Balls Race

By Ketchapp
Games · 4+


​Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and win the race! Best and most addictive balls race!

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Trash (1/5)

This is the balls equivalent of flappy bird. The game is literally so hard it's own AI can't complete a single level. You start with 29 AI competitors and you will win by just finishing Bc they will all die, aka not by going fast, not racing, just by getting to the end. Worst 'racing' game ever. - Flingshog

Crap game (1/5)

You can’t hardly do anything without them trying to make a buck off the app. An ad for every life. Super stupid. Don’t download. - thisgamesbs

I like it (5/5)

I like it but...... actually there's nothing wrong I love it - Naomieasley

Way too many ads (1/5)

Way too many ads. My patience lasts one or two rounds because I can’t handle the amount of advertising. I understand you have to pay the bills but you spend more time waiting than playing. - Thuggish ruggish

It’s almost too challenging (4/5)

It’s very fun. And the challenge is cool but my goodness I’m on Track six and it’s already impossible. I’ve had to skip since track 2 - My Instagram is iamdavid18

Need online (3/5)

Need online - see u in space cowboy

Game of ads! (1/5)

Ads ads ads ads ads ads and more ads! - matto195

Fun (5/5)

This is a very fun game to pass the time.Its really hard I didn’t even finish the first track! - #Im Awsome

Opinion on this game (5/5)

Best game. The key is to concentrate even though it’s frustrating. Thanks for making such a great game!✌🏾😀 - Midnightwolves33

Rilly good (5/5)

It’s rily good but it needs updated about like skins,events(gold rush and gold is to buy skins and power ups). - minerblade

Can’t figure out why I play it. (3/5)

I enjoy playing it however I’ve never been able to make it past the half way point of a race. It takes awhile to get used to it so if you like games that you can win immediately this may not be for you. ....or, I’m just doing something wrong and the game is easy. Who knows?! - Dustin Elgin

Horrible (1/5)

This game is so stupid it litterlly makes me want to break my phone. This game is the dumbest game whoever made this game is stupid and ugly and dumb I hate it so you whoever made this your stupid and delete it - lailah_theners

Why does ads pop up in the middle of the game ?? (4/5)

Whenever I play sometimes a ad will pop up in the middle of the game but at the same time the game is fun - Playamade_paris

Hard to play (1/5)

Blocks jump out at you at last minute just to smash you. Good concept but bad design - Bear145jfigd

Aggravating (2/5)

It’s a great game. Lots of potential. But when there’s a bridge of blocks you gotta go under, there’s always moving blocks right after. You dodge the first but never the second, because the camera angle doesn’t fix. It honestly pisses me off beyond belief. I’d give it a higher rating if it weren’t happening every game near the end… I’m getting really disappointed in Ketchapp’s games now. They make many, but all seem to be lacking much material… guys… cmon… - Dubstepic 27

Its not a game its advertisement (1/5)

Pop ups/cant even play the freakin game - Naviwala19

Throw away (2/5)

It's a game you play for five minutes and get tired of. Bad gameplay with a decent idea combines for a great 30 seconds of time spent on the game. After that you'll uninstall as I am. - Ltpeppers

Great game but... (4/5)

I think this is a wonderful time killer game but it would be nice if I could change the color of the ball instead of just white - Jasmine173573826181


It’s a fun a game really, but the amount of pop up ads that come up when I’m just starting the game is outrageous! Fix that and I’ll give you 4 stars. - JOEYBRAGG38

Too many ads (3/5)

The game is fun but there are way too many ads. I understand that you need to advertise to make money but please cut the amount of ads down or at the very least offer a paid version of the app so we don’t have to sit through a million ads. It’s making me not even want to play the game. - gjtfreak

Stupid blocks (1/5)

I hhhhhhhaaaaaattttteeeee this game doooooooo nooooot downlooooooad - Mary🤪

Cool game! (4/5)

i really like this game it is awesome! the only thing i wish i could change is that i wish u could make my ball change its color. other then that i would recomened to get this if u like races - PuppyRon5000🐶

Love (5/5)

Love this app my faves no ads and you can skip stages it’s like a race I play every day after school - l ogling

Ads are ridiculous. (1/5)

Couldn’t get into the game at all. The ads just kept taking me out of the experience so I could find the fun. - TimGaleckas

Don’t attempt while driving (5/5)

Don’t quit before you finish level 1, crank the driving music and focus on the center of your screen, your finger will follow. Responding to the type of tunnel vision that I imagine is very similar to what an Indy car driver sees and feels. Very Fun. - Huck435

Fake players (1/5)

The game blatantly lies to you as it tries to make it seem like you’re playing against other players online. This is not the case and it’s an absolutely deplorable tactic to get kids thinking they’re playing something better than it is. I really wish Mobile Games were less cancerous... - FMTPO

The ads ruin it... (1/5)

This would be a completely amazing thing if there were no ads. - BenBen?

Money hungry (1/5)

How in the hell do people play this if every second there is an advertisement money hungry - HarveyDent2

Can’t go back (1/5)

You can’t go back to previous levels once you move past them are press pass this level it’s a terrible game I would not recommend it at all the creaters are just copying rolling sky - klc66123

Great app (5/5)

This is a really fun app - Kansasbowhunter

Fun but could cause rage quit (4/5)

It is fun but it could cause a rage quit because you have to do it over and over and over and over again to get good - gayboyreviews

Too many adds (1/5)

There is WAY too many adds, the game is fun and addictive but way way way way too many adds like it’s super annoying. I can’t even play the game because the adds. - Cartersav

More time watching commercials than playing (1/5)

So you play for about 5 seconds crash and then you have to watch a 30 second... this game is garbage don’t waste the time they don’t deserve your time or your money this is a cash grab they should call it Advertisement racers - Boogagaga

Adds pop up on the middle of rounds (3/5)

I love all the ketchapp games but they get really annoying when their own ads pop up in the middle of rounds - Pinksparkleyanna

Feels like a ad machine (2/5)

Eh its fun but it feels more like a how many times can i watch an add machine more then an actual game. It also feels bare bones. It feels like just bare minimum and you won't find much enjoyment after your first initial play and even then it quickly becomes almost unfairly difficult. Overall i would rate it like a below average game - Theepicjound

Hard but fun (5/5)

Takes some getting used to - Lawman Scott

I like it but so flipping hard (3/5)

Does it have to be so hard right off the bat? I want to turn down the speed or difficulty just a hair so I can hav a sense of progress. I’ve been on the second track forever now. - ThanasiManoli

Awesome (5/5)

This game is amazing what a great way to pass the time and I’m good at so good - Geekykelly

Hard... (3/5)

Ok. I love ketchapp, but I struggle with the FIRST level. I just can’t get through it! And if I do, I will probably end up last.. 😕 My rate : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - not enough smoola

Too many ads (1/5)

Very annoying ads. - SiddR

Can I put 0? (1/5)

It's a game you play to be inundated by ads. It's constant and annoying AF - IP Relay 29

Balls race (5/5)

Very fun!! And challenging!!! - Moving shaggy

Good game small issue (4/5)

Every time I’m close to beating a track and I die I press the continue playing button but nothing ever happens my screen just stays on that screen - Tyllyiss

I’m shook (1/5)

At first this game was really fun and easy to play but then I got really hard and it made me rage.Then I by accident I got the watch a video to skip a track thing and I can’t go back.Ugh this game is to hard - Piiiieeeeeeisssssgooooodddd

Needs some updates (4/5)

I like the game but in the future I would recommend adding a passive mode or an endless mode but overall the game is a good way to pass some time. - Antwon43

Balls race (5/5)

Five stars because it is a relaxing game where you can join any other colored servers - Linka aka angelica

Do not get game it’s triggering (1/5)

It’s so stressful and impossible to win it’s like your not supposed to win and I’m barley on 2nd/3rd race cause I skipped 2nd race if there was a zero star I would give it that Cause this game is just straight up trash...truth hurt please make game easier it’s so hard for it being the 2nd and 3rd race. I do not recommend this game maybe if they fix errors I will maybe think about it till then don’t get the game it’s rigged.(not sure if it posted) - jadaline.castle

Awful ad filled (1/5)

Can’t even play with all the stupid ads redirecting me to App Store constantly - Bbowl1

Ehhh 😐 (2/5)

This game is very frustrating and I do wish that they would change the name -$$$

Not that good. (2/5)

This game is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - q12-345