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The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet! Features: • MyCAREER mode with expanded script and more interactions for your MyPLAYER. • Association Mode – New multi-season mode allowing you to control a franchise’s future and become the next NBA dynasty. • 2K Beats – An eclectic mix of tunes from around the world, featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many more. • More gameplay controls including ability to sprint on defense and more rebounding capabilities. • Earn more Virtual Currency to boost your MyPLAYER.

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Awesome game (5/5)

Very good great game i love it 100% if you dont mind to put headbands and sleeve not the sleeve that very short in my career, bcoz you can feel the player more bcoz you can customize ur player in ur own style but very awesome and very great game 2k salute👍👌👏 - Jbaliclic

Can’t go fast first round off playoffs (2/5)

After I won 4 back to back games against the same team there was no other day for me to continue to please help - NUBER ONE ISSUE

Great game (5/5)

I hope next update you will add the Mohawk-fade hairstyle - kysimreel

Good game but I am confused (5/5)

I bought the 10 dollar back it says 50k +40k so do we get 90k or just 50k cause I bought it and only got 50k - Supercell help

Roster names mix up during commentary (4/5)

Please correct the mix up of names of names during commentary especially the Cleveland cavaliers roster. LeBron James is referred to Iman Shumpert , Rodney Hood as Derrick Williams etc... other than that the game is perfect & runs smoothly. - Chudu01

Constantly freezing (1/5)

Every time I play a game in my player mode it freezes and won’t let me continue after I answer questions. Worst money I’ve ever spent on an app don’t buy it - jdix2332

Game play (5/5)

I paid $8.00 for this game & I haven’t been able to play my career in over 2 weeks! I sent a report to customer support! Still crashes! Please fix it😡 - twin1080

NBA2k18 (5/5)

This game is awesome and worth your money. But 1 thing I wish they do is to be able to link your psn or xbox my career person to your device - richhomiekey

Cheat (1/5)

This game cheats too much how could I keep missing excellent shots wide-open they never call Fouls every time I call for the ball I get a bad call for pass every time I play tight defense They still find a way for them to score The CPU system is very by my player is a 98 overall seven gold badges mid range shot 99 but yet again I miss wide open shots when it’s green - Datniggachris

Game is trash (1/5)

For the people who bought this and 2k17 y’all need to make 2k19 free for us cause y’all did a horrible job in these past to games so many bugs and errors just bring back 2k16 format and update teams seriously - RonWolf92

Trash (1/5)

This game is trash first it lags and the graphics are bad and the game play doesn't even make sense i recommend not buying this game 2k17 for mobile is way better. WOW 2K FIX YOUR GAME #FIXIT 😤😤 - Wolfybaby1003040

Time for new update (1/5)

starting to bug out and crash again. Also doesnt save sometimes - RoqueCharles

It would not let me finish the game (3/5)

Went to playoffs and it did not let me go to second round I’m so mad but it’s okay because I would of won anyways. - Chrystian420

Great (5/5)

Great game nothing much to say. - Rosabirinah

Where is Derrick rose (3/5)

Why can’t the developer make the rating same as the one on pc - KaiSu 3636

Enraging (1/5)

I’ve had this happen to me many times: I’m in MC mode and I just put up a career game. I finish the game, and the app crashes! So I lost my game data and the game didn’t even happen. It wastes my time and I don’t know if I can replicate what I did. Fix this! - AcroServal

Commentating (3/5)

It’s a lot better than it was. A couple months ago, there were a million bugs, and it honestly was a waste of money. They didn’t keep up with roster changes(still don’t, but they updated them after the all star break or something so they’re okay). The reason I say commentating is the worst part about this game is because it ruins the game when someone makes a shot and then they say “number 6 with the tough shot” or they say the wrong name. For example, they call Karl Anthony-Towns “Brandon Rush”, and it makes me so angry. They joystick is stuck in place so if you have big thumbs, good luck. Lastly, I still haven’t figured out how to jump during the jump ball. Other than that the shooting, defending, rebounding, is A-Okay. - Marcus11599

Fix your game (5/5)



i have maxed out 3pt and im a pg. YET I MISS EVERY SINGLE ONE. i miss greens. i miss layups when im MAXED OUT. Im so sick and tired of this ANNOYING A$& game! - Jwallt

Still pretty great (5/5)

Bring back gm sit downs, that was cool - Kb fd adjudged

Won’t work (1/5)

I bought the game for 7.99 when I downloaded it and started playing it. The screen started changing colors from red to purple and many more and it stopped working all of a sudden, it isn’t my phone because with other apps it doesn’t to that.I have reset my phone and deleted and reinstalled the game but I still wouldn’t work. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!! - Alsmdmdmsmsn

Fix please (5/5)

Great game but needs improvement on these things when in MyCareer you should be able to chose if you want to be in the draft or miss the draft (like it is already). And you shouldn’t have to pick one of the teams that it shows every time you start a MyCareer profile. In association you should make it so when you do the trade finder it makes fair trades so if you take draymond green it doesn’t find the guys that are 70 overall. Fix those and the game would be even better - 87Hoffy87

Why cant 7"3 Big man dunk? (3/5)

So I made this 7"3 big man. It was a slasher. HOW COME I SHOOTAROUND OPEN GO TO RIM AND I LAYUP. MJ can dunk. KAT can dunk. WHY CANT ME? This was a rlly big issue I do not like it. I JUST WANNA DUNK - Jackee33

Roster update (3/5)

Is it possible to update the rosters again? There’s a lot of guys who are not in the game who will be playing in the playoffs. - achery88

Missing D Rose (4/5)

I don’t see D Rose in this update - Jonny Boy 7721

Bad (1/5)

Successfully wasted my money and on top of that the game doesn’t record point so I end up losing games because my points aren’t recorded. LAME and want my money back . - JonhnnyIB

A few things that can be fixed (4/5)

All right, first off we need the power forward max height to be 7’0. At the moment the max height is the same as the small forward max height 6’11. Why be a power forward if you be a small forward and guard players like LeBron. Second we NEED Nate Robinson is blacktop or all time bulls or all time thunder Third this NEEDS to be fixed. Every time I pump fake in mycareer the defender will jump and tackle you and there is no foul called which leads to a turnover and in a 3 point game with 2 minutes left that is not acceptable And last you need to tell us where key games are Sincerely A gamer - TEH Beast 73738484838

Great and addicting game (4/5)

I would have gave this game a five-star rating but it always crashes on me. Once I was in the middle of a game in “My Career” mode and the game crashed and made me start the season over again - grdunmoefchr

(5⭐️ & MORE JERSEYS) (5/5)

Well this game was already great and I believe it still can be great. I would like to see more jerseys for more teams. For an example the alternate jerseys are cool and everything but I would like to see teams have a little more of their Actual Nike jerseys. I’m a cavs fan and I would like to see the statement jersey come to the game. I loved the cavfanatic Jersey but it’s time for it to go lol. If it’s only possible to have three Nike jerseys. And please install the grey city jersey that they have. - Dayvonta

Please fix (3/5)

Game is dope, BUT. In my career mode it won’t show my teams record, my rank in the league and in my position, my ppg, my rbg, or Assist per game, please fix it’s really irritating me. Fix it or I want my money back - nakenanaha

Good but some bad (3/5)

See, when I try to go into my career, it dosent let me get into the players career where I spent my own money working on. It also just freezes in the middle of a game and I don’t know what to do. Also, I’m in the playoffs in my career and it won’t let me go on to the next round? What should I do? - Nick loves Megan

PASS MORE!!!! (3/5)

In the prelude (beginning)they passed everytime you called for it but in myCareer they dont pass and they hog the ball and either miss the shot or just straight up lose the freaking ball!!!!!! !😡😡😡😡 - BEAST LEVEL:100%

This Game Is Awesome !!! (5/5)

I love this game soo much , most of the playerss are accurate in ratings , good graphics ; it jus has good gameplay overall !! But if yall wanted too make the game even better , yall should add the feature to be able too create an player in the manage roster feature , also add the ability to add badges to players as you will and accessories such as leg/knee pads and full arm sleeves like the padded arm sleeve and such . But other than those things , this game is still great !! - J0sh3x

Great game but jumpshots need to be fixed (5/5)

Why does Ben Simmons have a pure LeBron jumpshot? I say the release should be Carmelo or realase 80 and I say the base is like Kevin Durant. The point is for you guys to fix the players jumpshots - Goldboy7720

City Jerseys (5/5)

I love the game but I think you guys and gals should add ever budys city jerseys - Re9216

Fryyrftyvgjvugv (5/5)

:) - :45.64;65(7?68?)8

Crush (2/5)

After the update, whenever I start a game in my association, it just crushed. Plz fix this issue! - Doorman mammal

4.5 stars (5/5)

Great game! I just wish it wouldn’t save to my device and go to my iCloud and stop making me reset every time I don’t play the game for a few hours and log back on... besides that it’s awesome - littlecorson1997

Bad (1/5)

Fix Buddy Hield and Malcom Brogdon player molds and put joe Johnson back in the game - diorbiscuit

Great game (5/5)

Can you put in a draft class download where we can draft people in nba 2K18 like the draft that’s happing right now can you like make it so we can like put the nba drafts in the game - fadefire

Having trouble here (1/5)

This game is good no doubt, it just takes too much space and when I try to download it. When the game is almost done downloading, the message will pop up and say “could not download nba2k18 at this time, please clear some space”. I literally have 6GB cleared for nba and it only takes 3GB but still not enough space!? I spent 12+ hours trying to download it and it’s not my WiFi or my storage. If you got any suggestions please help and I’ll change my ratings. - ez kids

love it !!! (5/5)

Best game ever created .💯💯❤️ - _v_cee

There needs an update (4/5)

The game is good but when I tried to play a game in my career it keeps glitching and I can’t play can you please fix it quickly - 7uvegarh

It’s amazing but... (5/5)

I paid about $50 on Vc and a couple of games later my account reset and all my vc disappeared. I deleted and reinstalled my game and it started me all over again. Hey devs if y’all reading this I need help. I wanna know what happened to my money or what y’all can do. - yeezus nephew

Good game some improvements (5/5)

Now I’m a first time player but some I’m provememts - DiceyDood496

The green light need to be fix (4/5)

The game is good by the problem I have is I have an 89 3 point rateing and I be wide open I miss a green light or it’s contested so please fix the green light so I can get buckets - Dekingmir

Can’t even download (1/5)

I’ve tried too download this twice and it says my memory’s full yet you say it only takes 3.1 gigs... yet you fill it up when 9.8 out of 16 G’s of storage is used. Seriously disappointed, last version you had downloaded no problem. - X Jani x

Can’t continue in the playoffs (5/5)

After finishing the first round in career mode the schedule is blank and doesn’t give me an option to continue - realgamer1234

Game crashes sometimes but good game. (4/5)

MyCareer does not even work anymore and sometimes times the game crashes out of nowhere and the same thing with myleague. - shawntastic

Good game but career (4/5)

I love the game but the my career mode is bad if you start to play then play a different game on your device then go back in to nba it deletes all your career data.Then you have to restart your career.Also if your wide open then call for a pass it lowers your grade and says bad call for pass.If you make a 6’5 guy he can’t dunk.The rest of the game is great I suggest you should make those changes on a update or nba2k19. - Tavinbeast24