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It’s so effed (1/5)

Where to start. First: BRING BACK GROUPS APP. PERIOD. I want it. I need it. I’ll use your platform more if I could drop in and check my book club and podcast community in 2 minutes without any other distractions. UPDATE 4/19/18: STILL WANT THIS! Second: You think your algorithm is so smart. Well, it feels really dumb. I want to mute certain people, pages, and ads (which I know affect$ you), and I want to see certain people and pages, and the occasional ad. I want today’s ads, and certain people’s posts no matter when the last time was that I interacted with then on your platform. That is the part you haven’t figured out yet. Bring back Friend Lists. Make them more prominent. Then pay attention to that. UPDATE 4/19/18: Don’t know if this is fixed because I’m mostly avoiding Facebook because the Cambridge Analytica reveal is showing all my fears about Facebook are true. I’m creeped the eff out but need an account for work or I’d delete it. Third: I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW THE LAST TIME I WAS ONLINE. Until you remove that feature or allow users to opt-out I’m not using messenger. Let us control EVERY ASPECT of our privacy. I have some very good reasons for not wanting certain Fb contacts to know this. It’s so 2009 of you, Fb; grow up. UPDATE 4/19/18: STILL WANT THIS GONE. - xgravity23


Horrible customer service!! I was logged off for 3 days for something I posted. 3 days later I get back on to find out I’m not allowed to like, comment or share anything! Everytime I ask why or how long I get my features back, they don’t respond. I’ve backed up all my photos so I’m about to just delete my account and stick to twitter. - Kaitlyn McCary

Lizard man (1/5)

Mark Zuckerberg is not human and I will refuse to believe otherwise, he does not move humanly, he doesn't look human, intact he looks like a mix between a robot and a lizard. Why do you think he collects and steals data from the users of facebook? Because he wants to upload it to his hard drive so he can learn more about humans and how to act like one so he can blend in. Not to mention the app is out of date. - mk440

Not great (2/5)

Please stop forcing me to look at marketplace posts. I don’t want to buy anybody’s cast-off garage sale reject garbage. If I wanted junk I’d go to a swap meet. I also have absolutely no interest in posting to user stories. Thanks for adding an extra action for me to post something. I’ll never post to a user story out of spite, now. Edit: Seriously, your marketplace feature is a godforsaken wasteland. - Prolapse King

Problems 😭 (3/5)

Hey, my Facebook app on my iPhone se is being weird. I can’t write posts and I can’t click on trending news in the search menu. 😔 - maniax1996

No comments (1/5)

Latest version has completely broken viewing comments and commenting. It shows a status has comments, but upon commenting it will give a server error and upon viewing comments it will show a blank page as if no comments were ever submitted. iPhone SE, current iOS, latest FB update. - FallenAlvino

Annoying flaw with update! (2/5)

Facebook keeps telling me I have notifications then I open it and it doesn’t show anything!! - Notpregojustbored

Messages (1/5)

Every time you message somebody from the marketplace app and then you try to go back to Facebook it says an error occurred and you had to completely close Facebook and then re-open it to make it work again - bfrasier

Tanger (5/5)

فيسبوك أستعمله داءيمآ ان من يوصى الأصدقاء بتحميل الفيسبوك الجديد اللدي يدعم تقنيات رائعة مع التوصل في أي الأماكن والبلدان راع جدآ مع السعة والرحب أخوتنا الكل برحب أعمالكم النشطة بخير وبي أمان - Abdlahi as3adi

No privacy (1/5)

I setup the filters on my Facebook Went on my public computer still were able to access my family pictures and another thing Facebook will not delete my personal account info they owned everything No privacy - Super Technician Fix all

Why freezing (1/5)

This app keeps freezing and won’t let me do anything but get out of it by force. It took me over 3 days to post pictures/videos. Somethings got to give - Tigerfantmj

Keeps locking me out (1/5)

I can’t even use Facebook anymore .... they keep locking me out due to “suspicious activity” which is me usually posting uplifting posts... now they have me locked out until they review a picture of me to make sure it’s me using my profile... I am so over this it is VERY VERY annoying ... I had made a new account because I no longer wanted people from my highschool on my friends list and there were too many to delete but this is just ridiculous. Not even worth having and they never reply to me all the many times I tell them it’s me and to stop - hlr83

Market place (1/5)

You should really make a button/tab/icon in the market place to access the messages in the market place. It’s annoying that I can’t go to them unless someone messages me. Like if I want to go back and message someone about an item I’m selling I can’t until they message me back. - LaniOfLei

Steal My Info Dad Zucc (5/5)

Give me that Succ Mark! - @grubhat

Facebook won’t even download (1/5)

So everything was fine until I went to update the app. All of my other apps updated except Facebook for the past hour it hasn’t moved once. If I download another app it downloads immediately but Facebook has crashed all together. Plus I’m getting complaints that others can’t see my comments. 🚮 - autyana

Privacy concerns (1/5)

Spies on users and sells info without permission. Saves copies of phone contacts and text messages without permission. - tcatron

No Comments (3/5)

I’m not seeing any comments on posts or replies. - HarrisonS360

Data (1/5)

All they do is store the data and they keep it even if you delete app.. they record conversations and you are not safe at all - kacie icloud

Can’t Click on Trending News (1/5)

When I go on the search bar there’s a trending section. I cannot click on the headlines to see the whole sentence, can you please fix this? - itscelestial

Offline (1/5)

Here we go again, why am I still online when I turn offline for my chat availability. People still see me online, I’m still available on my girlfriend phone. Try to delete message to see if it goes away, nope, doesn’t help. Finally my solution is delete Facebook app. Problem solved. I can’t turn on my phone, it starting to shows people that I’m online. I don’t want the world to know when I’m on and off on Facebook. Fix this. Give us the option to go fully offline - Nay-10


Sell groups don’t show all post anymore. Most recent feed is harder to get too - Nick is awesomer

Review Facebook (5/5)

Why do my Facebook say updated when I have not done any update Are this being done automatically why won’t it let me send this review - smithsheila44

Most recent feed (3/5)

Most recent feed is not working at all. I’m getting random posting for different time spans. Come Facebook you can do better!!!! - Miguelj78

Crap app (1/5)

Most recent only loads things from 6+ hours ago. Can’t even see recent posts at all. Close it out and same thing. - Someone!we

Privacy Issue (1/5)

The new changes in Facebook really bothers me. When I like someones post, everyone of my friends knows. Why does everyone have to know what I like? This is a stupid feature. The only person that has to know that I like the post is the person that posted it. Second when Facebook started cracking down on viral staff it became boring. I know they are cracking down on fake news too but do Facebook really think that people are that dumb to not know what fake news is? Sometimes things goes viral because it’s funny and entertaining not because we don’t know it’s fake news. Why do you have to decide what’s fake news and what’s not for us? Don’t you think that we can decide that for ourselves? The third thing is that you cannot make yourself invisible in FB chat anymore. I’m talking about completely invisible. Even though they have the “invisible” button, you still show up as visible. This thing sparks conflict with friends because sometimes you don’t want to be bothered and just want to scroll your Newsfeed for fun stuff, then your friends starts messaging you and gets mad because you did not reply and they know that you are online. And this goes back to the first privacy problem, which is, when you like something it will show up to all your friends news feed, that tells them that you are online. So there is no more privacy really in Facebook. - Randyvip

Now with Frivolous Sounds (1/5)

A recent update has added frivolous sounds throughout this app. Please remove these frivolous sounds or at the very least give us a setting to turn these sounds off! Thanks - Disappointed2012Fan

Not working (1/5)

I tried to post on Facebook this morning, my keyboard was not recognized. Very weird, there’s nothing wrong with my iPad, Facebook is just not working. Please fix. Also the app is depressing. - Paul04la

Crashes often (3/5)

Since the most recent update, the app crashes frequently. - unnamedstorm

Can’t click on trending news. (1/5)

The app version before this one wouldn’t allow me to click on the comments of the trending news articles but this new version won’t even let me click on trending news titles. I can see the headline of what’s trending but nothing more. - Meetingmygoals

Can’t see comments (3/5)

For some reason I can’t see comments on post that has comments on them - VonB91

Haven’t had access to my account (2/5)

I haven’t had access to my account for about three days I have done the provide identification step so that I could have access to my account again I haven’t received an email or anything saying we’re working on your issue you know here’s your account nothing like that so I’m really upset about that. - Milishaxox

Most recent feed (1/5)

My most recent feed has turned into just a whenever feed. I HATE that feed. I don’t need 2 whenever news feeds. I deleted my Instagram account because of this dumb reason. - Cjvj1693

Something is goofed up in latest version... (1/5)

Notifications tell me someone commented on my posts but when I click it to go to it, no comments are there at all (on something that I know has prior comments!). Same happening in group posts I’m subscribed too. I can see the number of comments and the most recent one from the feed preview, but when I click in to go read them, there’s nothing. Have done all the standard IT fixes - restarted phone, app, and verified there’s not a new version pending. - Undo undo undo!!

Disappointed how Fb has been acting (3/5)

The app itself has problems with iPhone 7. The profile photo to tap on gone missing on me. And when I write an update on my personal page none of my newsfeed shows up unless I write a update on one of my pages I manage. This problem has been going on for over 2weeks. This needs to be fixed because its frustrating. - AmethstR

Incorrect notifications (1/5)

Issues with notifications. Get them, click on one and either it will not load, or you click on it and it takes you to the post, but shows no comments where there are supposed to be. - bcfelicia

Need fixing (3/5)

I’m a long Facebooker and I was hacked and I made a new account but now I can’t even get into it all because someone is using my phone number and old account.. so I want this fixed ...thank you Leslie c Haag - MS.Haag

Terrible Update (1/5)

The childish icons to find groups, notifications, etc, are terrible. Shortcuts are gone. Timeline shows days old posts. This app is terrible. - DmG810

Network Errors, Something Went Wrong (1/5)

For the past few days now, Facebook has been completely unusable. Deleting and reinstalling helps... for a few minutes. For some reason, it’s not quite as bad when I use cell data instead of WiFi, but even then it glitches out. Please fix this fb, I miss you :( - Mockingbirdcg

Full of bugs right now (1/5)

I keep checking the notifications and then it won’t display any of the comments. - Alan Smithee99

Always crashes (1/5)

Always crashes - Jaseel

Most recent should be most recent (1/5)

Put your stories in chronological order! Your top stories is bull crap. Your most recent is now top stories since it's completely out of order! No sane person wants to read the same dumb crap facebook likes for 4 days in a row. Just make most recent a priority. I'm not using this website if they can't do the most simple thing like putting stories in order. - Kim1232146542

Can’t see comments (1/5)

Someone replied to me and when I open the notification no comment. I can’t see anyone’s comments on the app version. - PEBS1976

Crap update! (1/5)

You made an update... so we update! And now we can’t see half of the comments posted! FIX IT! - teyerah


Every update adds new bugs. Now I can't see comments on any of my posts or on any posts I've commented on! I get notifications, such as someone has commented on a post, but when I go to that post, NO COMMENTS ARE VISIBLE. If I add a comment and then go back to the post, I still see zero comments, including the one I just added. This makes the app completely useless!!! Do you guys even test your releases??? I would give it 0 stars if I could!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 - TheKaazz

Comment section (4/5)

It won’t let me comment and I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still is doing the same thing - L3Git DiaP3r

Commenting (1/5)

Comments don’t exist. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having Facebook? - Pg19890

Commenting on a status. (1/5)

When I comment on someone else’s status or my own status I cannot see what they said or what I said. It just shows that there are no comments. It’s a irritating. I’ve logged out of the app. Logged back in and it’s the same way. I’ve deleted the app off my phone and downloaded the app back and it doesn’t change anything. It still does not allow me to view comments. - Ja1074Ober

Hm (1/5)

So it was updated and now it’s not.. idk lol - RavieRae

Comments (2/5)

The comments are no longer showing up on my personal posts and I can’t see past comments I’ve made on friends’ posts or my friends’ comments on mine. I just noticed this change a few hours ago. Please fix it fast because it’s annoying. - Rae0208

Fb Comments (1/5)

My fb comments won’t show, it will notify me that someone commented but it won’t show anyone’s comments. Please fix this! - nyssaloyal