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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. • See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and video • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts • Watch and interact with live video • Play games and use your favorite apps • Buy and sell items and services Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.

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Call the trash man (1/5)

Garbage - Danidoom

Touch ID please! (3/5)

Decent app. I prefer the app to the website. But can we please get Touch ID already?! - Mosskronk

No support feedback, always losing comments (1/5)

Sick of losing comments by hitting wrong buttons or dragging wrong way. Poor design. - DavidEvan

filters (3/5)

to post to your facebook stories they need more filters , get with the program facebook , you’re falling behind instagram - girll🖤

Cannot see my typing when replying to a post (1/5)

What happened? This last update made it impossible for me to see what I am typing when posting, or replying to a post! It doesn’t show that I even started a post, then after closing down the app and coming back in, my typing showed up for about 10 seconds then disappeared again. Please fix this or let me know what to do to see what I am typing. - kbhfl

Create Preview before actually posting to wall (3/5)

It would be very useful and helpful to be able preview a post before you actually post to your wall. The preview would allow you to see how the post would actually appear with the pictures laid out in the actual way it would appear. It would also be useful to have this preview for your profile picture, too. The new “make a comment” on the pictures are a distraction and very ugly. Needs to be removed - _bittasweet_

I just updated (3/5)

I just updated my app not too long ago and it keeps freezing as it was doing before the update. It quit after the update and now is right back to doing the same. - The1NOnLyAPrOc

After all... (1/5)

..these years Facebook just cant seem to invent a way for the app to stay focused on the content i'm busy looking. It loads new content, and that is what just causes my feed to scroll away from what I was busy looking at. Awful. Also, when I pull down the video browser, I expect it to go away! And Facebook keeps advertising Samdumb phones to me, after I told it a 1000 times NOT INTERESTED!! Eva. - 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹

Hate it (1/5)

Drama - Absurdist jape

Crap (1/5)

When I logged in it said I was doing weird stuff so it said it had to look at the pic of myself to see if I could use Facebook 1 min after I logged in!!! - Jonmike799

Facebook app (1/5)

Terrible app crashes every other second - bjtitsngolf

Keeps saying “Action Unsupported” (1/5)

Updated the app only two days ago and every time I try to do a gesture on a post it keeps saying “action unsupported” it gives me to option to click “ok” or “this is a mistake” however it doesn’t add the gesture or share the video or comments I post. Annoyed and agitated at the BS 🤬 - itZmeIvy

I can’t write comments! (1/5)

I can’t write comments! do something - DimSim888

Facebook setting (2/5)

Facebook setting are confusing I can’t rest my setting More and more complicated No control what people post Receive post from people don’t know just because I am join a group Notification turn off still receive post And more - ghassan assali

Don’t Get This App! (1/5)

It takes forever, if at all, to upload videos & it’s constantly crashing. - Random Girl Anna

Kritik (2/5)

Ich bin persönlich mit dieser FB- Applikation unzufrieden da bei ihr mehrere Probleme auftreten , das große Problem ist , ich muss immer lange abwarten um mir die Videos anzuschauen . Ich bestätige dass dieses Probleme nicht mit Internet zu tun hat weil ich eine gute Internetverbindung habe . - saidsch

Saved photos (1/5)

Saved photos are not shown on app - saved photos

Update is messed up (1/5)

After last update fb keeps logging me out of my page asking for my pic and then they will get back at me after reviewing that was 11 hrs ago and nothing yet. Plus it’s blocking my friends page every freaking hr on the hr. Fix this or we delete this crap app that was once great. But y’all keep messing $h!t up every update now. 😩😩😡😡🤬🤬 why can’t fb ever answer their messages? Is their page a scam ? Considering they deleted 2 of my pages and they can’t answer why. I’d give ya a zero star if I could. - Gigi Q0002

Marketplace is gone!!! (2/5)

The app is terrible! 90% of the reason for me having this app was the marketplace and they have now removed it. Just poor chooses all the way around. - Truewake

Junk (1/5)

Not updating - Fishn2

What happened! (1/5)

So this app was working fine some time ago but now all of a sudden it just won’t work, I’ll click the app it go’s to facebook but the is stuck on a blank white screen of nothing with only the top part having the iconic blue tab and bottom has the buttons but none of it works... Please fix this, will change review once it is fixed. - MLGNOSCOPERXX25XX

😡😡😡😡😭😭 (5/5)

Why do not I have instant games on Messenger with the knowledge I'm updated Messenger and Alvis - Shoooopoo

Enough with the ‘Friends You May Know’ Nonsense (3/5)

I haven’t been having any serious problems with this social media platform, but the only thing I’d say I do have a problem with is the ‘Friends You May Know’ part. I’m just curious why I’m being recommended people that are from the same town and area that most of my friends are, who don’t have mutual friends with me. I thought that was the whole point of this, anyway. Anyway, you guys need to mellow out on the ‘Friends You May Know’ thing, you’ve been going crazy lately with that, giving me a bunch of random people, or even the same, repetitive people, a lot. I’m actually so tired of seeing the recommendations that I just hide it every time it pops up in my notifications. Please fix this problem. UPDATE: Messenger has been recently acting odd. I can’t send pics to my friends because they don’t see it, however, I can, that is, until I leave the app and come back. When I return to the app, you can see the outline of where the pics are supposed to be, but they’re not there. However, they’ll be moved around in the chat into places I didn’t put them, and some of the pics are still visible, but only to me. I don’t know what’s going on, but this didn’t happen until just now. Please fix this problem. - Rose Mairi

share (1/5)

there is no reaction when I want to share something fromother apps - 😺😸😺😺😸

New Update Allows Videos to Keep Playing (4/5)

Overall app is fine. But now when I click to watch videos from a posted or promoted article, the video continues to play even once I leave the page. The only fix is closing the app. - Wale0601

Ugh (2/5)

Videos keep freezing man 🤦🏾‍♀️ - KevonnaJ

UPDATE: albums restored, thank you! (3/5)

Thank you for replacing my albums. Some are still empty due to a previous update. Any chance you could put those pictures back, too? I’d really appreciate it! ↓Version 155.0 deleted my albums ↓ Facebook needs to do better. Restore ALL albums from day 1. - Intelligent Parent

Pathetic (1/5)

Facebook has become lazy and pathetic. There lack of customer support allows other users to report things that shouldn’t be reported on your page allowing you to be blocked for several days. And worst of all, THERE is no way to contact costumer support to seek help! This is beyond ridiculous. Every single person that works for Facebook is a bunch of idiots from the bottom to the top. Worst social media app ever. - Purpleprince

Trash (1/5)

What the hell is Facebook trying to do I can’t even watch videos or join live streams just stop trying to get so much of our personal info and just make a decent app - Youtube is Trash

Updates (3/5)

What’s the point of updating the Facebook app if it’s constantly going to show me old post from Facebook friends from the precious day or hours ago ? Needs to be fixed immediately also needs to fix the bug where facebook freezes up and then it crashes. - Kole88



Needs a clear cache button (3/5)

Accumulates a lotta data that we don’t need in real time. Tumblr added a smash cache option and y’all should too - Captain Trash

Dumb🤷‍♀️ (1/5)

All facebook is anymore is Ads! - ❤️😋Chay❤️😋

Worst app. (1/5)

Most annoying app they send you so many emails and just a waste of time to use Facebook. - Dave4792

New updates (2/5)

I agree with the above review. I’m not crazy about the camera swipe and the slow video downloads. I even have slow post downloads that evidence by not having a picture that was posted, just a blank square. Unfix what you “fixed!” - Dmwhitehd

The months or year (3/5)

What does the month/year under the profile name suppose to mean? - ScoobyLoveJay

New updates are muddled (2/5)

Updated the app and my notifications have become completely messed up. Time stamps are in the wrong order making it difficult to find the notification that is showing up in red. And not to mention that this whole share a photo or video is more complicated now as well. Why can’t we streamline again? I thought you were better than this. - Klyn922

Great for connecting, terrible for simplicity (2/5)

Look I’m not saying it needs to be simple I’m saying as tech savvy as I am It’s pretty difficult to navigate everything. The settings, the pages, your own profile. Why can’t I just get rid of my timeline all together people posted random stuff to it. I had to delete everything manually to clean up my profile from when I let games post for me on Facebook when I was 13-15 years old. It’s just frustrating. - LsLg Fire

Poopy (1/5)

Yeah that’s right, it’s crappy I’ve updated the app to its current version and I don’t have the Facebook market place icon on my home screen so I can’t access anything from market place, so stupid if anyone has any insight to this please I would appreciate all the help. - Jefffffb

Another update another fail. (1/5)

Must be nice to make billions of dollars off of such a failure. It’s obvious they don’t care. - Soundguytyler

Whyyy? (3/5)

I only downloaded the app for the ability to tag people in comments that you can’t do through mobile online. The ads are annoying and constant, and now with each update the app takes up more and so much more space to the point where I can no longer keep it on my phone. Why is this necessary? - FaithZettler

Stop it with the sound! (2/5)

For ever I have turned off your automatic news feed sound playback, and it keeps turning back on!!! Please persist this setting to my iCloud or my device and never ever play sound when I don’t click a video. It’s not hard, I make apps. I will come over there to Facebook HQ and build this feature in for free if you like. - Tancheron's biggest fan

Suggestions from Marketplace are NOT wanted (3/5)

In the last couple weeks the FB app started clogging up the newsfeed with suggestions from Marketplace. I found a spot to click sad faces under areas FB had listed as my interests. I still have Marketplace about every 6 or 7 posts on my feed. We also need a way to set our newsfeeds the way we want them permanently. Top Stories or Most Recent. Instead we have to choose Most Recent every time we use the app. FB says they are going to push more of our friends into our feeds and not our pages. I don’t understand why they want to parent us like that. We should have the choice. When our friends are always first, then we see the same posts from them over and over whenever their friends make new comments on them. I’m an early adopter in FB. But these recent developments may drive me away from the app permanently. - Pratyahara

Constantly crashing (2/5)

The latest update is constantly crashing on latest iOS - Van(in)cal

Horrible , updates make up new problems (1/5)

This app is horrible now , every single update that goes through presents new problems , issues reading post and leaving comments are virtually impossible now - Jared louis

Boring (2/5)

I agree with "Useless'" comment. I only see a hand full of my friends in my news feed plus I have a few friends that post all day long and overloads my notifications. What's up with that??? 😳. Facebook is for when your bored and you scroll through fb to see the 5-8 ppl that show up on your news feed. Or see something that's a week old. 🤨 - !(Gigi_19)!

Going on an event directly closes the app (3/5)

I would go to the calendar and press on the event, then the app closes by itself. It's really annoying. Getting to today's events by scrolling all the way to the top is already irritating enough. Please fix the problem! Thank you. - Yat Sen

Hacked myprofile (4/5)

A man name Raymond Cunningham has compermized my account my bank account can’t firgire how to get him off my site O let him have my computer because I trusted him to fix it has all my information call police got a hold of all the bank please somebody help me - havked

Great social media (5/5)

The mobile version might be not as good as the computer version but it still is a great place to go if you’re bored - Wilsonsubsea

Annoying camera and freezing (1/5)

iPhone X here, the swipe right action to own the camera is super annoying. I’ve not once taken a photo from facebooks camera app. I also really don’t like facebooks version of instagrams plagiarized Snapchat stories. And whatever update just happened made the app super slow. Videos freeze within the first 30 seconds or so, comments now take forever to load, and of course the chronological order of posts isn’t there which is very annoying. I just don’t enjoy Facebook now like I did a year and a half ago - iiiiaaaann