Plague Inc.

By Ndemic Creations
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Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from the ground up for iPhone & iPad, Plague Inc. evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongest can survive! ◈◈◈ #1 top game globally with well over a billion games played ◈◈◈ Plague Inc. is a global hit with almost a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro! The developer of Plague Inc. was invited to speak at the CDC in Atlanta about the disease models inside the game! ▶ “The game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics” – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ▶ “Best Tablet Game” - New York Daily News ▶ “Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there” - Touch Arcade ▶ “No denying Plague Inc.'s high-level of quality” - Modojo ▶ “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” – London Metro ▶ “Will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name of a bit of fun” – Pocket Lint ▶ “Plague Inc.'s gameplay is infectious” - Slide to Play ▶ Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer ▶ “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN ◈◈◈ Features: ● Stunning retina graphics with a highly polished interface (Contagion guaranteed) ● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management) ● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful) ● 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?) ● Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!) ● 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved) ● Full game support for scoreboards and achievements ● Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie producing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real life Scenarios! Localised in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian. (more coming soon) P.S. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got all the themed literature references! Special sale price to celebrate being one of the most popular paid iPhone games ever! ◈◈◈ Like Plague Inc. on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:

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Best game (5/5)

This is my fav game it is so good - suluuva

Fun (5/5)

Very fun - Funny Wonders

Can’t beat mega brutal (3/5)

I’ve bought the dna packs looked up how to beat mega brutal and still can’t. I’ve tried everything lol and always lose. - Fochit8611

Fraud! Beware! (1/5)

I don’t even have this app yet I got a charge of $17? I have contacted my bank and notified them of the fraud and contacted Apple to let them know as well. Beware this developer! - Phuk!t

IMPOSSIBLE!!!! (1/5)

Can’t possibly beat anything harder than casual because it doesn’t give you enough DNA points when you need them. This game is designed to frustrate the player by making it impossible to win. -5 stars!!! 😡😡😡😡😡 - ESV reader 1

This game is AWESOME!!! (5/5)

This game definitely needs at least a 3 star rating because, even though it isn’t realistic, it’s updates lately have really made it fun (except for the fact that in one of the scenarios fun is banned but you get to bring it back anyway, so who cares?) You can play it any time and win if you know what countries to infect first so that it infects the whole world and if you have the right strategies. I mean, once I played it once I told my family about it and they love it (it is very hard to find some thing that they like) so much they wouldn’t stop playing it until they got and won all the scenarios and beat every disease type on mega brutal They LOVED it so I bet you and your family will too (if they like making humanity extinct) plus I LOVE Five Nights At Freddy’s and this is the only other game I like - Freddy Foxy Bonnie Chika

Needs update for iPhones (2/5)

Can’t play full screen iPhone X - cempamuk

Cool game, (5/5)

I think you guys should make it so that when you Save and Quit, your game is saved, but all the cure research is deleted, that would make the game even MORE fun! - Eloise Walsh

Still waiting on iPhone X resolution support (1/5)

Plague Inc. has topped the sales charts for years. It’s highly successful. I don’t understand why it still doesn’t have iPhone X resolution support nearly six months later but games with a fraction of PI’s success added it months ago. I love this game and will update this score when it is properly formatted for Apple’s flagship device. - Youthless

Fun (4/5)

Fun - Penguin edits

Cure rate is BS (1/5)

I always max my anti drug and resistances first even before they start a cure and it just cruise along 1% or more a second with the whole world infected and billions dying. I played a different version and it was a lot better than this crap. - Kenjinn

A lot of fun, but some major errors that should be fixed (4/5)

This is a great simulation. But as something that aspires to be realistic, there are a few irksome details that should be fixed. First off, no country in the modern world can stop animals and insects from passing across its borders. Completely impossible. Ask any biologist. Islands like New Zealand, Madagascar and Iceland are well within the range of birds. The idea that these countries would be completely immune to disease right next to them is completely unrealistic, as is the idea that any country could just ‘eliminate birds!’ Really?! Every since one of the millions? Good luck with that- modern armies can’t even eliminate 100% of humans in a given region, certainly not all animals without killing themselves in the process. Secondly, cures don’t roll out to hundreds of millions of people Ina a matter of days- it’s more like months and years! If a team of doctors in Canada find a cure, no, the entire continent of Africa is not going to get that cure in a week. They’d be lucky to administer it in a year! And when 99% of Canada’s population is dead, where are they finding the resources to cure even a handful of people? Then minor things- like I understand not all ports are shown, but no commence btwn LA and the Pacific Rim? Hello, it’s probably the largest single commercial route in the world! - prof1011

Why a three star? (3/5)

Well because I find this game to be just a little bit too difficult for me it could and probably is just me being bad but still not whenever I pay for a game I expect there to be a reasonable and not very time consuming way to unlock content besides just paying for it I do believe that it should be a bit easier but other than that I do enjoy the game even though I can’t beat it on the second easiest difficulty I don’t even remember the name really - gwmeza

Very fun (5/5)

Really fun to watch your disease become super powerful and infect everyone!!! For only 99 cents this game is amazing - Peanut guyyyy

Amazing! (5/5)

This game was so good it simulates what would really happen and has a lot of fun in it. - MyNamw

100/10 (5/5)

This I one of the best apps I have ever played, don’t let that .99 fool you. Definitely recommend buy - canyoucanyon

Addictive (5/5)

Tons of fun with the new vampire shadow plague - sheldust

It's addictive but not exceptional. (3/5)

(Note: I'm leaning more towards 3 1/2 rather than 3 stars for this.) I think the game has too strong negative feedback, and the game is fun but repetitive. Lowering the difficulty some would actually make the game more enjoyable by allowing more variety in playstyle. (To be clear, the game seems balanced; I just think it would be better if the game was made slightly easier across the board.) - Nicknames Are Stupid981353278

Fun, but... (3/5)

This game has been fun. However, it’s been a struggle to pass the fungal stage. I get it’s hard, BUT I would’ve won had the game been fair. Normally, when you start creating death, you gather tons of points. I spent most of my points to begin causing deaths, and by the time the cure reached 100% and I’d caused 300,000,00 deaths, I’d only earned 3 points. From an orange bubble. No other points earned. Normally I’d earn 80+ points when deaths begin. Very frustrated. - Meepomoop

iPhone X UPDATE PLEASE!!!! (4/5)

Game is great. Bit hard to crack though. PLEASE IPHONE X UPDATE PLEASE!!!! - 1500th

You know... (3/5)

It’s a fun game, but I used 5 dollars to unlock ALL purchases but had to delete the game to free up some space. When I got what I needed done, I re-download the app. The restore purchases button doesn’t work... - Glad that he download

It’s aight (5/5)

Cool if u got money to spend blow or burn lol - chronicjdl89

Pretty good (5/5)

Pretty good - 4jewsinthefam

Fun game (5/5)

Best strategy game I have played in a long while. Hard until you get the hang of it. - 🍄🌝⭐️🌈🌲🐲🎋💐🌼🍄

Updateee (1/5)

Update for iphonex plzzzz - 12222222347995318

No support for this game (1/5)

The updates are rarely addressing critical bugs which exist. In addition, the iPhone X still has not received optimization yet, so it is like playing on a 4 inch screen. - Alex5555555

My favorite but needs update (3/5)

I’m not going to lie, I love this game, I always had, but there’s one thing that bothers me and makes me think. Could you please update it? I like many others play it on iphone x and the screen is not full and I think the resolution is also low. I’m not the best so I wanted so spend some money, but it looks like this app is getting to old, so please update it to make it immortal, I mean, do a better resolution and make it full screen. Apreciate it, love u! - Emilio1321

So good (5/5)

Fun - pppwxz

It's fun (5/5)

It's just fun - fuuuuzz

epic (5/5)

this gaem is epic, am i rght, gamers? - P1nkL1zzi3

Great game (5/5)

This game is very fun plz have more updates and more plagues. - The Great Saint Nate

It’s pretty nifty (5/5)

I think that this game is something to do If you have nothing to do then here you go - DannySiepiesrki

Update for IPhone X? (5/5)

Have played this game for years and it’s a perfect time killer. But wish they would update it for the new phone to take advantage of the screen size. - GilroyAK

Plague Inc. (4/5)

Great game! - Exile runner

Great app (4/5)

Overall just a good way to kill time - TheLizardKingIgnitus

Pretty good. (4/5) is definitely in my top 5 favorite games list. There is only one issue though. For all the types of diseases I think you should make a picture that goes with it like the special types. Thanks for your time and keep making updates! - EldestClient


well sure 90% of the people dont have an iphone x that play this game and i hate the black bar above where the “notch” is and is bad.please make this update - ho dis

5/5 stars (5/5)

This is really good game! Everyone leaving bad reviews is saying that it isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be. Once you figure out how everything works, it’s really fun and well made - whyuwannaknowmanamedood

👌🏻 (5/5)

Thus game is so worth $.99 it is so fun to kill the worlds population. (Thats not weird) you really did a great job on this game :) - robtop games official

A good game (3/5)

The game was great, with strategy, scenarios, and even more content. I even liked how innovative and interesting the upgrades worked. The reason I gave 3 stars is that I had a problem where all my stuff was wiped out. It was really bad, seeing that I got a win on brutal (virus). If you can fix this I'll give back 2 stars (because 1 star didn't seem drastic enough) - Nhan602playsgames😄

Plague is AWESOME (5/5)

Love this game don’t have it mastered super challenging!!!!! - white515051

Amazing (5/5)

What a amazing fun game! - SmøkeyII

Flop (5/5)

It's awesome. - Science1!

Pigs (3/5)

Such a money hog, y’all pigs - HollowHore

Great game but.. (5/5)

This is a lovely game, I have had it once in high school, and I’ve loved it since but, the only problem I have with it is the ringing noise in the music. It gives me headaches. It makes it to where I have to mute it and I don’t particularly want to have to do that - watchfulvirus94

Yeah (5/5)

Awesome - putting poop

No iPhone X support (1/5)

They’ve updated the app multiple times in the months since the iPhone X was released but it still has no iPhone X support! - Silentknight31

iPhone X support!!!!! (2/5)

iPhone X display support!!! Please update!! - LAKERS_NEVERDIE


It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once you learn witch mutations to use you get the hang of it. - GALZAR GOAT

Jordans rating;) (3/5)

It's good, But I ABSOLUTELY HATE when it randomly mutates, that's why I'm giving it a lower rating than I would have - JordanRamsay