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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Every nice (5/5)

This app is really easy to use and a great app over all! - JinTheStar

UGH!!!!!😡😝 (1/5)

Google is very frustrating !!! And simple as resetting password ugh a hustle should be simple and it’s not :/ + with a layer of protection the 2 step verification code whatnot I still can’t reset my password for my old account UGH!!!😡😤🤬🤷‍♀️l I sent a feedback to google haven’t got a response from them so I assume my account(s)was compromised so I tried to reset my password to my new account and same thing for my old account same routine asks this I press forgot password then says “Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you.” To recover my account(s) go to for help.” And then “Enter the email address or phone number you use to sign in to Google.” I enter my email or phone when I enter my phone # it says “Your Google Account. Try using your email address instead.” So I enter my email then I press “find my account “ it asks enter recovery email or phone number associated with my account ( I don’t think I have email for my old account but I do remember I gave my number 💯 I’m sure and same goes for my new account I haven’t gave my recovery email only same phone #) I put the name associated my account (s) (new or old accounts ) then says get verification code by text (sometimes it texts me sometimes it doesn’t ) when I do get a google verification code I type the code it in and sometimes it says “You seem to be having trouble getting your code “ Please try again later.” it ask “when did I create the account the year and month (I don’t remember exact year ,month for my old account but I do remember for my new account ) then it asks recovery phone # and email (which like I said I haven’t given an recovery email just a # for my new account and old (not sure can’t remember ) then says “we can’t verify the account belongs to you “ I don’t understand 🤷‍♀️ I tried every account recovery steps it still doesn’t work says “we can’t verify your account belongs to you “ I don’t get it :/ I can understand my old account but my new account the verification code and the year ,month exact and then asks “email that I can check now” I gave email the sent the code that it sent and says same thing “ cant verify the account belongs to you “ 🤬🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and I haven’t gave no email for my new account only # :S I don’t understand it at all :/ I wrote a feedback to google haven’t got all response yet hopefully they will fix the issue . Its just weird I haven’t experienced this kind of issue before . With my old account it always verified no problem . When I press “find my account ‘ google can’t find the account(s) :/ . Please resolve the issue. Thanks - 👎👎kakaotalkboo👎👎

An almost perfect app (4/5)

I have two suggestions – one is to allow us to colorcode stars, like we get to do on the Browser. My other suggestion is to allow us to delete individual emails within threads, without deleting the whole thread, like we can do on the Browser, but not in the app. In general this is a very good app. - elizareid

New update is off (1/5)

I have iOS 8.0. With new update, can't compose messages. Keyboard won't appear to type. Need a fix ASAP. - jayboogs

Apple watch (3/5)

Apple watch capabilities please - xDevine

Great Email app for one account (4/5)

If you have multiple email accounts, you have to look at them separately. I like being able to see my 3 email accounts sorted together. - ToniNadler

Love the app but! (3/5)

Only giving it three stars because there is no way to turn off conversation view. It’s maddening having the email stack and I can’t delete them individually without going on my computer. Please give us a way to turn that nonsense off! - Witlash

Works (4/5)

I hate change but this still works great for me. - OnceSleepless

Frustrated! (2/5)

I have loved this app for many years, despite some changes I was hesitant to accept. However, in the last couple of days I cannot receive my email! I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app MANY time, still no dice! It’s very frustrating!!! Other than that, it’s cool. - MelsterPezster

Perfect (5/5)

Will done guys - sharafani_93

The best (5/5)

As Tina Turner said, Simply the Best Google always gets it right - GmanStro

This is not that good (2/5)


Recommend To All People Who use YouTube or Anything Google (5/5)

This app is So good get it I have YouTube which name is trix master3000 YouTube channel - Ahmed sahaag

Wrong new email (unread) count (2/5)

Always showing unread mail - Changogigante

wonderful (5/5)

cool I just like it - Meow`

Better on Android (5/5)

I’ve always been an Android user and I recently switched to an iPhone. I set up my mail on my phone but hated the layout and everything about my mail on the iPhone. I downloaded the google mail app and I’m in heaven again. Great app! - Silkysel

Seems good so far (5/5)

Yep - Chronoterror

Supports Office 365 accounts now (5/5)

I’m now able to add additional accounts aside from google authentication (for instance office 365 and general imap.) A wonderful email client just got even better. - mike.melusky

Better than default app (5/5)

The UI and features are more intuitive than those of the default iOS mail app. Works well with gmail and other mail services. - Erni Erni

Set up (5/5)

Easy - Bewareofads

Love it (5/5)

I’m so used to using the email app for iphone and man I love this gmail app. Not only do I get my emails right away, but is so nice and easy to use. I changed my main email address from yahoo to gmail just so I can use this app day to day. The yahoo app is so messy and so many adds unless you pay. - Nessty

Difficult to use (1/5)

This version is not intuitive, difficult to navigate and almost impossible to sort mail. Just awful. Now I can’t get rid of it and go back to the origin mail that was I used on my iPhone. If you have a choice, avoid the Gmail app. Just awful. - grok14

Simple yet powerful! (5/5)

As an IT professional I see and use mat different email clients. Google Gmail app interface is easy on the eyes I love the ability to archive with the swipe of a finger as the controls are easy to see and understand for moving an email to a folder, replying, forwarding, and writing new messages. - WaterG@8te

The best! (5/5)

G-mail is the best. It’s obvious that Google has been in the business longer than all the rest! User friendly, comprehensive, versatile! I recommend G-mail to everyone who needs a e-mail address that fits all their needs!!! Thanks - targaxet

Thank you (5/5)

And God bless.😁 - Cfandrei

Great app!! (5/5)

I am an iPhone user, but I still have every google app on it. I love my gmail app it never fails! I have it set up as IMAP and I have never worried about my emails being “duplicated” when I use the computer because the system is always working how it should, a difference from another companies that I have set up the same I stopped using due to having thousands of emails if I were to log into another device because their system is never working properly. Love all your apps, specially gmail and photos !! - Jrod Buffalo NY

Khalida!! (5/5)

Khe diahuevo Kha khalida - <3 lov

Why I love gmail (5/5)

It's very easy to use and I love how it organizes my email from important stuff and social . ♥️♥️♥️♥️ - Side boi #1

I can’t believe it’s email! (5/5)

This app is user friendly and is really fresh looking. Google is on the right path to customer satisfactory. Also, it allows me to connect and share with other users easily and I can swap email accounts with a quick tap. I love it. - Spazz!!

The worst email app I’ve ever used!!! (1/5)

I expected a Gmail app to be be intuitive and effective. I expected it to be the aggregate of all email apps preceding it. I expected the decades of experience a developer would surely have when engineering such a critical tool would yield a sophisticated and elegant way to do something that I’ve been doing since email was invented. But that’s not what happened with this app. It’s as though this app was designed by doing the opposite of everything that has been done previously. If it made sense and was intuitive then that method was strictly avoided in this design! So, to put it mildly, this is a terrible app!!! And even though it’s free, it’s not worth it!! - DaveDaley

New update not good (1/5)

The new update is not allowing my app to keep the data on so i cannot get into my email. For about 4-5 days now. Please fix. Thank you. - rebzmama

Warning about adding emails to your gmail (3/5)

You will run out of memory faster because the other accounts you can add will add to your memory with ALL google products. I was enticed to add my yahoo account to a gmail address last year. What happened is that I’ve had gmail since 2005 and love it. I lost my free “legacy” added memory because I had to upgrade or I’d lose my emails.I spent hours going through my messages and deleting them because I received warnings if I didn’t upgrade soon, messages would disappear and if I did upgrade I’d lose my free space. I upgraded and I have my memory back on Apple products but for about a month or two on my Windows 10 laptop that I use for business, it was still showing that warning. Eventually it synced. So before you put all your emails in your gmail feed, check out if the “new gmail”will eat your memory and force an upgrade $$$$ before memory runs out and it’s pay to play. I’ve been a huge fan but I didn’t understand the takeaway of legacy memory. It was supposed to be lifetime but if I added on, it was gone and that’s what happened to “do no harm” - Cuchabybaby

So much functionality! (5/5)

Gmail is loaded with with so many functionalities. This is the future of email, now. Stop resisting the change and make the switch, you can even keep using the same email address that you have had for years. You will save time, be more productive and maybe even replace some of the other programs you currently use. - F Durham

Not bad (3/5)

I can only see one inbox at a time, i want to see one inbox and access to all folders through one inbox, just like Edison Email - Skahlon

Love using this app but... (3/5)

So my only problem is if I were to send photos to people & try to download them off of an email it closes out every single time, but if it wasn’t for that I would give a full 5 star rating. Other then that I have no other complaints about the app; I use it daily & love everything else about it though. - Christopher Kurk

Like (4/5)

Like better than just adding gmail as an email account on my phone. Easier to work with. - Stomlinson

What’s up with Gmail lately? (2/5)

I’ve been using Gmail for years - my top choice for email. This past couple of weeks Ive had nothing but trouble with it - what’s going on? - dakotawriter2

Unresponsive (1/5)

Freezes on opening. Nothing on screen works - techroadwarrior

تقييم (5/5)

برنامج رائع وممتاز - بكو

Seriously?!? Why does it have to use Safari?? (1/5)

Safari is one of the WORST browsers I have had to use. I was excited to be able to use Chrome on my iPhone. Now the updated Gmail app is released and it STILL opens everything in safari! What the crap?!? Why can’t a gmail app use chrome? I guess I will just delete this stupid useless app AGAIN. Disappointed and expected better. - Busy and distracted

That’s safe and easy to use (5/5)

I like it - Jasmine Parvizy

Confusing controls (2/5)

Maybe it’s just me but I find the app confusing. All I was to do forward an email or something simple like that but the only option seems to be to delete it. Uninstalled. - Reaviewer99

C.C (5/5)

I love this over all other email platforms. It’s much more user friendly. It notifies you when you have a new email. I’ve used other platforms that I couldn’t get certain emails to deliver through. I found that the same email was successfully sent through gmail. - JESUS@33lives

A good place to. Send my memes (5/5)

MEEms - Yihong Ming

How Turn off conversation mode (1/5)

Can't use gmail with conversation mode off . please fix it. - Redskinsfans

Worst app ever (1/5)

This is so stupid why do they even try to do this it doesn’t even have an undo button. I could go on about how this app isn’t “useful” as others would say. I have one thing to say about this app, DON’T BUY IT!! - CaptainCritic

I sai, I said I sit on you (5/5)

Office - Therealmaxman

... (4/5)

Simple and intuitive - illadelph83

Gmail good mail (4/5)

Works great get mail easy to use - galaxy4732

Notification still broken (1/5)

Months with no fix - Usotsuku