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the new update?? (1/5)

idk whats going on bc sc keeps updating to a new version and then reverting back to the current one. and i dont like the new one bc it makes it really hard to watch peoples stories and find your own story so. KEEP THE CURRENT UPDATE PLEASE. the new one isnt good. at all :(( - renstyles

SapChap (3/5)

Man I love the pancakes on this games. That fork had me rollin on the floor. My little man boy Jimmy G has the best upgrades. I got him to like level 87.3 or somethin. Maybe add some candles or like a carpet feature but otherwise pretty yeah. - Yahhhh___boii

No sir (1/5)

The new layout is trash. - yougsta.b

Gr8 app. Honestly, but i have a request (5/5)

I love this app. Creators probably wont see this but worth a shot. My only request for this app is that u can make it easier to scroll to the very beginning of your text conversations. If i try scrolling alll the way to the beginning for a pic i sent say 4 months ago it will work for a little but it gets tiring and then itll glitch and the app will close on its own. So please try to see if u can make a button that takes you to the very first message you say to someone. Thank you - Hjkkkkcgyujj

Changes (4/5)

I wish you could not get notification even when your do not disturb is on from calling. - Ken lemon

idea (4/5)

i love snapchat but i wish it was possible to change usernames! a lot of people made them when they were 10 and weren’t thinking about what they would think in a few years☺️ - ideas.101

Update (5/5)

There was an update that made stories able to be seen on the same page that you can snap people and I really want that back because it’s amazing. - 29385719573964817473026829264

Too much thots (1/5)

Too much thots man. - Mighty_Cookie

New update (1/5)

The new update is terrible. I hate the way stories and recent snapchats are in the same place. Seriously go back. - Beastly#1

Music pausing bug (3/5)

I love Snapchat but the music pausing every time I get a snap or open snap needs to be fixed! - Stingerz4

Long (5/5)

It takes too long to download it stops working sometimes but other than that it is a great app - karriaharris

Hat new update (1/5)

I hate how the stories is mixed with your chats now it stupid and id rather have the old way back to where the stories are on their own that would be nice if it could go back that way. - RedRaider03

Uh no (1/5)

Y’all are reaching because , my IPHONE camera is amazing but every time i post on snap everything goes blurry . Video and pictures. Fix this ASAP. I deleted the app and everything and i.t still is doing the same thing . GET IT TOGETHER PERIOD ! - 💀😑sucks

New update (1/5)

New update is complete garbage. Reverse it immediately. Nobody likes it. - TheCreatersOfBull

Love (5/5)

Love it - Coda101

About private stories (3/5)

I can’t add people that I added on snap after I made the story to my story and it says they haven’t added me back yet which they have so I’d like this to be fixed in the next update - LitLily#5132002

Please don’t change snapchat (1/5)

I’ve heard that the whole redesign thing only pops up every once in a while, but if you guys do decide to keep it, just know that it frustrates me because people who post frequently on my feed makes it harder for me to scroll down and message people. And it’s so compacted together, it looks messy. I liked keeping my feed and messages separate. Also the discovery section having its own page is kind of useless to me, I rarely look at them, but now they’re huge! I guess I just won’t swipe right as much. Please don’t overthink the way snapchat looks, it’s already convenient, nice and neat. - kolach e

My Snapchat keeps freezing (2/5)

First of all I love Snapchat but my Snapchat keeps causing my phone to freeze and then I can’t use my phone it will freeze on a pic I took and then I can’t get it to go away I can’t turn my phone off or anything the home button don’t work! It’s actually frustrating me at this point where I don’t want to use the app! - Blackpixie__

One video? (5/5)

Ok I love Snapchat, but why can’t I save my video as ONE video? Now that you can take up to a minute in video, I normally take a lot and save them to my memories. But when I try to move them to my camera roll, it makes me save them as like 6 separate videos instead of one. So I don’t really like that. - These nicknames are taken

Very good (4/5)

I love Snapchat. It’s something I get on during my free time. I use it to talk to my friends and keep my streaks. The only problem is my streaks keep going away and we’re both sending stuff. Please, fix this problem. Thank you. - Kyra199

Need to fix Bugs and glitchs! (4/5)

When i am listening to music and i open up Snapchat the music pauses FIX IT PLEASE - lol c dog

Update Gone? (1/5)

I had the new Snapchat update about 3 hours ago, & I just got home, I get on Snapchat and the update is completely gone. COME ON PLEASE HELP. - its.kjs

unsatisfied snapchatter!!! (1/5)

I’ve been using snapchat from the beginning and usually can adjust to big updates that snapchat has. But this update is the worst! I hate it! I do not want to be watching tv and ads on snapchat. I want the old snapchat back. Bring back the stories page and get the stories off of the personal messaging page. It makes no sense! Probably will end up deleting the snapchat app all together if it is not fixed soon! - Moochielovesyou!

Bugs (4/5)

Love Snapchat but anytime I receive a snap it always pauses my music. This has become an annoyance but other than that great app!! - Chicken is delicious

I love snapchat (2/5)

I absolutely love snapchat, it’s without a doubt my most used app. I hate the impersonal feel of texting but snapchat helps with that. However, I HATE THE NEW UPDATE. BRING THE OLD SNAPCHAT BACK - Cbug_amz

Disappointment (3/5)

I love this app so much, so does so many people. I don’t have many complaints at all. Just one. Every time someone snaps me and I’m listening to music, my music stops, even if I open the app when I’m playing music, it stops playing.. and if I hit play again it’ll play for a seconds and silent the music. It’s killing my vibe when I’m driving. It’s such a hassle. I have reinstalled, I have logged out and logged back in. Now when I’m listening to music and driving I’ll log out just so I don’t have that hassle. Is it the new update? The iPhone I have? (iPhone X) it’s pretty annoying.. - Just katiee

iPhone X snap video size (1/5)

I love snapchat since the day it released but the problem with it now is on the iphone x we only get to see other iphone x users snaps full screen but other people who have normal IOS or Android the screen is half cut which really bothers me since i used to own an iphone 7 plus it really annoys who the videos aren’t zoomed to fit the screen So snapchat developers please find a solution, Thanks. - Q's user

Pics (5/5)

You should have folders for memories - Bacdkckdn

needs a update (2/5)

snapchat is amazing i use it 24/7 but right now it crashes a lot and exits out when i take a picture or try to save a picture and it’s really slow it’s been doing this for almost 2 weeks and waiting for a update to come out to fix it. other than that i always use snapchat. - Brina;*

New update (1/5)

New update is absolutely terrible and access to stories is extremely limited compared to last version. Not to mention the poor asthetics - White Man at KFC

How to get back to old snapchat (1/5)

With the new update I don’t like the way it displays my adding people and the suggestions from snap even on the other hand i don’t like the way it when i watch my friends snaps it disappear unless i tap the name again please get back to old version that we love it and accepted - Waheebwww

Crashing (1/5)

My snapchat keeps crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO SEND ONE. It has been doing this for dayyyyyysss and this needs to be fixed. - Icedddd

never mind (5/5)

i figured out the front camera problem. my front camera is actually broken and doesn’t work at all that’s why it won’t switch to it. i assumed it was snapchat bc snapchat is the only time i use my camera 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ - loganthebeast10

Update (1/5)

I don’t like this new update please go back to the old way it was please.. - j_chavi-65

Annoying Bug (3/5)

I have an iPhone 8 Plus and it’s on the latest software on both sides (IOS) and Snapchat itself is up to date. For about a little over a month now every time I get a Snapchat notification it stops whatever media I may be playing or listening to wether it be YouTube, Apple Music, or anything that’s playing sounds at all. It stops when I get a snap notification. And it is getting very irritating as I’ve not had this issue before. Please fix ASAP - shake687

Crashing (1/5)

When I try to upload from camera roll it crashes everytime - Thailand aka cook boy

Not enough porn (2/5)

Yeah - Santa-Is-not-real

Snapchat Layout (1/5)

I love snapchat, i’ve been using it for years now but I always have problems and glitches with it. Around 9:00-1:00 my snapchat turns into a different layout like the app has been updated. I hate this new layout and it makes it to where you can’t view anyone’s story’s and is just pointless all around. Please just keep snapchat to the way it is where the friends are on the left tab and the stories are on the right. - CamGabbs

Trash (1/5)

I have an iPod 5th gen and my geo filters never change!! Please fix - BriannaSumpter

New update is ANNOYING (1/5)

The new update is annoying, i cant see the recent stories anymore. I would like my old snapchat back thank you. - z32uri

Updated Snapchat (1/5)

I do not like the new updated Snapchat version. I can not seem to see all the stories in my friend list and it entirely way to complicated to look at. Also, I don’t like how I can view stories that I don’t even want. Snapchat fix this!!! - Keimara

Annoyed (1/5)

Snapchat has given me the hour glass emoji, implying I’m about to lose my streak even when me and the other person have sent snaps, and then it’ll say I lost several streaks when I definitely didn’t, I delete and re download the app and the streaks are back, and I’m getting fed up with this because Snapchat used to be the app I used the most but now I don’t even wanna use it - mirandork

Snapchat (4/5)

Snapchat keeps freezing on me - udjerjr

Worst update ever (1/5)

I would like the old page where it shows everyone’s story on one page. This update look awful. Please change it back to when it was good -thank you - Fashrdhgggbj

Force Closing. (2/5)

i have a SE and it’s force closing, although it’s time for an upgrade, it should still be a accessible app. - @thedonwavy

Where did the stories go??? (1/5)

The new update is terribly confusing to use. I can’t find the stories and can’t stand the discover section. - Abiemorin

Possible Update (5/5)

Hi. Not sure if you’ll ever even read this, but I think your app is fantastic. The only thing I’d love to change or have updated at least is adding a notification when you’re about to lose a streak. Maybe like a 1 hour notification, then a 5 minute notification? So much of what I value in my life are my streaks, and I get genuinely sad when I lose them. Thanks!! Keep up the great work. - Guy12344321a

Great app but..... (4/5)

Lately, every time I try to take a picture. The app crashes and closes constantly. Help please!!!!!!!! - _dae216

Still not working like it should.... (2/5)

Every day I try to use snapp as in taking a picture the screen goes out (back to my home screen). Many days it’ll say my streakss are gone. I’ve done tried everything but the fact that I can’t take a picture without it going out is just bad news. - Kenyotta Newkirk

Help fix my snap plz (4/5)

I like using this app but it keeps acting funny today can you fix it Snapchat - rayrayjussme