Finger Driver

By Ketchapp
Games · 4+


Love driving? You will love this game for sure! Spin the steering wheel to drive your car. Keep it on the road, and go as far as you can!

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It got really annoying (1/5)

When I first played it, it seemed fun, then it started lagging and ads would pop up and I started to crash. The other thing about this game is that the vehicles are too much. It's way to hard to grab the coins without falling off or crashing, plus, the wheel never turns correctly and will go the opposite direction. - Savagepanda_19

Fun but need more cars!! (4/5)

Game is fun but we need more cars and incentives - Roy Kerstetter

Calm the f down with the ads. (1/5)

This game is ad city. Constant ads all the time. I’m okay with a couple here and there, but this game takes it to a new low - Noooooooooooo!!!!!!

Mission 49 (4/5)

Game stops recording my success at mission 49. Pretty fun though - wisdomdog

Horrible (1/5)

Horrible - Heidbroanfnaobfe

How are there any 5 Stars? (1/5)

I’m very confused how there are five star reviews when all of them complain about ads that break the game. When that’s all the game is...the ads not only prevent a player from steering, but also make the game a jerky unplayable mess. Glad it’s free because this mess isn’t worth the space on my phone. - DadDudeTrent

way too many ADS (1/5)

Good idea for a game but there are way TOO MANY ADS! literally in the middle of playing a game ads will pop up filling the entire screen and cause you to end/ fail the game you are on. The whole point of a game is to be able to play it and have fun, but with all of the ads, you barely get a chance to play it! - Lol girl06

Very addicting (4/5)

Gave 4 stars because of all the ad pop ups, very addicting game rarely glitches . - Young_bang860

Amazing (5/5)

This game taught me so many life lesson. Great game. Highly recommended! - Redgiraffe16

It could be better (1/5)

I’m being honest here it wasn’t that great.The sensitivity on the steering wheel wasn’t high enough to get turns. - Irish1924

Still getting ads after purchase (1/5)

I'm still getting ads after purchasing the game. I've tried to restore my purchase several times and it always says "Purchase Restored" and then I tap retry and still get ads. Would like a refund. - BoyDanaaa

Ads are annoying (1/5)

Quit putting ads in the middle of gameplay. Would be fun if not for that stupid decision. Dumb - Emmawebs

Game (5/5)

Very addictive game. Loved every aspect of it - Sam DaReel

Uuuggghhh (5/5)

Givibgktmcjdkc - jhfchyf

Absolutely insane ads (1/5)

Not playable at all. You’ll spend literally 75% of your time in ads vs playing the actual game. I don’t mind ads as long as I can actually use the app I downloaded. In this case I couldn’t so I’m out. - kevino80

™️🤢 (1/5)

The creator of the game has a lot of other games that are better than this one 1,The game itself is bad - JJSLAY_savage

Dumb asf (5/5)

Literally every time I️ play it glitches. Same thing happens to my brother. Also the ads are RIDICULOUS. Ads will pop up while your playing and cause you to crash. So Frustrating - Jagxjvofue

Fix the lag (2/5)

The ads need to go. I wouldn’t care if it was after a few games but it makes it lag and it’s annoying because it makes you lose every time. - Destiny ricko<3

Frustrating Add Placement (2/5)

The adds will pop up and cover the screen during the game, and it doesn’t pause. Fun game, but this mechanic is frustrating. - zmunoz51

Laggy and ads! (1/5)

Slow unresponsive and 30 second ads every 10 seconds. - matto195

Hi (1/5)

This game suks it makes an ad pop up right in your face when your in the middle of the game and your car keeps going so you die every time - Hi i hate this password

Jsjf (1/5)


💩 (1/5)

It's soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard - jjhomy

Best game ever (5/5)

Nice game - Samuelsaurio73836

9/10 (5/5)

This game is a classic arcade style runner type with a new twist. This game is a great time killer and the missions are challenging but can be completed which I like because games that are too hard aren’t fun. My only complaint is that I bought all the cars within 2 days so now I’m just finishing missions and saving up tons of useless money. I’m really hoping there will be an update, maybe add new cars and backgrounds. The simplicity is nice but to have the option of more textures would be awesome. Thank you for considering my comments!👍👍 - G_craddick

Garbage (1/5)

Way too hard to control and all the ads make it unplayable🙄 - Hannahsh30

Great game (5/5)

This is a very fun yet addicting game I’ve almost completed the game in 2 days : what I think they should add : they should add a shop feature where you should be able to buy power ups such as; the shield you can get while playing and a magnet that last 30 second and any gems you drive by it auto collects them other than that it’s a great game - great game but should add this

Too much lag (2/5)

This game isn’t fun because of all the lag. - Owen the kids

Great game (5/5)

Good and fun but sometimes hard - Qyyqjaha

I like it (5/5)

Y'all like games - pusyslayer79

Seemed like fun (2/5)

Deleted in under 5 minutes due to ads. I don’t mind the ads, but this game, having a bit of a learning curve, made the (Insert cute word here) Crush pitches an insufferable nuisance. Sorry... gone - Dr.JackMoonshine

Holy ads batman (1/5)

Tried this game for less than a minute, first thing upon loading, an ad. First drive, screen froze while banner ad loaded on bottom. Played like three more times, bam, another ad. Waste of your time, don't downloaded. - TeamAwesome4722

Way too many adds (5/5)

Fun game but adds every 10 seconds - 19Evan

Rubbish (1/5)

Rubbish del after one mins - Peter mak ws

MultiPlayGame:CodeReview (5/5)

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good game (5/5)

good game - KoongBBak


It would be a great game but there is just too many ads. I get an ad every few seconds. I even get ads while playing sometimes. - Cruddysafe1

Great... I guess (1/5)

Do you like dumb games? Do you like ads? Well then this is the perfect game for you - ChewOnChiknFeet

Ads (1/5)

You can’t play this game without getting an add shoved in your face in the middle of a game... It’s ridiculous, just save the adds until after we die or that’s why you give us a second chance!!! - I_love_tacos_000

Disruptive ads and bad mechanics (1/5)

You really had to put in disruptive ads in your games, like you guys don't get enough ad revenue as is. Also, that's not how cars drive. Learn to program. - Noorquacker

The new game (4/5)

Not a bad game at all. - bob21jeff

Dark Theme! (5/5)

I mostly play this game at the dark, my eyes hurt because of the bright colors. Can we have a dark theme mode? I would be more than happy. - ترر

AD driven = slow and interrupted performance (1/5)

Don’t recommend to slow gameplay, Ads and interrupts gameplay. End the trend. Good luck devs, will leave 1 Star. - Jazzst3r

Ads (1/5)

So many adds it makes the game lag... - Firefighter Herm

Good (5/5)

Gooder than the goodest - 🐥👈🚋☑✉📭🎤

No no no no no (1/5)

This game isn’t really worth the time to write a review but wow is it bad. Don’t do it!!! - Bob12865

To many ads (1/5)

To many ads and it won't even let me turn it. I'm getting so freaking mad!!! - Happybirthday donnie13

Ads are ridiculous. (1/5)

Couldn’t get into the game at all. The ads just kept taking me out of the experience so I could find the fun. - TimGaleckas

Unbelievably bad (1/5)

It looks like it should be fun, but it isn’t. It’s ridiculously attached to its ads. - BenBen?

Sjd (2/5)

Está medio chafa las curvas - HahzvxkB