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Just got worse (1/5)

Just when I thought the update couldn’t get any worse it did - Hunter_trotter

Bring back the old version (1/5)

Bring back the old version I miss the half sliding and the new version is sooo complicated ughh May as well erase the app and your account - Nwisbnsic d

I hate Snapchat now (1/5)

Honestly Snapchat was everything, WE WANT THE OLD UPDATE BACK - Mizz swagg

Upset with the new update (1/5)

I thought I might get used to the update but I still haven’t. Miss the old Snapchat. - tator-tota

Please bring back the old format. (1/5)

This update is actually the worst format possible, all snaps are out of order, bitmojies make everything ugly and lag a lot, group stories are a pain to find, everything is too clustered and should not be in one place. Me as well as my several thousand viewers and fans alike hate the update, please bring back the old snapchat. Update: with the new update where you put everything into one tab and three subtabs...YAY!! everything’s disorganized AND I can’t swipe into chats because of the “stories” and “groups” tab. SNAPCHAT LOOK AT YOUR RATINGS COMPARED TO WHERE THEY USED TK BE. BRING BACK THE OLD SNAP‼️ - That one kid who nobody hates

Horrible snap update, stressful, (1/5)

I hate this Snapchat update I can’t do the half slide anymore and it ruins my life. Smfh 🤢🤮😡🤬 - ihatethisuglyolesuodatefu

Going downhill fast (1/5)

I used to love this app until they changed it and moved stories over and now they’ve changed it again and f*cked everything up. First of all there’s no point for there to be a groups or stories tab at the top when they still show up under the chats tab. Second, why put the tabs? It’s just a crappy way of trying to make it like it was. Also so many bugs have come from this update. Half the time when I go to respond to a snap it’ll say that I got another snap from that person, so I go out of the camera only to see that there’s nothing else from them. Also if I have a crappy connection and try to send a snap it won’t send but then when I get a better connection it still won’t send even though new things send fine. I end up closing the app and opening it back just to have it show that I left those people on opened. Just put it back to the way it was a couple months ago. - Mr_Awesomely_Awesome

It keeps getting worse (1/5)

This new update is bad and most annoying thing about it is when I try to open snaps I get a black screen and it bring me to the message screen please try to fix this. - Banana penis

☹️😒☹️😒☹️😒☹️ (1/5)

I love the meaning of this app, to chat with friends, and be happy! But, it's hard to "be happy" when this stupid STUPID app WONT STOP CRASHING!!!!! I have a lot of friend on here, but the last time I was on the app was a month ago. I got back on a few days ago and it crashed. And crashed. And CRASHED! - #Am rocks

Dyona (1/5)

Your update is trash 💯I want the old Snapchat back - yonaote

usable (5/5)

thanks snapchat for putting stories on a different page! it’s much better that way:) - Kaanfr1

What the? (1/5)

You guys ruined a perfectly good app. First with discover and all the publics stories filling my feed, which I can't remove, now I have three separate scrolling tabs to show me the same stuff over and over. Can you not. Go back to the way you were - Laurelxramen

🙄 (4/5)

It’s a really good app but it doesn’t let u change ur username - surpeme kj


Snapchat y'all doing to much ima have to ask you to relax like fr, I'm dead about to delete the whole app y'all getting on my nerves i hate this! - Sonicfan👍

Update (1/5)

I used to love snapchat, used it all the time. Ever since the update it’s confusing and clustered. Story’s are weird to watch texting people without opening the snapchat is inconvenient. I have barley found any people that like the update. I now use snap less and less as the updates get worse. It’s started to update on its own without me doing anything. The story, group chats, and chats update is horrible and again very inconvenient. Snapchat has Became less and less fun for me to use. I will still use this app a lot but everything is harder with it clustered and complicated. The old update needs to come back so everyone will use Snapchat more often and like it more(sometimes Snapchat even makes me annoyed and mad bc I cant tell who have sent me snaps, texted people or watch story’s). - Scottle23

Great update (5/5)

Back to the same old same old with a fresh look! I love it 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER - BreezyHall

Get the old snapchat back!!!! (2/5)

My Snapchat just updated by itself and I don’t like it. I can’t do the swipe thing anymore and that’s not okay. Stop changing it!!!! - PuertoRican233

Now harder to see friends’ stories (2/5)

A recent update makes it a lot of work to see friends’ stories. No notifications of friends’ stories as there used to be, but always notifications of useless crap stories I don’t care about, which have now replaced the page where my friends’ stories used to be. I’ve seen a version with tabs on the chat page, and allows the selection of stories, but haven’t been able to figure how that person was lucky enough to have that feature. My app is up to date, and not as good as it used to be. - Shopperdude

Long time Snapchat user (1/5)

So nobody asked for the update and there still hasn’t been anything done to organize it. I’ve used it for years thinking they would be caring enough to fix such a problem with its long time users, but apparently not. I think Snapchat is over estimating it’s customer loyalty. - $DoesntMatter

streaks (4/5)

The update wasn’t great but hey I think we are all used to it... one question though; WHY IS THERE STILL NO “Send to all streaks” BUTTON? I think this would save us all a lot of time. Please consider it!! - knedimyer

Update is terrible y’all should be deleted for doing this (1/5)

This update is legit terrible. I don’t know why would y’all put our stories with our messages together. That was stupid. Y’all should’ve left snapchat how it was. I don’t think anyone wants to use it no more because of y’all stupidity . And then y’all updated it again and made it absolutely worst. I wish I can rate this zero stars but I can’t. I DO NOT recommend using this app the update is retarded 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Y’all just need to go back to the old snapchat because y’all making me not wanna use it no more. - P😈R🤗I🤑N😍C❗️E😝S💖S🤤B👑

Worst. Updates. Ever. (1/5)

Every single time a new update is released, the company removes anything good that was on the app and replaces it with something bad. For example, it was convenient to have all of your unopened messages pop up at the top so that you didn’t have to scroll to find them. Now, that’s gone. So I will be using snapchat a lot less. Additionally, you can’t see the streak with your friends because it is too small. If it runs out, there’s no easy way to quickly see that because it shrunk so much and was moved from the great location on the right side of the screen. Very disappointed. Please fix. - Sylver Riddell

Stop changing stuff just to change it! (1/5)

Go back to the layout you had a few months ago, swipe to one side for stories, swipe to the other side for individual stuff. This latest change is the worst, I can't open a chat without having to load it. If you can't improve it, don't change it! - Carguy379

Stories is back! (4/5)

Happy to see stories back finally! Could still use a little improvement on how to get to stories but it’s better than not being there! - Hatchy

Sucky (2/5)

They change the set up of the app way to much and no one likes the new one but they refuse to change it even after all the negative feedback. Also with the newest change you can’t swipe and see how many snapchats one person has sent you now you just slide into stories and it is very annoying just like all the Snapchat updates recently along with all the glitches they are just doing the negative reviews to themselves. - Bea_1934

u killed my app (1/5)

u made it so bad - Robby ray III

Sorry Snapchat (1/5)

I’m sorry, but your updates that make things more complicated are going to kill you like they currently are. Myself and many of my other friends are going to be switching over to Instagram stories. Listen, I lovED you app, but lately, it’s gone downhill. - The S Dude

Each actualización is worst (1/5)

Now u can not view the chats without opening them Cmon everyone want the old snapchat fr it is not bad if u bring it back !!!! - Ahimedg

i love snapchat!!!! (4/5)

but i think that it would be easier to access all my stuff if the pictures and the videos were separated! that way i won’t get confused and i can get to stuff faster💯 - avabruh

u guys r literally making the app worse (1/5)

new update is terrible deleting the app,just stop updating it was fine how it used to b - Chghcxhbcf

acid trip from hell (1/5)

use snap update and let my IQ drop several points? NO THANKS. if you ever wanted to feel like you just took LSD, use the update, it’s like an acid trip from hell. bish i swear to god if you like this update go live in the sewers like the gremlin you are. idc what u say it needs to die. - druglord123

New update is trash (1/5)

Hate the update. Still don’t like it at all. I wish it would go back - nataliiiez

With every update the app is getting worse (1/5)

After every update the app is spiraling downhill. For a little bit they started to slightly get better but we are at rock bottom right now. I wish they would change it back. - Iamofthebatman

It's a no from me (1/5)

First of all, nobody is asking for all these useless updates. We ask for bestfriends back, we ask to be able to change usernames, we ask for the app to stop draining our battery in minutes yet Snapchat is like, Did you say more bitmoji? For it to be more personal? Like no uh uhh. Snapchat get it together. It was already personal enough. I want the old version back. Update: Keeps getting shittier. - unhappy&deletingapp

Change back (1/5)

You need to go back to how it was before with chats on the left and story’s in the right because the updates your making is really horrible - pettyvibes

Unhappy (1/5)

The developers need to stop randomly updating snapchat without the users permission. Im tired of having to scroll this way or that way. Im about to delete the app. After the app did the initial bad update, it has gone downhill. - Cuppyquakeu

Last update.. (1/5)

Baaaaaad ever 🤦🏽‍♂️ - Mr.Lordly

gets worse with every update (1/5)

each update just makes it worse, nothing like the old snapchat - danceismylife101306


snap seriously you need to stop! the updates are horrible, everyday i think about deleting snapchat!!! bring back the old one !! i don’t know why you guys don’t listen to the people who are using the freaking app!!! - alanonem45

When are ya gonna change it back my dude (1/5)

Ugh it keeps getting worse and worse too why are you doing this to us literally no one likes the update - Nataliecraftygirl

you fixed it good job (5/5)

:,) - bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbjd24601

Stop now (1/5)

I hate Snapchat it needs to stop updating when I say not to the updates are ugly I’m really starting to hate Snapchat - wayhabs

snapchat is garbage (1/5)

now snapchat is even worse than it already was, the messages don’t stay at the top etc - 10Barca

You’re the product being sold (1/5)

Somehow, with each new update the app gets more confusing and less enjoyable. I have no idea who is where and what is what. The developers know this and they’re not going to fix it because YOU ARE NOT THEIR FOCUS! Snapchat cares about selling you, their product, to as many advertisers as possible. Think about it this way, each time you send or view a snap, you are doing work for Snapchat without pay. You do the work, they get the money. They make changes to the app not to improve the user experience, but to sell more product. I and the people I follow use the app less and less each day because it’s confusing and no longer fun. - CharlieChill

don’t like the new update (1/5)

i really don’t like this new update that y’all did 😂😂 like i’m not tryna open my streaks in order to see what they said - unhappy snapper 2334

Ummm (1/5)

Update is really bad - Stefania309

Quit the updates and change it back (1/5)

These updates are making snap worse and worse. Snapchat used to be my favorite app but now I’m barely on it because these updates are ridiculous and from the rating others agree with me. I think snap should go back to the way it was and stop making ridiculous changing and the world once most popular app. - janaiyaaaa

Requests regarding this new terrible update (1/5)

this new update is annoying because u can’t swipe to chat with someone anymore. If u swipe it automatically brings you to the story page and it’s absolutely ridiculous and annoying as anything. You now have to tap on the individual persons name to “chat”. you can’t see how many snaps that person sent u by swiping to the chat anymore bc ur not able to swipe to chat. it’s absolutely ridiculous and it ruins the point of the app. please fix this issue immediately. There are so many problems with this update. another Problem is when someone snaps you it shows up and you open it but after you open that snap you get another notification saying that they snapped you again even though they did not. it’s confusing and ridiculous. please fix these issues. - requests please fix

The update is trash (1/5)

The update is total trash. You dont see everyones stories. If you want to talk to someone you usually have to search their name because it doesnt show who you have recently talked to, but instead who it thinks you want to talk to. - Yahsushshhshe

Ughhhh (1/5)

Snapchat is getting worse and worse after every update - Zboy Mohamed