Balls Race

By Ketchapp
Games · 12+


​Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and win the race! Best and most addictive balls race!

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Don’t download (1/5)

The games song just pops out of nowhere and it plays without me playing the game really don’t play or download it - cjrhtjfifjgjdgjfh

Not good (1/5)

I like the game but I don’t like that u can’t pick the color of the ball and it goes too fast u. can’t move it in time and things just pop out of no where. I like the concept but if they made it a little slower I would like it and make the music change or pick the music. - swimer 08

This game does receive zero stars (1/5)

Ok so I downloaded this game but I thought it was good but it’s not. So the blocks which I hate the most glitches and hits me. But it would be better if they did a update - unknown budgie

Too many ads. (1/5)

Too many ads. Too hard to actually play, it’s glitchy, and ads pop up in the middle of gameplay. Horrible game. Don’t bother. - Snowyblitz3141

Wonderful (5/5)

Its so hard and it chalanges you that makes it so fun!😀😁 - Shell79cpt

Trash (1/5)

This game is terrible. There is nothing to work for and it just becomes a monotonous grind to beat a level which doesn’t reward you in any way. Waste of time and space. Never play this game. - Unhappy kitten 24

Awesome making (5/5)

Hats off to the designers. It’s really cool and graphics just ow!!! I am no one known to the publisher 😇 - Zan8getsu

What????!!! (3/5)

I like the concept, but uh-uh. This game is IMPOSSIBLE to complete, and I’m not exaggerating. It is impossible to complete because they put these killer block in front of you and make them move at 200 mph while you’re going 100 mph! I mean, I bet they had somebody complete it, but they have to be a pure pro at the game to complete it, which probably takes a life time. I’ve only been playing this game for a week or two, and I’m only on race three ( I had to skip two). If you can, please change this game up a little bit to make it possible to complete. Thx! - zotig

E᙭TᖇEᗰEᒪY ᗪIᖴᖴIᑕᑌᒪT (5/5)

Ⓘ ⒸⒶⓃ'Ⓣ ⒼⒺⓉ ẗ̤ḧ̤ë̤ f̤̈ï̤r̤̈s̤̈ẗ̤ l̤̈ë̤v̤̈ë̤l̤̈ - The_Ninja-snail

remove block killing (3/5)


Balls race is fun (4/5)

This game is so fun and addicting but lags a lot for me and it is really frustrating but on the other hand it is fun and awesome to fun!!!!😁 - OweBro000


I hate them - Supersimon890

Dis is ma review (2/5)

It is an overall fun game, but some things could be better. These random stupid ads pop up in the middle of my game, causing me to lose. Also, the blocks are really annoying. Not going to go into detail, but they can be really frustrating. - Rektmeist

Terrible Game (2/5)

You don’t really even need to try and beat the others in this game. You really just avoid the blocks which is extremely difficult to win. - AznChog

Ok game (3/5)

This is a ok game because of all the chances of loosening I have been playing for six. Years and I have never won - Abbyapple07

This game rules! (5/5)

I barely got any ads, and I passed the first three levels on my first day. The speed boosts are not recommended if approaching a moving block or blocks. It also shows other games on the side of the screen when you die. It never gets in the way. This game rules! - CatGirl429

RIGGED (1/5)

This game is rigged!💩💩💩🤬 - SueJan

To fast (3/5)

This game is to hard the blocks come out of nowhere. This game can go far but WOW its annoying - SuperBro2112

Toooo many ads (4/5)

Mhm - Ayman25

Tons of ads (1/5)

Looks fun but wow it has a tone of ads - gofuckyypurself

Cool (5/5)

I love it - Tprae

Needs one thing (4/5)

This game is fun. It’s addictive. It’s challenging. It’s all three things I look for in games. I would give this five stars if it had one thing THE ABILITY TO DO PREVIOUS RACES. When I say this I mean if I’m on track 10 but I want to practice on say track 5, I should be able to. Oh and for people reading this review, don’t watch an add to go onto the next track. Each track is harder than the last and it will take forever to get past. I definitely encourage you to get this game if you want a fun addicting challenge game. - DragonLover(not like that)

Not the greatest🤷‍♀️ (1/5)

This is not the greatest game there is to many adds and when u skip a level it won't let u go back to the other levels and the tracks a redick long so is super hard to finish.this game is also addicting so that's why I gave it some stars .this game is a letdown! - jasmine🦄67

Ok (3/5)

It is not that fun for me! - morty bryn

Amazing but 1 problem (4/5)

The game is challenging and fun. One thing though, the ads mess up the game and there are too many of them. Overall the game is terrific!👌👍 - sportslover2k0

Add Multiplayer (5/5)

Hi, I like the game n all but I’d like to have at least multiplayer and usernames please - Jaysothman

The moving blocks!!!!!! (3/5)

Who put the moving blocks!its so annoying so we can't beat the map!they just swing around and you dieeeeeeeeeee! - ChiapetSlayer

Ball races! (5/5)

I think this game is good because it is so fun!you get to compete against others!You will have so much fun!That is the reason it is so much fun! - TKangas0518

Enjoy this app📱 (5/5)

🤩I like to compete against the other balls in the races! It is so much fun, and I cannot stop playing this game because it’s so addicting!🤩 - 🦄👩🏼🎶🎵😜🤩🤩😜🎵🎶👩🏼🦄

I love it 😍 (5/5)

Such a fun game - Keziahdilla


This app takes off 5% of my battery within two tries - Reese Wilkerson

This game is the worst (1/5)

This game is not just mentally hard physically too having to move your fingers all around to get away from blocks is ridiculous also the SKIP TRACK stuff it just makes it harder and adds more players another thing is the moving blocks are so hard I’m only giving this game 1 star because it’s by ketchapp 😤😡🤬 - pattybuttfart

Worst game I’ve ever played (1/5)

This game is a good concept however, the ball moves at a inconsistent pace, the game glitches, blocks appear out of nowhere, and is just a poorly executed game. If you saw the video expect a very different experience. - Dffjjrdgbhjiikhrtgszggfahkiu

😉😉😉 (4/5)

Very entertaining!! I can't stop playing!!😉😉😉 - Pandacorn😉😉😉


Balls race... hmm. When I think about that game, the only thing that pops into my head is hours of entertainment! Some people say balls race is a waste of time, but it actually isn’t. Balls Race is one of the few games on my iPad and it provides amazing fun. I recommend this game to everyone and if you download it, I guarantee you will enjoy it. - CottanCandyUnicorn

Moving blocks (2/5)

I enjoyed the game a lot but the moving blocks ruined the game for me, I was hoping to have fun while playing this game, like you would for most games, but the moving blocks took that away from me - flargansmith89

Multiplayer (5/5)

Bruh, this game is amazing but IT NEEDS MULTIPLAYER MODE! Please make it possible! - MjSonic

This game needs a little work (4/5)

So I would totally rate this game a five if the blocks didn’t have a glitch The glitch is that when you go towards one it will stop in the spot you are in then when you try to go the other way it just comes to you next thing you know you are a bunch of black juice sitting in front of a black block and the balls move faster even if you don’t touch an acceleration pad it is so freaky and who ever made this game did you even try to play it yourself you messed it up fix it or I’m going to rate again and give you zero stars 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ i think you get the picture - cutiepie🦄🦄🦄

The worst game I’ve ever played (1/5)

I’m 19. So in my 19 years, this is by far the worst game I’ve ever played. I have dropped out of college and focused my entire soul on simply making it to the finish line of level 1. I continue to fail. There is no way to win this game. - cjlu25

Epic (5/5)

It’s a great app. And it’s great when your bored. I love this app!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️☺️😍😘😄😃😀😜🤯 - swishmundo

Pro Tip (5/5)

Avoid everything. Including accelerators. You’ll get first because everyone will die. There’s no point in going fast. - Kadoka94

App for Ads SMH (2/5)

You better be really good at this game or you’ll have just downloaded an app to watch ads and who tf wants to just watch ads? Not me that’s why I’m uninstalling this app. Looked like a fun game n I read the comments about the ads n I was like eh can’t be that bad but wow ad every time you crash into a box... fun concept tho :) - Bzrooke

Ads!! (3/5)

So there are two options asking me to continue the race or no thanks. I clicked no thanks but I got an ad! So I closed the app and the ad was still there. FIX THIS PLEASE! - Scvnsdgnadv adv

Speed (4/5)

Fun speedy game - The coolest out here

Race Ball (5/5)

I love it and I am sure that everyone else will love it to 🦄 - grgvuhgfbbbjjtt

😉 (5/5)

I love this it helps time pass by and show you how strong you can be - funtime fnaf king

Leah is a star (5/5)

Hey I wanna is a time to go see ya tonight lol and I’m just trying lol I wanna go see ya lol omg is that good night lol lol omg omg is that a good morning to go see ya tomorrow omg was a great day I got you some yummy yummy things you have need to do that I don’t know if y’all you know that I I’m don’t want you I wanna go is a littlest one but that’s cool I’m you trying not get a good morning I love you too I wanna is - dweiyd

Horrible (1/5)

Doesn’t even deserve a star way to horrible - 1inatime

Awesome game (5/5)

I love this game it is so fun and it blew my mind when I started playing it. It’s very challenging and that’s what makes it fun. - RachelF10

10,000 (5/5)

10,000 - Did chubby