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The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet! Features: • MyCAREER mode with expanded script and more interactions for your MyPLAYER. • Association Mode – New multi-season mode allowing you to control a franchise’s future and become the next NBA dynasty. • 2K Beats – An eclectic mix of tunes from around the world, featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many more. • More gameplay controls including ability to sprint on defense and more rebounding capabilities. • Earn more Virtual Currency to boost your MyPLAYER.

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So-so (3/5)

Lots of bugs in the playoff modes. At one point I was unable to even progress. It had me stuck and I could not go on to the next day. - Quinten Mundon

发挥 (5/5)

回家后发给你 - fight good job

Can we get a better controller? (5/5)

I love everything but I'd like to see a better controller like 2k16 version but more refined for use. Like the console feel for chaining dribble moves and what not. Also, add the shot creator! That was my favorite feature in these last few years. - Devin Pyatt

Game needs improvement (2/5)

The game is somewhat good, but there needs to be changes all around the game, in all of the modes that we have in the game. Add: We need some new hairstyles and shoes for MyCareer. They just seem old and we have had them since 2k16. We just need more variety. The other equipment looks like they were designed by a 5 year old and needs to be replaced. We want to play college basketball somewhere in the game or make a separate game, because that was somewhat fun in 2K17. We also need legend teams and players, like the 1996 Bulls and the 2001 Lakers. You could also add more historic players in the Association Mode. We also want to make our own logos and relocate our team somehow in the Association Mode. We want more shooting forms and pregame intros, as well as shooting celebrations, like James Harden's celebration. We could use some more commentary in the game, as well as a better pregame and halftime show. We need MORE uniforms including the new alternate uniforms as well as throwback uniforms. Improve: MyCareer is almost the same as last year. There needs to be a storyline, like Run The Neighborhood in this year’s 2k. The rookies NEED hair, it looks ridiculous and just plain lazy by you. There is almost no loyalty for a team in Association Mode, where free agents leave for the best paying team. Also the flashing green and pink lights are very annoying and needs to be removed. Also, I see a white camera in the stands. I hope you can fix these I hope that you can change this and add more content into this game so more people can buy this great game. - PPAP is a song

For when will they Fix the game for iPhone X? (1/5)

when you buy a game and the screen does not fit your cell phone! iPhone X on sale in November, it is January 21 and has not yet been corrected? 😡 - Danny1201l

Dunk (4/5)

How do you dunk? - Lockdown subs

Myteam on mobile (5/5)

I think they should have myteam on mobile because it will be awesome and we go against people and open packs but overall the game is nice just need to add myteam on mobile - CoolXpert190

Great Game! Needs An Update However (5/5)

This is the #1 game I play! This game is amazing and I love playing. One thing I don’t like is that in MyCAREER when you’re shooting and you’re release is “excellent” and the grade is “A+” I feel that you should make that shot every time. One little thing and I’d like it fixed. - App jujr

Too easy (4/5)

This game is dope and I love it. It’s 2k. I even got the controller so it’s easy to play. Make it harder on myplayer. After myplayer gets good, It’s too easy. I always end up winning by 40 points , scoring 70 points with 12 3 pointers , 10 steals etc like make the computer play better offense. Make the computer better as a whole. My teammates , and the other teams can just be better. They just be standing around. We don’t get to call plays as a point guard. We can’t zone up on Defense ! The game is a good game but level of play could be wayyyyy better. - BigBroJapan

Missing Greens and too much GB (4/5)

It takes up space and If you get green lights it is a 50/50 chance it will go in - KamFam7

Great game, some problems (4/5)

The gameplay is great, better than the gameplay on the console. And the new Association mode where you can play more than one season is really fun. But the game takes up too much storage. - Dylanyay

Are You KIDDING ME (1/5)

@2KSports this game is so terrible it is not even funny. It crashes every five minutes and deletes the progress of the game you just played. Learn how to code because you clearly don’t know how to make a good game - Mark Tramontozzi

Game overall is fun, but many major problems!! (3/5)

NBA2k18 overall is a really good game, but things like the game frequent crashing and some certain aspects of the game doesn’t show at all. As an example: when I was playing my career mode; my NBA Ranking and Position Ranking did not show. Along with my proficiency. It always showed my stats as ZERO. This has been frustrating to me as of recent. Another example is that my other career mode is not loading, but crashing instead. Every time I try to log into this career mode, the screen would go to loading and then it would crash me out. 2K please fix this issue. Also I hate that there is no camera option is 2k NAV so that I have to play every game and start with changing the camera. It is very irritating. I really hope there is a new update soon that is going to fix the bugs that you presumed are fixed. Thank you, but please look into these issues. - A huge flaw

Good Game (4/5)

Is a good game like the title said , there a lot of bugs during gameplay, most of it with the narrator . Beside of that the game is great ! - Badjuju28

Loving the game so far (5/5)

Okay so far the game is fun. I also know that on one is perfect, but in my game if I go in for a layup and I get foul the red doesn’t call the foul and I have 96 layup in MyC and can u guys make sure at least 90% of green goes in because I get green but it doesn’t go in. Lastly the jump shot in MyC is not exactly like the player jump shot for example KD and LBJ look alike or Kyrie and MJ jump shot look alike. Plz help us because we love the game so much. Oh yea sorry I last thing in MyC the commentary call brook Lopez LBJ so that need to be fix. Honestly I feel like 2k16 is still the best. THANK YOU - King of the 2k

Beard and call for lob (3/5)

This game is overall great but there are some things that would make it better. Add new hairstyles and beards for example make a beard like James Harden’s so we can equip it on our players also add a thing for calling lobs maybe if u press the pass button twice when u don’t have to ball they throw a lob if they don’t ignore the call for pass. Also make it so if you make an amount of shots on shoot around you get to level up your player 2 times for free like on the practice mode. I know you guys can add all of these features but please try to add the James harden beard and call for lob features. I gave it a five star so it shows but honestly I give it a 3 star. - Jordanof2k

Needs Raid (1/5)

This game is full of bugs I bought it on Christmas and haven’t been able to play more then once in any game mode and it shutdowns and goes back to my home screen - Honest Abe on day

TRASH (1/5)

This game is awful! It keeps crashing and I can’t even play it!! WASTE OF MONEY!!! - Brewer Jack

Waste of money (1/5)

I bought vc in the game for my player and everytime I play a playoff game the app quits out and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I ended up losing money so there is no point of buying this game - henrybeast22

Forgot to add something !! (4/5)

I can’t get OKC Alternate jerseys , there’s nobody in connections that has it , I have 2.6mil fans and I can’t find anyone with OKC alternate jersey in connections - Jake6043

Good and bad (3/5)

When ever I go into career I get back to the home screen so I can’t play - Savage735

To many Glitch’s! (3/5)

First off when I got this I loved it but I been getting very upset from this game I spent 9.99 NBA coins and when I save my data and get off it just restarted my data back to 58 overall. I would love to see if this gets updated soon so I don’t have to waste more money on myself and I can just grind daily when I get the chances. - Nave2150

Good game but there are improvements to be made (3/5)

This game favors teams over others in association mode. A team that I built featured Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Gordon Hayward yet was beat by the Cavaliers in 4 games. This would never happen in real life and I think the game should be more realistic. - Qwerrttyootkkjdb

Overall (3/5)

So far I downloaded it yesterday and it is amazing! But the music is trash with all the remixes and you can’t turn off the mycareer music .when I was downloaded it I was hoping it was gonna be like nba2k18 but it’s more like nba2k17 on a ps3. Same haircuts, same Tattoos, you don’t get to wonder around stores and parks like in nba2k18, you barely get to customize Myplayer. Another thing is saving it’s always going through a save every 30s or a minute. The store in Mycareer is trash, shoes are ok but the legs and arms are trash there’s no arm sleeves, undershirts, leg sleeves only wrist bands and high socks - El.Bronco.LGR_715

Great game BUT (5/5)

I love the game but we need curry with his hair in real life and Durant with his compression pants it will be great if we had that thank you, - bryant2funny

My career playoffs!!!! (4/5)

Just updated the new iOS version of the game & I still can’t advance in my my career! I don’t know why but can you guys please fix it. I’m stuck in my first season m can’t continue n it irritating due to the fact this the only game I play - Sneakguap

Close to 5 stars (4/5)

First off, the game is so much better this year. There are just a few things I would like to see change 1. Uploading to iCloud takes forever. This is super annoying to anyone who plays MyCareer 2. If you cut, then it is an automatic bad call for pass even if you are wide open 3. Alternate jerseys are old and outdated, please replace with the new statement edition 4. Please add a MyTeam mode, would make the game so much better 5. Legends from the all-time teams need to be usable on Blacktop Otherwise great game, good job 2K - DavidDaSauceGod

Good but lots of glitches and bugs (3/5)

My association team keeps crashing and it won’t let me get past a certain point before shutting me out of the app - Jvince31

Shoes and asscesories (1/5)

Dear 2K please allow us to put Named bread shoes on basketball players can you add practice mode in the video game update facial players like Jimmy Butler at a turbo button stick to the NBA 2K16 controller Add more moves to the game play redo the back row menu - scooter9012

Please optimize this game for iPhoneX (2/5)

This game is fun to play I enjoy it it’s an improvement over last years, but please optimize this game for iPhoneX users we should be able to google into full screen mode so we can enjoy our display! Me and many other iPhoneX owners Would love to see this updated soon! - Farrock_homme

Cool (5/5)

Games pretty amazing. You should try it! - shutgun_21

no iphone x support (1/5)

they need to update this for iphone x - tamax2p

2k16-18 (5/5)

I loved all the 2ks I’ve purchased so far all are really good - Varsayl

Just missing a couple of things from perfection (4/5)

Hi 2k, don’t know if you will actually take the time to do this. I have been playing 2k in iOS since 2k15. The game has gotten better each year. Can y’all make it so we can change the difficulty of mycareer mode? I would love to try playing on hall of fame. My guy is a 96 overall killing everyone, would love a challenge. Second, can y’all make it so we can do the actual all star events, the 3 point contest or the skills challenge or the dunk contest. If y’all fix these recommendations this game will get 5 stars. - Dantheman1892

Best mobile basketball game out there, but (3/5)

I’ve been playing this iOS version pretty much from the beginning. They’ve made some progresses over the years in terms of graphics and gameplay. However, there are some lingering bugs carrying over for 3 years that they never care to fix or are unable to, such as stats issues, and offensive rebounds and post out is not working at all. Also lack of dynamics of connecting with other players and endorsement. They just stop working after a little while, which takes away some fun of the game. This game has so much potential, but they never made this game whole for some reason. - KOBE24Rocks

Trash (2/5)

Y’all still got the white players with black arms and it’s driving my crazy. Also update the players haircuts. This game is trash. - Jndgo

The game is awesome but..... (4/5)

First off when I get to mycerrer and I make a new player the game gets all laggey and the screen glitches majorly so 2K please fix this I know it’s a lot but please try this game is awesome - Bovnghgfg

I wish it had MyTeam (4/5)

I really wish 2k18 for iOS had MyTeam. People could open packs and play each other it would be a lot funner to me. - John Hiott

Still no support for iPhone X (1/5)

Give me support for the iPhone X or I’m not gonna play this anymore - Baller1656

It’s 2018 (3/5)

Pls update for iPhone X full screen. It’s too small to play on my iPhone X. Thank you. - aisai12345

Lazy game but it’s what you expect. (3/5)

I swear to god I better get my money back. I spent $80 on this game (I can show you the receipts) and it’s just going to crash after the season and when I reload it’s stuck in some sort of “purgatory” mode in my career where I can’t exit or advance to any games. I want my money back or I’m never buying and spending money on NBA 2k and go to madden. I’m very disappointed in this game. Fix the Jerseys and get an ultimate team. Even tho we all know this is just some extra thing to bring in money. We know you don’t care about making the game better. But for now I want my money back. Thank you and have a good day. - Omarlmiller

Great game !!! But some bugs are annoying (3/5)

I am in the middle of the game and it starts to hang up.... Im playing my career playoff then its started to hang up... all what i made from the game was lost...and needs to repeat again... Pls fix this bugs ty... - Eventrigger

Needs some improvement (4/5)

Great overall game but When I’m trading picks in the draft I can’t see what number pick it is. Free agency needs a big over haul with the top free agents at the top and sort it by overalls and position - youngdude989

Create Your Own Team (4/5)

It’s a great game, especially because the developer added the “The Association” mode. But I think that game mode will be better if there will be a “Create Your Own Team” option. I even think it will make the game app great. - JVP16

Playoffs (1/5)

Legit, I don’t even care anymore is it that hard to fix crashing issues? - Hai Chau


If you play in any career mode be prepared to get your heart crushed when you can’t go past a playoff game. Not just me that have said this. Really lame to have this happen. Even if saving at a point in the game, after the game is over and it’s going to save your win or loss it crashes . Fugging lame - ReesesNcream

Please fix (1/5)

The commentary is still jacked up and doesn’t work when it should....SAME AS LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE. The stats aren’t correct in my career and are never correctly updated. Also, Please fix screen resolution for IPhone X please. It’s a waste.... - Lyriklegend

My Career Issue😑 (3/5)

When you get to the playoffs, right after you finish a game and get to the interview the game crashes and doesn’t even save. PLEASSEE FIX 🙏 - .Goat.

Great game but it crashes (5/5)

I love the game! But the only thing I’m seeing is that I will be in the playoffs in my career and the game would crash. But overall I love the game - 3m3rr1ck66

It’s okay needs work (4/5)

I have the iPhone X it would be nice if this game was compatible - PISSEDTFOFFNOW