Twisty Road!

By Voodoo
Games · 12+


How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the road and shatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jump off the road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too long or game over! HOW TO PLAY: -Tap left side of the screen to turn left -Tap right side of the screen to turn right

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Such a fun game (5/5)

I just got this game today and I love it. It uses your brain and is still fun. Love this game!!! You should get it - Farmaway2000

Impossible road clone, but worse (1/5)

Right there in the title, not a very honest game. It’s ok to clone genre’s but this is just a straight up clone done worse. - Dark Leviathanz

Fun but ads killed it. (3/5)

It's a good concept; but the advertisements ruined any enjoyment that was gained. Specially when some of the ads you're forced to watch through the entire thing. - CKellers

Good game but.. (3/5)

I really enjoy the game and it could potentially be my favorite iPhone game.. but... there is always an ad that pops which ruins the mood and makes me not as competitive to beat my score... due to the ads the app isn’t as great as it could be. - Reewrwtsjajkans

Honestly why does this have a 4.4 star rating (1/5)

This game is terrible, there is an ad after every single game, so if you are sitting there playing the game and you only get 2 then you click replay, then you mess up and get a 2 again, you just played 2 matches in 10 seconds, too bad you get an ad so if you do that again 2 times you already in another ad. You might as well click continue by watching an ad every time cause you are gonna have to watch one every time anyways, voodoo makes good games but your ads are absolutely ridiculous, there is no point in downloading your games cause I might as well search up 500 hours of straight ads on YouTube. - Matt1234567891011234567

5 stars (5/5)

I love this game it’s addictive - blair_happy

Like it but not enough to watch this many ads.. (3/5)

So it seemed really fun but while you’re learning it you die/fall off a lot. I spent more time watching ads than I did playing. I like the game but not that much. Suggestion: get shorter ads. - Jeannbottle

Cool (5/5)

Cool - We got #1

If is hard but fun (3/5)

It is hard to do the levels (for me) but it will s very fun and I am being honest!!!! 😊😊. - skyler23487

Impossible Road but worse in every way (1/5)

This is a complete ripoff of a game I found a few years ago called Impossible Road. The differences between the two games are: 1. Twisty road is much less smooth, and the controls are more jittery. 2. Impossible Road has no ads. 3. Impossible Road has a much better color theme. 4. Twisty Road has worse graphics. 5. Impossible Road doesn’t annoy you with pop ups for in-app purchases. 6. Impossible Road has 3D Touch support. 7. Impossible Road is an original idea. I urge everyone to get Impossible Road. It’s miles better. - Unanimous unAnimous

Voodoo games (5/5)

Your games are amazing this one has to be my favorite - Chris Verdin

Wow nice but difficult (5/5)

Wow I love this game but very very difficult for me my highest score is 170 so I do good but I can not seem to get passed my high score so very hard - runihotdog

ADS (1/5)

It is a shame that such a good game can be ruined by 30 second ads after I’m already depressed for not beating my high score of 24. - Dewayne the Critic

Ads! (1/5)

It’s impossible to play the game because almost every time you die you get a stupid ad. Every time I die I get a stupid Best Buy ad that ask me to pick directions to go their and I can’t get it off my screen unless I close the tab and get back on then it happens again. Plus I’m not going to spend $2.00 dollars to get rid of forced ads. I like the game but it’s just super frustrating when you are trying to get something and you can’t get it because it takes forever because of the ads! What if I was a young kid and my parents wouldn’t let me pay $2.00 to get rid of ads. They need to FIX IT! 🤬 - Lolman4328

It’s hard (1/5)

It’s very hard - Calvin wiogo

Nice (5/5)

DOWnLoAD iT nOw - Game $hakers79x

Yoo (1/5)

It's way to hard. Make a better game. Btw I'm 91 and I'm about to die. Sooo swagger dude. F - coon hair

N. A. S. T. Y (1/5)

I hate this game. Worst one yet. Do not eve get! I hate you if you like it - hdna vs

So bad (5/5)

It is terrible but deserves 5 stars🤩 - Fyuuyfyufyfyufytf

TwistyRoad (5/5)

It is a super fun and challenging game and I love it I think everyone should get this game - slimeysabrina

😑 (3/5)

This game isn’t easy as it seems it’s a lot harder - Sam3770

Impossible road is better (1/5)

I’m fine with games copying other games, but not when the game is worse. Play impossible road instead - Popcorn1233

Good job (5/5)

You guys make good games - the brownie 0927

Ehh (5/5)

The adds are annoying but it’s pretty good - God stomper

Pretty good (3/5)

Soso - Leafman1019s

Awesome (5/5)

Best game ever - Goku1😄😄

Not worth It (1/5)

Game lags consistently, the mechanics are not impressive, and the ads are excessive. Might as well make the game cost rather than deliver an unsatisfactory game that requires payment to play without interruption. - Frequent pandora user

^**** (4/5)

Needs sound effect and a pause button. Probably mini games too. - Gdishshshehbdb

Fun! But herd to... (4/5)

Herd but fun, it would be better with no adds but I like it. If your up for a challenge then this is the game for you. I like it. You should try it out and see if YOU like it too. Thanks for reading this... - Babydoll4877

Good game but.... (3/5)

Needs a game mode where I can free fall for as long as I want - Oreo24883

Okay (3/5)

Fun game, but waaaaayyyyy way way way wayyyyy to many ads - Brady..

Good game, but... (3/5)

I don’t have my data on just so this game can give me tons of ads. Would’ve given it a better review if not for all those ads. - Kidofpiano

The game is good but (1/5)

The Game itself is good but I paid for no ads yet it still showing me ads !!! Either give me the money back or fix this!!!! - berthlo

Age (1/5)

I loved this game before family sharing came on why can’t this be a E I’m ten and went to college that is my favorite game and I can’t play it - K3ndal_8

Oddly Fun (4/5)

It’s barebones but it’s weirdly a lot of fun. - rose64bit

Stupid and way too sensitive (1/5)

I hate this app way toooo sensitive - Glitter gloss

Wow (5/5)

‘Tis is an amazing game 5 stars - amazing4319

URGENT (5/5)

omg stop making games honestly i see these on instagram and i’m like nope i won’t do it not another one and i always end up getting it and liking it like always ♥️ jokes aside y’all make good games and i enjoy playing them rather i’m pooping now or on the go lol - HydricAnimal

Hola (5/5)

Proo - Vicho12344321

Awesome (5/5)

This game has s so much fun .Also you can play with out WiFi - firgsgsgr

Yay (5/5)

I love your game I’m going to tell my best friend Alicia Keys to get this game and play it she loves games ❤️❤️❤️ - UptimeOutreach

Hard (5/5)

Very challenging I don’t like though that right when u fall it starts turning black and you die I think u should get more time when u die - whoppa choppa

Over all a good game, but still some flaws (2/5)

I love the game, but after you play you get an add every time. I get the fact that the creators of the app need to make money and putting in adds is an easy way to do that, but it’s really frustrating for the player. It was once said that talking about a problem is complaining if you don’t suggest a way to fix the problem, so I propose this: put in less adds and maybe charge a little bit of money to purchase the app - Hysgjkufv. Ghjgyt5578984332

Nice app (5/5)

It’s nice... - Blue wolf 🐺

Awesome (5/5)

Whenever I need to calm down this helps me calm down it’s just best thing ever I’m glad this game is ever existed buy voodoo - 😍😇🤩🤯


This is the best game I’ve ever played and it’s surprisingly not that addictive - liv_vick

Very entertaining (4/5)

Keeps me entertained love it💯 When I’m in the car I can play it cus it doesn’t need WiFi I like it a lot (here it comes)...but to many adds I stress this to you to many adds I should have been expecting this though but over all great game!😛😁💯❤️🔥🦑 - SydSquid🦑

Update (1/5)

The new update is horrible. The multicolored road is bad, ugly. The narrow parts are ridiculous as well. - Andrew Ian Brooks

Okay Game 😕 (3/5)

The game is really fun and addictive. The level of ads are really bad, every time you die you get another ad! - Peanut123098

Good but glitchy (3/5)

This game would be super fun and addictive if it didn’t constantly glitch out. It doesn’t turn when you tell it to sometimes which is quite important on a steering based game. Keeping it on my phone with the hopes of a decent update. - mlandreth92