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Not working 😡 (1/5)

Don’t waste your time or money! I’m currently paying for Netflix service that I’m not able to watch because they can’t seem to get their act together!! Amazon and Hulu are looking better by the second!!😡 - !Matt T!

Please (3/5)

Please add a download button to everything on Netflix not just some of the tv shows and movies on Netflix. - NHL NBA

Not working (1/5)

App never opens up - Osito2192

Won’t load to the home screen (3/5)

Fix your problem Netflix - Mae246

This is amazing (5/5)

This is amazing I like how on the kids thing there's ONLY things kids can watch I'm only 8 and to me this app is great and should always get a 5star Rate - Kiera58

No longer works w/ v.9.52.0 (1/5)

Version 9.52.0 now makes Netflix app not work on my iPhone X. It did an update 8 hours ago. Stays on black spinning wheel screen. Worked fine yesterday before update. - ClintGossman

Amazing! (5/5)

I love all the show on here! I have a suggestion for you to put on there as well, SpiderMan homecoming? You guys should also add a way for teen to watch things, like how there are options to switch what you watch from kids to anyone...and maybe a way to delete history just in case? - #lindsay

Newest update made the app not function (1/5)

The newest update for "bug fixes" added more bugs than they fixed. They need to get their ducks in a row This still applies as of 1/22/2018 - The gingersaurus

Aggravated (1/5)

Netflix won't even let me login and Ik the password is right Bc I logged in on the website. - ndjsksjdudicipp

Bug fix (5/5)

I’m trying to use the app and can’t even open it. I’ve deleted it and re-install it, but all it does is have Netflix show up then a black screen. Anyone else having trouble? I do love Netflix though just want to get it fix. - Rosensplat

Can’t get it to open (1/5)

Worked great all this time and now suddenly today I can’t get the app to open on my phone or ipad. All of this AFTER I upgraded my plan to 4 screens...can’t get it on any of the important ones! - M_monj

Help!!!! (5/5)

My NETFLIX is not working I open the app and all I see is a black screen with a uploading ring on it trued on my other phones and it won’t work what do I do ???? HELP! - bad service.

This pertains to the app on Apple TV 4K (2/5)

Once the Apple TV 4K goes to sleep and you wake it back up the app no longer loads content. The red loading circle just keeps going until it says cant load and to check your network. Yet it works fine in my house on the same network on the Apple TV HD versions, so it’s not the network. - Angry LLama

What A Piece Of... (1/5)

Black screen with a spinning circle all day. Again. I haven’t been able to access my account. I thought it was maybe my phone or the internet, but from the hundreds of people reporting the same repeat outage today it looks like it’s a problem with the app. Again. Netflix puts out a garbage app to match their atrocious brand name stamped garbage like The Open House and The Babysitter. - The Gleason

Bad update (1/5)

They updated it today, now it doesn’t work. If it works don’t fix it. - Phalanx2006

Give me back Tenacious D (4/5)


Needs Improvement!! (2/5)

I shouldn’t have to connect to cellular in order to watch something that I’ve already downloaded to my phone!!! Fix it! - AGMontclair

The app is not working (1/5)

The app is not loading in for any of the app devices please fix this soon - Njfhjrjvejrjfhfhf

New update not working (1/5)

Just updated six hours ago and can’t get Netflix to work on any iOS device. Can’t figure out how to report it either. - acina

yaaay (1/5)

yaaaay, newest update now it's broken and won't load!😡 always fixin that which is not broken!!!!!!! - mr dud

😭😭Family Guy😭😭 (4/5)

Ok let me just say that I LOVE Netflix and without it I would have nothing to do. The only complaint that I have is when you take off shows. I am a huge “How I Met Your Mother” fan and I was so sad when you took it off Netflix. Now it says that you’re gonna take off “Family Guy” on February 14, but pleaseeeee don’t. “Family Guy” is my absolute go to show and I can’t believe you’re taking it off. What’s next, FRIENDS???? All I’m asking is for you to keep shows like “Family Guy” and maybe bring back “How I Met Your Mother.” Thanks. - Popofizo1234

Won’t load (2/5)

The app won’t load up and I’m just sitting there waiting for anything to pop up after opening the app. - Riley Sarabia

Network issues (1/5)

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet ? Says I’m not connected to a network. Hey - guess what - yes I am. Hey Netflix, connect. - Maxwell6769

Can’t download HD anymore (3/5)

Before update one office episode size was ~400MB now it’s ~125MB looks atrocious even in a small screen. Even after checking app settings! - Tappedout0324

One of the most user hostile apps I’ve ever used! (1/5)

If I can get it to open (which I often can’t) it’s such a confusing, frustrating, and annoying mess. The only consideration made when designing this app was to get you to watch more shows. No consideration was made for the user and how they would like the app to work. Paradoxically, their attempt to get me to watch more has resulted in my using the app less, because I don’t want to deal with trying to navigating it. The auto playing trailers and auto playing shows after finishing another show are enough to cancel your account. - SPTrask

Used to be Better (1/5)

Used to be better than it is today. I don’t use it anymore. Another brand on its way out. - Bigstrudel

Netflix problems! (2/5)

Was watching one of my tv series of “colony” went to run some errands while leaving it on pause, came back and it never played again! All it does now everything I go back to the Netflix app all it does is just shows it buffering! 😡 I tried everything but no help! Ugh if there’s not one thing wrong, another thing happens!! - 1420.

Unbelievable . (1/5)

Disappointed i updated the app to the newest version and now the app won’t let me sign in or nothing. I deleted it to see if it’ll work again but nope it didn’t. Please fix i love watching Netflix and this is a dissapointment - 🙄327

Bring back teen wolf (4/5)

I would if you bring that shoe back I didn’t get finished it - Eilytorres

Glitching (2/5)

Downloaded app two days ago and can’t even open it anymore. It’s either loading and by that I mean that it doesn’t fully open. Just loading or it kicks me out when I open it. Very disappointed - Gambler 19041993

App isn’t opening. (1/5)

I have never had a problem with Netflix but today the app doesn’t want to open at all. I have reset my phone and cleared all the apps and it still doesn’t want to open. I also updated my IOS after my first few try’s and still nothing. - DJ BUG 302

What a dragon disaster! (1/5)

Newest ‘bug fix’ definitely added some! Now the program won’t load at all. Fix it! - crochetaddict1

Good app (5/5)

Its very easy to use. - NataliaMary

I love it but it gets on my nerves (5/5)

The only thing that makes me incredibly upset is that you have NO good classics and you get rid of all the good tv shows for all the tv shows I’ve never even heard of. When I see a good movie I don’t even think “this will probably be on Netflix “ but it never is. If I’m paying for this app shouldn’t I be able to like what I’m watching? - Ellabean567

Love Netflix (5/5)

Works wonderfully as it always has, love the content. But is there anyway we could increase the video size to better fit the iPhone X resolution and screen space? - Hachet

Biggest A$$hole developers, take 29 (1/5)

Never tell anyone what is fixed! Alienate users! And... app never works. Over and over and over again! Stupid idiots! - RobertValenzuela

Updates (3/5)

Newest update today, January 22, 2018, caused the app to crash! It just endlessly loads... no messages, no error code. And by the way, give us our old rating system back; please!!!!!!! - Wth... Rdtukbdsjn

Great App (5/5)

I love the Netflix app. I use it almost every day. - a braille display user

Organization (3/5)

I have enjoyed netflix for about 7 years now. Picture quality and content have improved dramatically since then, however I have 2 complaints. One is the forced price increases, and most importantly the organization is terrible. Its like sorting through a 50 gallon tub of $5 movies at the store terrible. Please please please.... when you go to the "new movies" or "recently added" selections order the movies from the most recently added and newest to the oldest!!! I also would like "My list" to be that way because its common sense and easy to locate what you want. - Blackccr


Give Monique what she deserves!!!! I won’t use Netflix til she gets I.T!!!!! - Kvlla bee

Incorrect Language being presented (1/5)

Since the last update on January 18, 2018 my app is no longer in English, but in an unknown European language (German or East European). This problem needs to be addressed. Had no issues prior to update. - Junegemb

AppleTV Bluetooth mirroring bug (4/5)

When I use this app it's great weather it's on my AppleTV, Apple iPhone, tablets, PS4, PS3, MacBook/laptop or even a desktop. Here's the only problem when I decided I don't want to use without wifi on my AppleTV and just airplay/mirror my Netflix from my mobile iPhone device it won't work. Why is that? Get the bug exterminators together and brain storm this because Bluetooth connectivity mirroring works just not for this app. Netflix u got this! - Bk_stroll804

Boycott Netflix (1/5)

Allowing Tom Segura to continue hate speech isn’t funny. Drop him or we drop you. - Thomtalent

Important missing episodes (1/5)

I love Netflix. It is my go to, I watch stranger things and lots more! Then I started watching Supergirl. I am sure my fellow Netflix users understand binge watching a show! In 2 days I finished watching the first two seasons. The ending left me in tears. Of course I needed to know when the next season would come out. Then when I looked it up there were already new episodes!!!! I tried everything to get them but I just couldn’t find the episodes. Now I need those episodes. I took into consideration that the whole season hasn’t come out. Only episodes, Netflix needs to change! This is the reason for my complaint, I am not one to write reviews but no one comes between me and my shows! I think Netflix should add episodes before the whole season has come out. I know I am not the only one with this problem!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that Netflix will take my advice. Also I am sure that this happens to other shows!!! - I will not say my name!

Add (5/5)

Can you add suit life on deck on netflix and suit life of zack and cody - Squidlongnose

Please add this back😥and add this😑 (5/5)

I want Digimon back I want Jurassic park back I want The lost world Jurrasic park And Lastly add Jurrasic park three back I loved Jurrasic park and digimon but if you want me happy again without bringing in those things bring in Godzilla 2000-Godzilla2004 but fairytale has 7 seasons and what’s taking so long to get all seasons of ninjago sorry I’m just a big fan at least you put in King Kong Peter Jackson if there is Kong 2012 add it to Netflix I know you have to spend money for shows and movies but please try to do this I Love Netflix but this has to come back - Gymnast101👍

Movies (5/5)

It is Great but you should keep the old old movies on like Violeta - Nya1019

Could’ve been a 5 Star (4/5)

I’m going to keep this quick and simple. I would say that Netflix is amazing. But there is one thing that keeps grinding my gears. Now for some reason there is a random space at the top and the description for each episode is not fully visible. Every time when I want to know what the episode is about I can read it until the very last line. If it were not for this one thing the app would be a perfect 5. So far that is my only problem and I hope that it gets fixed in a future update. - CHRISBORGAMIZZPRIME

Wonderful (5/5)

It’s awesome. Period. - LoneWolf21907

The kids section (4/5)

I love Netflix and all but I just wish you could maybe make the kids section to be more kid-friendly. I would think that the kids section would be up to 12 not 14. Sometimes I see some shows that are in the kids section that shouldn’t be there. Hope this was helpful. - Please boost