Getting Over It

By Bennett Foddy
Games · 4+


A game I made For a certain kind of person To hurt them. • Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot. • Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand. • Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞. • Lose all your progress, over and over. • Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

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Cruddy (1/5)

Okay, I know this I the port version and it was made for pc, but how constant and terrible the lag acts is unacceptable. The graphics literally look 16-bit and since you have to use your thumb the controls are more wonky than they already were. I get it, it’s a game that is too big for mobile and system limitations, but Bennett crammed it in anyway. But just how laggy the game is and makes it harder than it already is unforgivable. If you can look past all these flaws, than it’s an OK game. It doesn’t change the fact that the game is pretty broken and if you want to spend money on this game, just buy it on steam or the humble games website. Sorry if this got a bit lengthy, but I felt compelled to point this out. If you made it to the end of this review, Thanks. - ElevenRex756

Game breaking glitch (1/5)

When I log out and go back in, my screen glitches. It’s weird, and it makes the game unplayable. Pls fix and I’ll change my review. Update: haven’t had the glitch in awhile so here’s my real review: I REALLY wanna like this game. Honestly, I would be playing it right now, but I can’t get through the part with the lamps at the end of the granite rocks. I’ve looked at tutorials and everything, but I just can’t. It’s really sad and again, I really want to like this game. It’s basically unplayable, even without the glitches. - 📸🎞📸📡📡🔋⚒🔋💳

Fix loading screen bug (4/5)

This is a great game, really well made, but anytime I try to open the app there is just a green background but no character or mountain, I have tried exiting the app a lot of times but it still doesn’t work. Hopefully you could fix this bug 🙏 - Alien 02

Bad choice for mobile (1/5)

Getting over it is a good game that is frustrating yet still finds a way to be enjoyable and fun. The problems occur when you take a game made for PC and try to turn it into a mobile app. The controls are the primary issue, on the pc it feels challenging yet still familiar in a sense that your movements control the movements in the game. Without a mouse this feels like playing a FPS on a wii, the controls feel flawed and just wrong. The graphics have also been butchered horribly but that’s understandable and expected for a mobile game. This game should not be played on a phone. It was a bad choice to make a mobile version and it completely ruins how the game is intended to feel. If I had to describe this mobile rendition in one sentence it would be something along the lines of “reduced motor function and brain damage simulator” The mobile version relies heavily on luck rather than skill/practice This seems like a sellout money grab for the kiddos who watch their favorite “let’s player” but don’t have money to buy a mediocre PC. 5 stars if “7 year old on mommy’s phone while she’s not looking” is your target demographic. - A truthful opinion

This is not a game. (5/5)

This is therapy. Pure therapy, and not in the usual sense of therapy, but this purchase will teach you patience and determination. When you think you are on a high, it will kick you to your knees. The dev does not lie in saying that you will lose all of your progress very quickly. You will. But this is the best thing I have ever spent $5 on. It may not look worth it in videos and gameplay, because it is the actual experience of playing that is good. Notice that I did not say fun. This game is not fun. It has the same amount of fun as the game Papers Please. If you like that, then you will love this. - Bob jn

Loading (1/5)

I can’t play it just loads - Gfygyhg


The game seems fine and I was having fun but whenever I try to load In the screen freezes and I cannot press a thing, I have tried everything please help! I CAN MY EVEN LOAD IN THE GAME WITHOUT HAVING TO DELETE IT AND RE INSTALL - The golden gamers

Glitch? (4/5)

When I open the app there’s a glitch 60% of the time please fix but other than that amazing game - Hdjshjsjdjxj

Unplayable in its current state (2/5)

I was able to play it a couple times but now it freezes after the loading screen. - Juwce

“Works on this device” my a** (1/5)

It takes like 10 times to boot up. Plays like crap, looks like crap, and the controls aren’t good. Don’t waste five dollars on this. There are free alternatives. - SK4T3RG4M3R

What I think of the touch controls (5/5)

This is a major aspect of the game to talk about, and honestly, I have no problems with the wonky controls, this is because of knowing the game won’t be easy and controlling may be another challenge, Besides that I really enjoy this game for having a calming time getting over it (whatever that might be), even when you lose a lot of progress that good ol’ narrator sorta tells ya , “Hey you lost a lot of progress, don’t worry though you could’ve had worst, and you can still make up what you lost.” Because of the gameplay, narration and other great aspects, Ima give this five stars - Lopez daniel

It crashes every time I go in to it! (1/5)

This is a piece of crap for 5 dollars! I have an iPad Air 2 and it keeps f##king crashing! Don’t get this game! - Mr pooopy head

I don’t understand (4/5)

This game really pisses me off but I cannot stop playing it - 2mrhydrogyn7

Yes (5/5)

Totally worth the 5 dollars. It was all of the pain and suffering I hoped for. - Jgk27

Controls (1/5)

The game’s hardest part is its unreliable touch screen controls. No sensitivity setting works. The hammer has a mind of it own. Needs some work devs, please! :( - bot2.0

Very very good (5/5)

This is very good it is at times rage inducing but once you get the hang of it it is worth all $5. I would like to see new ways to control it though. - Nateplays855

This needs. To be fixed (1/5)

The area where u have to go off the lamp posts make it easier i have been stuck on it for 4 hours plz - Oldkricmrif

Mixer Streaming Compatibility (4/5)

While this game makes me rage it is very therapeutic. I saw there was a streaming option but only to YouTube...if there was a way to incorporate streaming to other platforms such as Mixer that would change my rating to 5 stars because this game deserves it! - Hilltop Photography

Poor game (1/5)

This game is sooo frustrating I cuse at it it needs to be updated pls - clevername52

Major Problem (1/5)

Last night I changed my FPS to 60. That was a great 15 minutes until I returned to the app after a much needed break and found myself looking at a screen that was only the backround image and there were black squares all over the screen. I can hear the man moving when I drag my finger but I can’t see him. Please fix this. - Just to write a revue


The game is cool but you need to fix some problems the game is to glitchy, when ever you reach something new the game will freeze causing you to lose loads of progress, I think the game should not have so many bits where you can fall off it’s just bs. So if you like the suffer and rage this is the game for you, Also the game is not worth five dollars it should be about 1 or FREE - Zert Mania - Gaming & Vlogs

It my fav gam but it dosent have any gem like clash (5/5)

It good - Crota be gone

The most amazing and capricious game (5/5)

I like this! It's very entertaining and frustrating at the same time, and I guess that's why it's so fun. It makes you think and strategize, two very important things that help your brain. If you enjoy B games, go ahead and get this, satisfaction guaranteed!👌🏻 - Shadowchick 538

Can’t play game (1/5)

was able to play after initial download but any attempts to play just result in a either zoomed into the wrong location or graphical issues where i cannot see the character but only hear the sounds of the hammer. payed $5 for a game i am only able to play once... been two days now, any update on this issue? - philoten

Good game, bad port (2/5)

The PC version of this game is great. The gameplay is frustrating, but it is frustrating because of your skill. This mobile version is also frustrating, but in a bad way. It’s frustrating because of the controls and not your skill. There is no way to turn off acceleration, which is a huge problem because one second your (kind of) setting up a jump, and the other, even when you’re almost not moving, you’ll be shot off the mountain at incredibly high speeds. This paired with the insanely high sensitivity, even at lowest setting, makes this game impossible to play. - HerbertdaPervert

Bad controls (3/5)

Well done but controls are impossible to use - Spearen82

Give me my money now (1/5)

I hate it It so called helps people IT MAKES THEM WORSE YAH DUMMY AND I WOULD SAY A TON MORE IF I COULD SWEAR IN THE MENTAL REVIEWS and Now I hate you and make you face inside out cuz now I broke my charger so you better give it now! - leoblitz

App Crasg (1/5)

I’d give a good 5 stars because this game offers some unique and humorous self aware gameplay that is something fresh from what most people would be used to. However, the app will allow me to play a game and then i cannot close the app and start it up again without the app being stuck on a halfway loaded image of the background. Please look into this as i am working off an iphone 6s and i would like to be able to have fun with the full effect of this game. - Eglox

A Masterpiece (5/5)

From the start it was rough. I was confused, struggling, trying to figure out controls. As I went I felt confidence, and the failures just made me stronger. Mr. Foddy. This was beautiful and I thank you for this. I have yet to beat the game but I have made progress. God bless you. - Fnaf! Is awesome

Why (5/5)

I got to the end after playing for 10 days straight then I set my phone down and it glitched out and slid all the way back down and rode the snake I never touched I hate it now - deadloxo

Bugged out (1/5)

Yesterday i purchased the game and it ran fine, but now its stuck on a screen with black squares on it please fix - Marvin Abigania

So easy (5/5)

This game only took 14 and a half hours for me to complete, I felt no rage, and it was so easy - Maxyman333

Doesn’t Open (2/5)

First I want to start with the positive. The game is very fun and I love the challenge of it, but now for the negatives. I spent 5 dollars on this game and it only opens when it wants, whenever i open it up it either is frozen on a black screen or on a blue and green screen, fix this crap please, you’re stealing people’s money with this. - WH0SY0URDADDY

Is this a bug? (3/5)

I had to delete and reinstall the game because after a few times of playing it, i was no longer able to see anything on my screen and all i could do was listen to the game sound - Hillbillyjack5

My amazing experience (5/5)

I have had this game for about a week now, and I think it is really (I mean Reeeeaaaallly) fun. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s all worth it. I am currently trying to get to the “Orange Hell” part. My highest point is by the security camera by the stairs. It can be frustrating at times whenever you fall down and maybe even loose everything, but once you practice a lot, the obstacles can become easier and easier until you find yourself where you always wanted to be. The creator of the game, (I won’t say his name because I forget how to spell it and also I’m going to only say part of what he said) that “whenever the moment was gone, it was trash” or something like that. For me, the moments in this game never pass. To me, it is all new, even though I’ve already cleared some parts. To me, it is never trash. I just wanted to quickly tell you want I thought of the game 😀 - IndigoDiamond247

Def not optimized yet for mobile (2/5)

My 7plus gets HOT playing this for 10mins. Please update this app before you destroy our phones... Thanks. - Amazon Primate

The Crashes... (2/5)

The most rage-inducing part about this game is how it crashes 9/10 of the time. I have to close and re-open the game multiple times before it actually decides to start up, and then sometimes the app crashes mid-game. I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1 however, because the game really is great, once it decides to actually work. - Cade Blanco

I wanna DIE (5/5)

how long until my headache goes away but won’t give up and my headache get progressively worse - elementalnoob271

Doesn’t work (2/5)

To keep this short and straight to the point: - This game is fun on the first 20 minutes, but unless you enjoy restarting from the same places over and over like on repeat, the game isn’t for you. (I assumed there’d be checkpoints, or diff maps so it doesn’t seem repetitive, there is not) - Whether I enjoyed it or not, I can’t even turn open it, every time I gets stuck on this weird loading screen. I don’t know if this is just me, but the game is unplayable now. - Mjjllolis

Broken and Pretentious (1/5)

I hate how hard this game is. Now, I know that's not a good thing to criticize it for, since it IS a rage game. Hell, I actually like the take on rage games it has, since most of them are just levels packed with fake outs and trolls. That aside, I hate this game, the main reason being controls. This should NOT have been ported to mobile. Swinging the hammer using my finger leads to the most unresponsive controls I've seen in a while. It doesn't help that the hammer's position is static instead of syncing with the camera, which means that the hammer will move on its own if the camera pans in any direction. And on top of that, collision issues! (Yaaaay!) I have had the hammer get stuck everywhere possible at least once, a main offender being that stupid BBQ by the slide section. And the Lantern tunnel. Good god the lantern tunnel. Bugged out every time. My second issue? This game has an ego, almost. The narrator is painted as some voice of hope and reason, giving life advice and encouraging me to go on when I f up, when all I wanted to do was whack him in the nuts with my hammer and throw him off the mountain I'm climbing. He continuously goes on about "You see, my game is smart because it's always your fault messing up" when 90% of the time I fell because the absolute dice roll that is the physics decided to f me, or the hammer having a mind of its own and catapulting me to the side (I lost count how many times I fell down the hole by the BBQ.) A pretentious, bug-packed game that paints itself as a work of art. I want my 5 dollars back. - Flakhead

Amazing (5/5)

I honestly hate this game with all my guts...but in a good way - 17tastevens

Horrible game (1/5)

This game is way too hard. you can be all the way up top and in the blink of an eye your back to the beginning. Do not try to play this game if you have anger issues. - JaxonT15

I hate this game (5/5)

But its really good - Dark r!der

good game but glitches out (3/5)

i enjoyed playing this game for a week and i would give it 5 stars but it now whenever i open the app all i get is a black screen - tomatoes4tomatoes

Money back (2/5)

Look the game is way to rage inducing even for someone who is very calm. I do not like it and want my money pack for this game. Gave it a try and didn’t like it - BouncyBunni

Issue I think (4/5)

I think there’s an issue where you can’t exit the game without it saving where you last where when I try getting back on it just freezes and I have to delete it and redo the whole thing - fubsbduf

Glitches (1/5)

This is a great game although when i get on the actual app it shows a screen fading from blue at the top to green at the bottom with black squares in the bottom left corner or it will just be an all black screen but i can still hear the hammer hit the rocks - David Eckman

Can’t even start the game (1/5)

I just bought the game tried to start it and it comes to the loading screen and then the app completely crashes / iPhone 6s+ - Brendin42816

Game breaking glitch (2/5)

The game is great in itself, but it’s obviously not done very well as I, along with many other users, get a glitch that when you startup the game it just freezes the screen and you can’t see the character or map. Until they fix this game I do not recommend it. - PO1ZYN

Patience is better but it’s fruit is sweet💪 (5/5)

Awesome graphics. Challenging gameplay. You will enjoy this game if you know how to take a deep breath. - BraveCorridore