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Auto play (1/5)

Auto play previews are a blight in this world. Hopefully this gets one stared into oblivion because complaint to customer service is borderline useless - UniBroW

Needs a good show (3/5)

Needs dog with a blog fix and I may enjoy Netflix again!!!!! - Undead squid

The Flash (5/5)

It’s so good I can’t stop watching it but I wish can meet Barry Allen = Grant Gusten in real life and everyone else that in it - klkjfdrf

My suggestions (4/5)

I love Netflix but I have a couple of suggestions. Can you guys please please bring the fast forward button back? It’s nice to have the option through boring parts. And can you guys have more movies and shows that revolves around black people please? - efrata28

Up date (1/5)

It would be nice if I could use the app. The new up date won’t let me. Thank you - Me246894

Good (5/5)

Great application - Fuippoooohgvv

Mostly good (5/5)

First let me start by saying I love the movies but I feel like their is not enough and like the move inside out is not in and Jessie they took out and lab rats witch my sister loves and she says that she has nothing else to watch know that they took out Lab rats - fuentesr25

Needs to unblock region restrictions (3/5)

It is good but for a person that travels. I’ve seen that the selection in some regions is better than others. I am into anime and I wish they will let us watch all the anime they have in the Japanese ip - pplepie

Thank you for being so awesome!! (5/5)

Great I love it it's an awesome app. I recommend it to anyone that wants a movie app. Also the season four of Gotham would be appreciated. Thank you - leninfraga

Worth it (5/5)

I have been a member for 4 years. So far this app is good. Only problem is that it takes awhile to get a new season. Honestly getting new stuff takes awhile. Lost in space has been the best one I have seen so far! Very happy!😁👏🏼 Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! - ironsmith13

Love the New Improved App. (5/5)

Love this new updated version of app. The movie previews really entice the viewer to wish to see the movies highlighted. App looks extremely appealing and competitive compared to others whom have emulated Netflix’s success and decided to do movie streaming. - Coqui Unlimited

Netflix Costs to much (2/5)

I want good quality shows and entertainment, but Netflix cost to much. They remove stuff that is a hit, like murder she wrote, etc. That’s why I give a 2 star review. - ArianaGrande____

Cannot log in (1/5)

While the Netflix content is fun, this app will not let me log in to my account. - Disgusted4crap

Better movies (4/5)

I think netflix is all in all a great way to watch movies but they don’t have that many great movies. They don’t have what you’re looking for and I think that they should. They need better movie and tv show selections. You should be able to watch it if you don’t have data or service. But yeah Netflix is a really great way to watch movies but they need a better selection - Lmfaocats

13 Reasons Season 2 Not Available (4/5)

For some reason, 13 Reasons Why Season 2 has not been uploaded to my Netflix account. Other people have told me that it appears on their account. I just want to know why it isn’t appearing on mine! Help - Hatersz

Couple of Wishes on an Update (3/5)

Some of us are choosy about what we or our families watch and knowing the MPAA rating is helpful. When looking unsuccessfully for a rating it would be nice to know if I just haven’t found the rating or if it is unrated. The other thing about the old star system (instead of thumbs up/down) is by leaving a rating I could tell if I had already seen a movie. Please don’t label foreign productions as “international” and expect me to infer they will be speaking Hindi or Turkish. Tell me, maybe on the screen with “Details” — you know, where the ratings are — that the dialogue is Turkish but English subtitles are available. - JustPlainBen


Maybe you need more people working on your bugs and performance improvements. 2 weeks later i still have the original issues i had 2 weeks hoping it would be fixed this update. The app crashes or is unresponsive after a while. Sweet 👌🏻 good job netflix thanks!!! - FUUUUCK!123

Anime (1/5)

I updated Netflix and then I noticed that the anime category was gone! Most of the anime’s I planned to watch during the summer are now all gone! I’m not going to be watching Netflix for awhile! - Maria Alexis Murray

No WiFi needed plz (4/5)

I loveeeee Netflix but it would be so great if we could be able to watch Netflix outside of our homes. Where we don’t have WiFi and where we don’t need to download it. I mean we have to pay so might as well make it possible to not have to use WiFi - franczykd

Great selection, sometimes (4/5)

I absolutely LOVE the selection of movies you have. But I know some people (including me) would love Netflix even more if you brought movies like Titanic and The Phantom of the Opera into it. They seem like more unpopular movies these days, with nobody watching them, but let me tell you, it would make a HUGE difference if you brought them back. - NaLu4lyfe

I hate Netflix (1/5)

I hate Netflix why do I have to sign in??? - bxjdjdvsv

Just Why (1/5)

Way back I updated my nextflix then when I got on it deleted all my downloads and I was so mad but now I just updated it and it did it again so please can u fix it because stuff takes along time to download - Quentincolbert

Add forward button for the 5th star (4/5)

Thank you in advance - S.T. Dupont

The Flix (5/5)

Netflix & chill aye? - MoneyMitch0300

Pretty good (3/5)

It’s pretty good but they keep removing the best shows or multiple seasons of them. - Fffffffffghhq

Add these please (5/5)

I love Netflix l 100% recommend It l mean it Is purely flawless but l would prefer to have more Anime so Netflix please add these and here are there ratings and stuf(I don’t remember what all of them are rated) I put this emoji ❤️ for the ones that need to be added the most and this one means out of All of this writing I rilly need these 👍 there Are some anime on this list that you already Have it just means more seasons thank You Beyond the Boundary:14 The Future Diary:MA ❤️ Full Metal Panic :PG Charlotte:NR Toradora:14❤️ Code breaker:NR Danganronpa:14👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Elfen lied:NR❤️ Fairy tail:14 Engaged to the unidentified:NR The Devine gate:14❤️ Love Chunibyo and other delusions:14❤️ Place to place:14 Noragami:14 👍 No Game no Life:MA The sacred blacksmith:MA❤️ Snow White with red hair:14 World Break:14 WataMote:14 Wolf girl and black prince:14👍 Shugo chara:PG❤️ Last exile:PG Kaze no stigma:14👍 Mekakucity actors :NR Erased:14 Inuyasha:14 Naruto:14 No game no life:MA❤️ My hero academia:14 👍👍 Place to place:14 School Babysitters:NR How to keep a mummy:NR 👍👍👍 The ancient magus bride:14👍👍 Skip beat:NR👍 Aoharu X kikanjuu:MA Maid samma:14 Devils and Realist:14 Plastic memories:NR Grimgar (Ashes and illusions):14 Rin-ne:14 Kamigami no asobi:14 Shenanigans ensue nanbaka:? Fate/Zero:? RWBY:? Orange:14 Toriko:14 Tokyo Ghoul:MA Ghost Stories:? Black Clover:14 👍👍👍 buananya cat:? HunterXHunter:14 Black Butler:14 Miss Kobayashis dragon maid:? Umaru-Chan:14 Love Stage:MA A Certain Scientific Railgun:14 Yamada-kun and the 7witches:14 BEN-TO:? And lastly BLEACH Netflix only has three out Of twenty six seasons so please add more - AnimeForLife;)

Downloaded movies won't play (2/5)

Exactly what the title says. Fix it. - tdoe Jackson

Better movies in Canada than in America (4/5)

I’ve been visiting Canada for that past few days and I realized they have different and better shows and movies. I WAHT TWILIGHT. Other than that I love Netflix - Angry-Girl120

Useful idea (4/5)

Make it optional to stop watching series or movie if you didn’t like the first episode - leo342

Autopreviews (1/5)

Need option to turn these off. - _ŒÂ◊

Full support for iPhone X screen (1/5)

It’s time guys, full screen video for iPhone X - ManuelSandoval_

Good (4/5)

Wish they would add more movies/series faster though - Angel 😇(APPLESAUCE)

Good value overall. But remove vertical previews! (4/5)

Who the hell thought it'll be a good idea to show previews (trailers) in vertical view? - Jstelar

Bring Back Archer!!! (3/5)

And also Doctor Who - Timelords101

About heartland season 10 and 11 (4/5)

I want to write this review because you put season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and you didn’t put season 10 or 11 so doesn’t really make any sense I just wanted to know if you guys are going to put the seasons that are on there so because I heard that the cast of heartland is taking a break so. I just wanted to know more if you guys were going to post season 10 and 11 because the cast said they’re not gonna do she’s a 12 yet they’re taking a break for it so yeah - Jules100704

Add the queue to the app (5/5)

It would be awesome to add a link to the queue to rent movies on the app. - Topp2660

Plz don't take off secrecy life of the American teenager (4/5)

It's my favorite show and of course they are taking it off which I'm not a huge fan of because I still have two seasons to finish but the app itself is very good!! - dancegirl22446

Netflix Issue (3/5)

I can’t seem to log in on my Netflix account. I’ve logged in several times but keep getting brought back to the sign up screen. I’ve logged in successfully via Safari; however, the App isn’t working. - AJG3hunna

Poor👎🏻 (1/5)

it fails a lot and some programs do not want to play - F.Camacho

Disappointed in Netflix (1/5)

They took of the vampire diaries and I had just started watching it, I loved it so much and then they took it off:( - meg3lee

Needs updates (3/5)

I love watching Netflix but if my WiFi isn’t good it doesn’t sense it at all so if people could make Netflix able to use cellular that would be great - Raspador

Love it (5/5)

Great!!! - Elizabeth💜❤️

Network error (2/5)

So I have full bars of WiFi and Netflix is still saying network error I don’t understand what’s going on so maybe someone can help me - boringtt

Autorun is ruining the platform (1/5)

Auto run videos are slowing the app down. I don’t want to hear some garbage video someone paid to push when I don’t frantically hit the back button after something plays. And once I do that garbage is screaming from the home page too. The industry is trending away from auto play. That was so 2 years ago. Now people do not want it. - mystical bacon

Do not update the app! (1/5)

I updated the app on my phone and now it no longer lets me open the app. :( - Gabby38

If I wanted to READ movie, I’d get the book. (1/5)

I hate subtitles. And your app USED TO have write ups about the movies, including whether or not they have subtitles. Subtitles for “English” speaking movies?! And now, the trailers have sound and no picture. Sound issues now - BoneheadPST

More “Lost In Space” seasons (4/5)

⬆️That’s it⬆️ - Trevor229229

Put doctor who back on (4/5)

I love Netflix but please please please put back on doctor who - Samp's food

More movies and shows (1/5)

If they keep removing good shows I’m just going to cancel my subscription altogether this is crazy they need to have more of a movie selection and they have takenof some great shows already and then some you can’t find shame on you Netflix - truckerlife

fix some stuff (3/5)

you need to add flushed away whenever i go on netflix the show i watch and the stuff i add disappears - Kittykat84000