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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team. Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes. Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture. NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer. Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365

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App (5/5)

This app is great!! - Kateeam

Answer me this (5/5)

Who thinks up the jokes and thoughts of the day that come with the updates? Honestly I hate to update any app and take the time sitting around just to update something I wish I didn’t need to have taking up all of my previous space on my phone; but the guy that does that should be recognized. Give him a raise or I’ll quit my job in protest. - Rich4118

Can be annoying (2/5)

The app has way too many issues. My co workers and i are always having to contact the company just to get messages or look at other departments we work in. Just save ur time and money and use the website. The app is too messed up and annoying to deal with. Hopefully they fix it soon. - Hagfish gush

Good app (3/5)

Good app but my only complaint is that my schedule shows up on my calendar also, I have an iPhone... It shows up about 20 times for each shift. It’s very annoying. I wish it would be fixed - Don't work12334567

Allow multiple job login functionality (3/5)

I have two serving jobs that use HotSchedules and I have to log out of one and type in my credentials for the other job and log in. It would be easier if the app allowed you to save both logins and you could toggle between the two - ferocious tenderpie


I HATE THIS SYSTEM. They don’t notify you if someone posts their shift and they allow anyone and their mother to pick up a shift so we have like five people showing up at once. If you’re indecisive just please please use schedule fly it’s everything I’m obsessed. Plus HotSchedules charges so much to their clients. Almost double compared to their competitors. I’m also an app developer and my golly they can make this better but they’re lazy I guess. So lazy. - Veronikazzy

Issues (1/5)

So many glitches! Annoying. Won’t let you switch shifts with one person directly. Have to release it to everyone and than anyone can grab it.. - DawnE112

Funny updates (4/5)

Funny updates 😂😂😂 - ksb c

Latest update is terrible (1/5)

The most recent update will not allow me to launch the app. If just shuts down and tells me there was an error. I have tried completely closing the program and rebooting my device and it still gives me the error. Won’t even let me enter my login credentials. Please fix ASAP - Stewiytnfsder

HotSchedules Log In ! (1/5)

It’s been logging me out and not letting me back in ! I think I want a refund if the issue is not resolved !! - Jamari Davidson

Paying (2/5)

I can’t believe I had to pay $3 for this app that I have to have for work. I have had this app before and when I did it was free. Besides that, it’s good. - babypate

Bugs (3/5)

I need the app for work, & it used to function perfectly fine, but now it logs me out all the time and it refuses to log me in. I’ll log in on my laptop & it works perfectly fine so it’s not my account info - FlappyBirdJunki

Making/Changing Schedules (3/5)

I would be head over heals for this app if I was able to make schedules in it, or even edit one already posted. It very frustrating that an app for a program that is set up on the web as a drag and drop doesn’t work on a touch platform. You can’t even use the webpage on a tablet because you can’t move or access any shifts. - Hoping for a fix...

Not working (3/5)

This update is not letting me sign into my account😒 - Drake_west

I bought it and it doesn’t work (1/5)

So I just got the guts to finally purchase this app because my other fellow employees have it and love it. But it won’t let me log in. It works through safari but not through the app. Plz help. - Brysonianqp

Misleading - useless (1/5)

The need for the account is not clearly stated and the account cannot be obtained other than through a company. This makes the app useless and it’s non refundable! Why would an app that charges its services even be a paid app!? - Boxx 7523

Good until ios11 (2/5)

I’m an Enterprise multi store user and now I can’t change locations after ios11.. the button is there but doesn’t respond..ugg - Bjtx77

Terrible app and program 👎👎 (1/5)

This app is the least user friendly app I’ve ever seen. Firstly, if you work for more than one place, you can’t keep all your schedules within the same account. You literally have to have a separate account for each job. Secondly, it crashes constantly. Third, there is no way to change your personal info within the app. Lastly, if you have performance issues, the support will send you back one email that has nothing to do with your issues, and offers no help at all. This app is really terrible. All thumbs down. - AvidAudioListener88

Calendar (4/5)

Love this app but why oh why does my schedule all the sudden show up on both the calendars I use (including the Apple calendar) like 25 times? I'm saying my 2pm-12am schedule shows up 25+ times. I'm sure it's user error but I get 25 reminders every day for the 25 entries to my calendar.. and it's only my schedule doing this not other entries (which are lost in a see of schedules). It didn't do that before so I'm wondering if it's a bug? - Taitness

Very Helpful (5/5)

Very helpful app. $2.99 worth it - Shaawon

New update bugs (4/5)

Love hot schedules for the convenience factor but on the latest update it no longer puts a calendar on days that I have requested off, and also even though I’ve opened all my messages it still says I have 16 notifications - Jgallegos2014-10

After buying, I still have to use browser (1/5)

Terrible interface. First, couldn't pull up the full, posted schedule overview. Had to use the browser. Now, Just got a message from a supervisor that all employees have a link to follow on their hotschedules homepage... which I can't even access in the app. I can't believe I have paid to have such limitations on features. Logging on right now through my desktop to be able to access all the features. Don't buy this app, it's a waste. - TBAGGIN

Good app BUT needs improvement (4/5)

I’ve always wanted you guys to allow to set auto pick up for specific types of shifts. For example, I’m a server and if I set an auto pick up for a specific day I automatically pick up Hosting and Food Running Shifts, etc, jobs I don’t do or want to do. I would like to be able to select to have ONLY serving shifts auto picked up. That shouldn’t be hard to fix on the app, right?... thank you. - 10423865Wd$

The App (5/5)

Great app ,but not worth the cash nor does it tell you when you get off. - Zealot49

Try Homebase! (1/5)

I couldn’t believe it when my boss told me I was going to have to pay money to see my schedule! There so many free apps out there for scheduling. I shouldn’t have to pay money to see which irreplaceable days of my life I’m selling so I can struggle to keep a roof over my head. - VulpesTia

Mail feature needs work (3/5)

Seems like I never get notifications from the app itself. When my employer emails me, I get a notification from Gmail but not one from the HotSchedules app. I’ve gone into the settings for HotSchedules just to realize that every thing is activated to notify me, yet still it is not doing that. The little red bubble you see on most apps, that tells you how many emails you have waiting for before you even open up the app, doesn’t seem to exist on this app. It would be nice if they can make it have the same standard set of features that most other email applications out there have. Lastly, even after the app is open, the little envelope icon doesn’t indicate any difference at all. So an email could be waiting for you and you would never notice it. That icon should also have a number next to it letting you know how many new emails you have. Hope The team at HotSchedules finds this feedback useful, Cheers - CreativeSoul76

iPhone X update (3/5)

You guys need to revamp the UI for iPhone X users! - jaaylooo

Be better if.. (3/5)

Would love to be able to make a schedule with out having to go and sit down on a computer. With today's tech, you'd figure it would be easy to do. And still not optimized for iPhone X. - Tony34Tone

Great app for work BUT (4/5)

I love this app! It’s easy to use and convenient. BUT to make it better, you should be able to combine schedules from different jobs. Or see both. I work for 2 companies that use this and it is so time consuming and annoying to have one schedule only on my browser, and one schedule in the app! Should make a way to view more than one schedule in the app!! Would make it so much easier and better. - Gillianleighh

Schedule changes (4/5)

This app is great very easy to use if just checking schedules or looking up employees phone numbers. What would earn this app five stars would be the ability to make schedule changes as well as a better over look of the posted schedule of all employees for a specific day. All in all it was money well spent makes it much easier then trying to use the webpage! - Drewsloan11

Suggestion (3/5)

Add a way to export your work schedule into your iPhones calender please - Baio35

Messages (2/5)

I should be able to type in a name and get suggestions instead of going through 400 names to find who I'm trying to message. - Julie Batista

Please update for iPhone X!! (3/5)

It runs incredibly slow, crashes and isn’t full screen. - coffeepopsicle

Wish List!!!! (3/5)

Touch ID!!!!! (Please) - IdLikeToKeepItOnPlease

Money Grab (1/5)

My restaurant uses this system which pretty much forces you to buy their app, there definitely needs to be a free version if all I want to do is check my schedule! - bOwZahx7o

Good app (4/5)

Would like an option to add schedule to google or Apple calendars - Aspenzoom

Need ability to see others' requests off (3/5)

Please add ability to see when others have requested time off so I can request to work that shift. - Lella:)

Bad app need more infor that say to register (1/5)

Sorry y buy this app but didn’t know you have to pay to register money back plis or explain - Boster1593

New update not good! (1/5)

HotSchedules app went from being very easy to use to looking like a desktop web page. Not as clean, not as useful, and loaded with bugs that make it log out due to ‘inactivity’ when I’ve only been looking at the schedule for a few seconds. Go back to the app format. I don’t know what made them think this was a good change. I paid for this app, I expect it to look and function like an app. Not a clunky desktop page. - AD7883

Hot schedules (2/5)

Has been acting very crazy lately - La'Fonatine

Scheduling (4/5)

I like hot schedules for the most part. I just wish there was more manager functions we can do on our phone, mobile app or iPad rather than having to be right at a computer. I can’t make any schedule changes from these other devices. Otherwise, I probably would give it a 5 if it did those things. - shell8199

Most expensive app I own.... (3/5)

Is a shame that the most expensive app I own is the one that lags the most, and crashes... Update: not too much has changed - Blakdomination

Great! but.... (4/5)

great app but it’s officially the last app that i use day to day to yet optimize for the X....otherwise no issues! - dat gam3r

Messaging is broke (1/5)

I haven't been able to write a message since 10/13. No one but the managers can write a message. It's hard to communicate without this feature. - Aubdawggggg

Update is bad (1/5)

After update any requests for time off don't show in calendar. So annoying. Have to keep going into the requests for time off section and then comparing with calendar. Please please fix!! Also any requests I had in there have been deleted! - dog ball

It’s the best bad app ever😭 (1/5)

There is no create account there are just log in for the first time I’ve opened it 😂😂😂😂 - tanisly

Not working on iPhone X (1/5)

Got iPhone X install the app, it asked to enter provider, fix it please Update: as of nov 6 I still do have this problem on my iPhone X - vng1906

? (1/5)

Why doesn’t this cost money? - gianlucaf14

Prettyy sweet (5/5)

It’s a great app, I used it here and there before. But with my new job is the main tool. And it’s quite awesome, waaayyy easier than the website version and it makes communicating fast & easy. No robot, just a happy customer. - AquarioV

Multi-user annoyance&Depends on your employer (4/5)

I have had hot schedules for three different jobs and it really depends on what version your company has. It would also be nice to be able to switch accounts without logging in and logging out so like Twitter or Instagram you can switch to your other account quickly and easily hot schedule does not allow that. That should be on their next update. - CJMobb