted kids toys Pinterest-worthy home decor Indie & unbranded makeup And much, much more! Save Big Wish items are 60-90% off from retail prices! We’re not into markups. Catch our daily sales Play Deal Dash to win additional savings Earn reward points & redeem for coupons Purchase with others to get an additional discount Buy with 100% Confidence Read trusted reviews & see customer photos to discover our best items! Pay securely with a credit card, Google Wallet, Apple Pay or PayPal. Not perfect? Easily return items and you’ll get a full refund. Shop around the World Wish ships worldwide! We offer customer support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Danish, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Arabic, and Croatian. Your mobile mall is waiting for you! Download Wish to start shopping today!

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Frustrating sometimes (2/5)

If you don't care about your items taking almost two months to get to you then it's great. - SpokaneSunDevil

Best (4/5)

i've used this over a year and i love it and the deals are amazing, i've only had two bad experiences where packages never arrived but the sellers were very kind about it! love the app always recommend to friends! - »Damien«

What every fashionista on a budget needs! (5/5)

Seriously amazing. As long as you do your research on the product and the seller then you always get what you order in half the time. I always pick a seller with a minimum of 31/2 stars and fast shipping. I always get my packages wayyy before the date they tell you. It is coming from over seas so you just gotta be patient. - Emmaoop2

Very pleased (5/5)

I have ordered so many things from wish and have maybe been let down a handful of times. Customer service is really great about refunding you if you haven’t received your order. I absolutely LOVE WISH!!!!! - IYP-Myranda_Renee-0_0-

Fun app! (5/5)

Pretty good! Very cheap - EmdAvila

Great deals!! be diligent about item details (5/5)

There's a ton of exact stuff that people sell on Amazon and eBay for higher prices. I have been very pleased with my purchases. Even the $4 sweater dresses I just got*. I'm still surprised about those. You do have to read the description completely and carefully, which you should do anyway online. There are reviews to help. The app is easy to use, helpful in navigating the massive maze of products. Ordering is simple, as is editing your cart, and shipping tracking is available. *If you order clothing be careful - assume they are in Chinese sizing. I'm 5'8, wear a US dress size 6 but order XL in Chinese sizing. Read reviews or ask first. - crasshipster

Duuuuuude... (5/5)

I find stuff I’ve been paying nearly hundreds of dollars for on amazon at a fraction of the cost! - LazzyDawg17

Cheap (5/5)

I love it. Cheap and super easy. Always going to shop here first - GuamPrincess

U Get What U Pay 4 (5/5)

The quality and style suits the price. If you are a shopaholic like me, but do not like spending a lot of money on clothing this is a website for you. I personally buy everything in the largest size available,therefore I can adjusted to fit me if I need to. I wear the items once or twice and then I'm done with it and there is no guilt for me for spending. The money I save I spend it on high end name brand shoes. - Goody31

Awesome! (5/5)

Love this app! - JurrasicTrav

Inexpensive, good quality and price. (4/5)

Wish has nice products, just have to look around. Good prices! - silver lakes

Quality for the price (5/5)

I ordered a Leupold riflescope, I was very skeptical that I’d get some off brand instead. I got my purchase in 3 Days, and unless it’s a knock off copy, I got a heck of a deal. Obviously my results my be an exception, but check out the fine print, and inspect your stuff upon arrival. But wow! - Meantexastitan

Good (5/5)

Great app - Chantellieppp

Be careful and read the description (2/5)

Be careful and read the description before you buy, especially for tech items. What you see while you are browsing is not quite the same as what you will get most of the time. - Beastro69

Great Better than expected (5/5)

Will recommend - Pinkdays

Love this app (5/5)

I have purchased several things on here. A word about sizes read reviews typically you order a size up. I buy gel polish at a fraction of the price it has been good. Read your reviews expect to wait for an order. If it doesn't show up it is quickly refunded... love my Wish - Gmapatty

Shopping (4/5)

It’s a great app. Some things are great others are subpar. The free items often have inflated shipping costs (about the same price as reg price plus shipping). I guess that’s so the coupons do not lower the prices? Not that items aren’t already cheap and not that I would buy without the coupon but it seems kind of like bait and switch marketing. It would be nice if you could combine shipping costs on multiples from the same vendor. Read the description carefully. All that aside, I really love the app. - Bunnie68

Avoid this app (1/5)

This company knowing deals with 3rd party sellers who mislead people in what they are selling. Customer service is non existent. I won’t use this app again. Make sure you read everything the sellers put in their posts because you have a potential to be scammed on something you think your getting only to find out that it’s something else due to some “fine” print. - Dragonwelp:)

Rating for WISH app (5/5)

I've heard so much about WISH,so today I have decided to give it a try. So far I like how easy it is to shop. And checking out went smooth. Now to see how long it takes before my items arrive and will it be what I thought I was ordering. Wish me luck.😀 - GMY💜

Best app ever (5/5)

This app makes sure you get the best products for great prices, I’ve never had a problem with it and I love all the products I’ve ordered so far👍🏻 - AncientLilith

Muy buena (5/5)

Muy buena - M##########

Wish app (5/5)

I’m am super impressed with this wish app, I wish I had got the app years ago. I’m a daily visitor now. Just love it!! - Jessica/ Critter Care

Not Today Satan (5/5)

Was skeptical at first but I’m glad I ordered. I followed advice to order a size up & it fits perfectly. The color & material are great. Can’t wait for my other orders to come in - WandaMulford

Excelent (5/5)

Good app - Some.....123

Why I stopped using Wish! (5/5)

I understand the consumers get a great deal on items, but when the shipping is MORE THAN THE ITEMS, I drew the line! When shipping becomes more of a united effort among the vendors, then I’ll consider using the app/store again. V. Sutton - ColormeZ

Muy buena, pero (5/5)

Muy buena, pero las fotos que ponen del producto no son muy similares al producto que llega - ÑeidyRN52

It’s amazing but I would like to see everything I save (2/5)

This app is amazing you can get almost anything you’d like with out it being so out there. I’ve bought a couple things from the app and all has been great. The only thing I have a problem with is that everything I save so I can get never shows up at all. That’s the only think I have a problem with. I don’t know why it does that or why it hides all the items but it does. If that could be fixed it’d be great. Also now the app is acting up terribly now every time I go to move something out of the wrong categories I’ve made it gets out in a totally random one. I still can’t see all of the things I’ve saved. It’s a grey app but there’s still a lot of fixing to do sadly. - Laugh out loud zebras

Addictive (5/5)

Wish is VERY addictive. I find myself browsing at least once a day. Lots of free item where you only pay shipping. So far I have only received 1 item. It works as advertized. Some of the prices are ridiculously low. - Jeffers62

I enjoy this app (4/5)

Not bad. Don’t like shipping costs. I wish it was all free shipping. But I like it all - kittenlovedino

Review (5/5)

Omg!!! Love this app!!! Please download it!!!!!!! - awesomeperson05

I love it (5/5)

It's a really nice app and a really reliable - B.Zoul

Hooked (4/5)

I have been hooked on this app ever since I downloaded it. I look at it everyday... I think it has taken over my life. Not sure if that's a good thing. Lol - Sfchggh

it’s alright (4/5)

i mean you get what you pay for. as long as you understand that, you’ll enjoy the app. you can find some real jems in there sometimes - Bdwoody12

Love this app (5/5)

My orders come on time or sometimes early, no complaints here. The prices are very responsible. - PrettyOne36

Wish (4/5)

Nice app with some cool stuff for a very cheap price..... could use some improvements but for most part it’s a cool app - Yungsta305

Cathy (5/5)

All items purchased have arrived 1-2 weeks early. Everything in good condition. Definitely a site to visit often - Momto20

5/5 (5/5)

I have been using wish for almost 2 years! Easy to use and you can find really good discounts! Sometimes it takes a long time to receive your order but its from overseas and almost always well worth the wait. With they said sometimes orders come really quick! Customer service is always great too! I have had no problems! I also love that I can shop via my phone and then can use my computer to shop on wish as well! 5/5 stars! - Ashleyowl22

Pretty Good (4/5)

I think the app is very easy to navigate, and they have a variety of categories to choose from which is always a plus! - DELENABABEYAS

Review (4/5)

Sizes are hard to get just right and shipping is weird. Pretty awesome for the prices though. - WhittersRobinson

Please Be Warned! (1/5)

This app! This company is trash! The advertisement of products look beautiful! You order them and they are anything but beautiful! The quality of 99% of their products are below average. I’ve ordered many things from here giving them a chance. 1 out of literally 15 items i was ok with. Once I ordered a headset and it didn’t even work. Even if it did I’d have to play literally 3 inches from my Xbox. Stupid! Don’t waste your money! I’m deleting this app. I hope you don’t use it. Don’t waste your money. Trust me. - heartbroken review

Awesome! (5/5)

Great deals! - Alooney414

Really great (5/5)

Would definitely recommend to anyone I know! Super fantastic! - Ali2998kosspix!! ;p

Awesome! (5/5)

Very easy to use, and lots of amazing deals! - Allmate

Pretty good. (4/5)

I have only ordered a couple times from Wish and everything has turned out great. Looking forward to continue shopping with Wish! - Cgambino✊

Great! (5/5)

Love it!! - Joanne's IPhone 6

great app (5/5)

I just love these prices !💗 - Nicki_559

Great deals (5/5)

So far I have been impressed with value, and quality! - Gooeyjuggler

No complaints (5/5)

Super smooth operation and navigation. - HappySmiles12

Still new but seems legit!! (4/5)

Still somewhat new.. but seems like a great app. Have heard many good things! So I decided to give it a try! Found tons of things for way cheaper than other sites have to offer! Make sure to pay attention to "free" because you may still have to pay shipping! Waiting for my order will get back! - bonitaaaxo

Wish App (5/5)

No complaints on my end, well yeah I do have one, the app is addicting:-) it’s hard to get off the app. So far love everything I have ordered and they do arrive on time or earlier. - Damien268