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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team. Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes. Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture. NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer. Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365

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Read their updates (5/5)

When you read the updates, they have a thought of the week, and it feels like someone was really high when they write them. It’s probably the only I really enjoy using the app. Along with seeing shifts and work stuff it’s pretty useful. The thought of the week really trips me out sometimes. - Katzbalger Girl

Confusing (3/5)

Very confusing app, no YouTube tutorials and confusing on the computer as well. Other than that it’s a good app but it really needs to be user friendly. - blamk yyyt

Effin scammers - No Stars (1/5)

My apple account was hacked today and the only “damage done” was this app was installed on my phone... lets be honest; it wasn’t a coincidence. - Jojojojijhgddgbff

Get it it’s worth it (5/5)

Very helpful app - Pedosuelto

Can’t sin up (1/5)

I paid this app, but can’t creat an account for me. Disappointed - Saadlaziz

Awesome (5/5)

I swear this is the app ever for my work schedule worth the one time pay - SanJosFinezt

Mmmm (3/5)

Por ahora esta bien la aplicasion la instale porque los dueños de donde trabajo nos dijieron atodos que la instalaramos y meparece bien por ahora hai que esperar ya cuando pase el tiempo como funciona - Tigre blanco d.a

Missing Shift End Times! (3/5)

Unless you’re a manager, regular staff can only view the time their shifts begin but not when they end. - SharkBaitFTL

Needs more options and interface improvements (2/5)

There is still no option to view the schedule in calendar format or as a whole. Why does it take about six seconds or more for a schedule to download? Things like this make me use the app less if I’m always expecting a lag in app response. Recently, I’ve been bombarded with the “Leave a comment...” text box every time I open the app and canceling it only logs me out. I paid for this app and this is the kind of service I am provided? - DanielJohnFlores

Horrible! (1/5)

Worst schedule app I have ever used. Better off logging onto a computer to get to your schedule. Although you pay for the app, you get asked multiple survey questions that are of no relevance to me personally. The app shuts down constantly, will not let you log on for longer than 30 seconds without saying you’ve gone inactive and log you out. Then you get to start the whole process of logging in and getting the same exact survey question. Worst money ever spent! - Nurse4Life21

It’s just a link to the desktop website (1/5)

I wasn’t going to buy this app because the website is actually quite good. Colleagues of mine said they loved it so I paid the $3. Once I logged in I first thought the app had redirected me to Safari and to the desktop version of the program, but quickly realized thats essentially what the app was... a link. I could very easily just make a shortcut for the website into an app for my iPhone for free. Seems amazing that there are still apps like this that haven’t been updated to be more user friendly for tablets and phones. I’ll probably still use the app because it’s a link to my schedule but I’m not happy about it. I’d give the program itself 5* but the app 1* so people can read what they’re actually getting for their money. - Chrisoka145

Good app but... (4/5)

Every time a new schedule gets posted I get logged out. So the moment when I most want to get on the app and see when I’m working, I have to go and find my login information. - Andyrew1128

Great app but (1/5)

Great app but every time I log in there’s a pop up asking to fill out a survey! Just stop! - Svenjisan


What the hell is with the survey (“leave suggestions for our leadership team”) that pops up every time I open the app? The app now glitches out almost every time I try to open it, making me re-login or taking me to the desktop version of the site. REMEMBER HOW THIS IS A PAID APP? IT’S NOW AN ALMOST UNUSABLE STEAMING PILE OF COW FECES - C. Gryphon

Crap App (1/5)

I’ll leave it at that. - omdigga

Nice look, but some errors (3/5)

I love the app and HS in general. I think the new update is beautiful, but there are some bugs. A survey keeps popping up upon opening the app, it displays the desktop view rather than mobile, requires logging in repeatedly, and syncs to calendar with multiple duplicates. - frankfish01

Enough with the updates please! (2/5)

And they're forced updates, ie can't use the app if you don't. About once a month, so frustrating - MlbfanOhio

Just stop (3/5)

Stop updating this app, you aren't making anything better - Jay;3

Horrible (1/5)

I paid for the app, however it defaults to the web module on my phone. To add insult, it defaults to a web survey asking me to rate my experience. Web module on my phone is unusable, worse than the unpaid free web version on computer as I’m unable to click on anything. This is my first review for an app. I would dump it if I wasn’t forced to use it by my employer. - spin1982

Great (5/5)

Great - Allied at

used to love it (2/5)

this app used to make schedules so much easier and now since ive updated it, it logs me out everytime, asks me to do the same survey twice after i open the app and login, and now the app looks exactly like the browser version and is not very user friendly. its harder to see who you work with, when you work etc. - livg0

Calendar Link (4/5)

I love the app. From the employee standpoint I would love a calendar update where we could automatically link our schedules from the app straight to the schedules on the calendar app. - Robnobob

New update is horrible (1/5)

This app is horrible now the new update is so much more inconvenient then it was before - Slpbad

Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t so glitchy. (3/5)

Too many times the app will not open up or allow you to send a message. Besides that it is awesome - Eddy$$$

Good idea for the next update (5/5)

Hot Schedules should make it, if you have 2 jobs you can see both schedule on it at the same time please!!! - Drnkppl1

Great and the update notes (5/5)

Great app, extremely simple set up that is easy to navigate to whatever I’m looking for. Also my favorite part is the updates. Whomever does the thought of the weeks deserves a raise. And a promotion. Heck just give me an update every week so I can see those! - Deadlydan8706

Bring back the boxes!! (3/5)

I love this app and it makes everything scheduled related for work very easy. But I wish they would bring back the way you used to be able to see the days you had requested off right on the “my schedule” page. It made life so much easier. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! - Livelifeincali

The new update is garbage. (1/5)

Go back to the previous version, this update is awful. - -_Ellen_Marie_

Hating the update (2/5)

If I wanted to see the website layout of my schedule, I wouldn’t have paid $$ for the app. Change it back - xx claire

What is this update (1/5)

this app used to look so nice and be awesome to use and idk what happened with the update but its literal trash now. the worst thing i have ever witnessed i am upset. i change my mind about the survey i was forced to take, i would absolutely not recommend this version of the app to anyone ever. fix this. - Maaaaarmar:)


I used to love the app. As of today it looks terrible and it’s so hard to use. I don’t get how it went from straight forward and super convenient to looking like an excel spreadsheet. Not only that, but now I have to log in every 5 seconds which is a waste of time. They need to go back to the old format. - Princesswiz

Reliable and easy, but... (4/5)

Please stop with the updates!! It seems like there is a new one every few weeks that is mandatory to download. - CharlesSchwaab

Great app. Change the color back (5/5)

I've been using the app for almost five years now. I liked the green a lot better than the blue. - Cosmic land mermaid

Good app but eliminated key feature (4/5)

I greatly miss being able to see what order you are for request offs for a specific date and the number of requests for that date as well. It used to say you are 2 of 10 or 3 of 5, etc. It was extremely helpful to plan for specific days to request time off instead of constantly bugging my managers to tell me how many requests there are to plan for vacations, etc. - Shopfan21

Glitchy (2/5)

Nuff said - TomATX

Flawed (1/5)

Worst app ever can’t fathom how it’s number one - goldenballz

More features (4/5)

Can we PLEASE see other staff that have their shifts released and who is on auto pick up. Would make decisions easier if you should release or pick up. - T476543

It’s ok right now (3/5)

My job just switched apps and so I’m coming from another scheduling app and I don’t like how all the open shifts and your schedule are mixed together. I wish there was a tab where you could see just the open shifts and another where you can see a brief summary of what days you work. Also an email when someone puts up their shift so we can be notified ASAP if we chose to. I do like how you can see the staff and who is not working that day. - Jen’s Sew cute

The update is messing up (5/5)

I keep trying to look at my work schedule and the app keeps loading, bringing up an error message and now when you click on it to open it opens a white screen. Please fix it - Zyara❤

Love it (4/5)

I love this and makes life a lot easier for work, but they should add an option to switch accounts without logging out. I have 2 jobs and they both use HotSchedules and I have to constantly log out and login everyday to check if there’s any dropped shifts. Would be great! - Alondra.Guerrero

The Experience (5/5)

I like how easy it is to give a shift up and for all the employees to see it! Plus, I can just in the app and see my weekly schedule to what days I’m free instead of going online or taking a photo of the schedule or screenshoting it. That’s just difficult for everybody. - Courtney Simms

Overall Great (4/5)

Pretty seamless performance and overall a great app. What could make it even better is to come up with a way for managers to edit schedules from an iPad so we can work on it in away from the desktop! - d_hardy

Why (3/5)

Why can’t I see other people schedule. I like knowing who is working with me on my day. On hotschedule website I’m allowed to see all of that why can I see it here. What is the point of paying for an app that does les than the website... - elRatonGordito

Bring back the Green theme (3/5)

Can’t live without this app. But, please for the love of god bring back the Green theme. Or at least give people the option to toggle between the Blue and Green. - Brian D.

Company message (2/5)

I did not expect to get a pop up company message every time the app is opened after paying $1.99. It feels like a spam pop up, please add that feature as a notification on the sidebar, not a pop up I have no control over. - disgruntled 'ee

Jimmy Johns employee (5/5)

I really helps keeping track of my work schedule - bfields008

Two job accessibility (4/5)

I love the app. The only thing I wish for, is to be able to have two different jobs logged in and to be able to switch back and forth between the two jobs without having to log out of one job and back in to the other to see one or the other schedules. A lot of people who use this app usually have more than just one job that uses this app. Thank you! ☺️ - Ninja Ken

Latest update has problems (4/5)

The latest update of this app. Has a couple of bug issue problems with it. It constantly doubles my schedule in my calendar app. And keeps resending emails of messages that are on my system anymore. Please update and fix love the app otherwise - Scarrylarry 32707

Super convenient (5/5)

It's a super awesome tool for finding out your schedule on the go quick and easy, however it can be a bit difficult to trade shifts between coworkers and tell wether or not they have been approved - Kur0g4n3

Issues (1/5)

Can not toggle between store locations with most recent update making it difficult to manage when you have multiple locations to oversee - Angry Birding