HQ - Live Trivia Game Show

By Intermedia Labs
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HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.

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Thiel?! (1/5)

You better drop him or we’ll all drop u - MikeOnFranklin

Right answers are wrong (1/5)

It will sometimes eliminate you even if you select the winning answer. - 

Its Super Fun, but can be a little annoying.. (4/5)

I love the game and I love trivia but its really annoying that if you oress the wring answer you cant fix it. Its also annoying that they take freakin 7 minutes to start. I know its doesnt seem like long but when ur waiting its rlly annoying - Pandas?🐼


all I have to say is I love Scott - itsAustinn!✌️

*GET RID OF SCOTT + laggin* (1/5)

Scott is the worst. We get it, he’s from Gadsden and every city he is in is “the city that doesn’t sleep”. He is so forced. Also the lagging is a huggggge problem. Also the hostess who keeps mentioning her eyebrows....we get it...you have huge eyebrows, we can clearly see them, there’s no reason to constantly talk about them! - Awesomeness8643

Bad host (4/5)

The only problem I have with the app is the host. He is so annoying and stalls so much to the point where the first question pops up 8 minutes after the start time. 8 minutes of talk, talk, and more talk is way too much. - Franklin Tokioka

App lost (5/5)

Love this game show even got my whole family addicted but the app isn’t on my home pages and I can’t find it anywhere. How do u fix this problem? - Tia Bush

Awesome (4/5)

I really think it’s wrong to use the word “hate” in talking about Scott..I thought he was too much out there, but after watching him, that is part of the humor that he is..I think he is great for HQ! Even if you don’t like him..that is fine, but hate is too strong of a word.. - Boldkic

The good, the bad, the otherwise (3/5)

The good... I really like the premise of the game, and the fact that you can’t “accidentally” lose hours of your life playing. There are no ads, which is a definite plus as well. Finally, you win real money...what could be bad about that? The bad... Although you are supposed to earn extra lives when you refer a new player, that never seems to happen. Even if they put in your code, it never seems to trigger an extra life. Secondly, there seems to be all-too-frequent glitches. Frequently, the game lags or freezes—in spite of a high speed internet connection. This causes you to be eliminated immediately. Finally, you can’t change your answer. I’m sure this is to prevent cheating by looking up an answer, but it really just means you are eliminated if your finger bumps the wrong answer by mistake. The otherwise... Overall, an ok game. There is definite room for improvement, and I look forward to seeing those changes. - Amvdw

Awsome Fun (5/5)

I love how I have friends and family playing now, so this is not only a fun great trivia game, but competitive fun for us all together....and I won once, so I got paid!!!!! - Cliff-Rocks

writingincrayon (5/5)

I WONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!' - WritingInCrayon

Good (5/5)

Me likey - CCQ702

Glitches (2/5)

It was gonna be a 5 but y’all have to many glitches and technical problems which freezes the game and the question is incorrect bc the phone screen is frozen so it’s impossible to answer the question.. - 974s3gth63

Poor reception issures (5/5)

Enjoy the game but to many technical challenges. Loss of sound cut off prior o 10 second limit. You guys. NEEDx internet help with audio send visual challenges - kkinnosh

HQ (5/5)

Very fun - pooky pooke

Awesome!!! (5/5)

I look forward to playing every night. Even though I lose every time. Lol. - monica@1973

Unhappy with the app (1/5)

The host will not shut up. Plus to allow Trump hating guest. It’s not worth your time. - Cessna87L

Could be a bit better (5/5)

The quality is, no doubt, great. I wish there were more games per day, instead of two, make it three. Maybe change the 3:00 to 3:30 instead, because I am in school until 3:30. Also, maybe one at five or around there. - PandaGirl23

Fun Trivia Game! (5/5)

Who wouldn’t want to be a HQnicorn 🦄 - MimiMimiMimi

Needs An Update (3/5)

I think you should be able to change your answer if the time isn’t up for that question. Sometimes I accidentally click on the wrong answer. - Masonx54

Falsely eliminated (5/5)

I love this app. However, I was falsely eliminated on the MLB question. I chose baseball and it eliminated me! - $trkRvngMad

That’s a wrap (5/5)

Thanks Rob De Nerio with the new opportunity today to play luv ya blue my name steve Taylorrhe tennis playa - strawbee2314

Best Trivia App!!! (5/5)

This app makes you think outside of the box and is very challenging at times. No trivia app even comes close. From the hosts Scott Rogowski aka Mike Wazowski, Sarah Pribis (so beautiful and funny), and the guests appearances. Always a good show. Keep it up! I play at least 10 out of 12 shows each week. - ForreyG

Annoying (3/5)

The hosts to this game are annoying as hell. Shut up and ask the questions, we didn’t come to listen to your stupid jokes and rambling. The games says it goes live at 2 but then you wait, then you wait some more and then som more, if it goes live at 2, start the questions at 2. The game also lags and kicks me out because of the high volume. - 28;8485983&2

Fun game (5/5)

Awesome ad fun😊 - giraffemom3

Use referral code impossibilly (5/5)

HQ is lots of fun. I play daily. Scott is super funny. Use referral code impossibilly after you sign up for a bonus. - Impossibilly

Love this! (5/5)

What a great idea! Educational and challenging ... every classroom should be playing this! The money is simply ‘icing on the cake’ ... it’s all about actually winning the challenge! - TonyTheTiger#11

Overall great app (5/5)

The feature that many say is a downside for them is one of my favorite parts. Scott is hilarious and amazing. People who say otherwise can find themselves a different high-paying, fun, trivia game show to complain about. - johnajh

I love it! (5/5)

I’m hooked on HQ. Every day I look forwards to gathering friends and playing the exciting trivia. The questions are always interesting and entertaining, the host is hilarious, and I learn something new each time I play! HQtie forever! - !😃😃😃!

To hard (4/5)

Make the questions easier please - ella_2020

FUN (5/5)

This game is pure fun in a group, but the chance for some actual money at the end makes it even more exciting. Only criticism: Scott needs to talk less sometimes, and get right into the “nitty-gritty” instead of talking for so long. - SPIN360253

HQ- ster (5/5)

Love it love it love it. Wish I could win though- 🤪 - donttellmethishasbeentaken

Always Lags for Me (1/5)

This is a fun quiz but frustratingly freezes on me most every time. - Longstory24

Birdjami (5/5)

Our family enjoys playing together, it keeps our minds very active and we do learn new things every time we play ! - birdjami

Great game (5/5)

The host is wayyy better then cash shows host!! The game in general is wayyy better!! Love this game!! - Tiff333666


The question asked tonight was a SPANISH TRANSLATION, the answer was absolutely wrong!!! Not playing anymore, and I will spread the word. This is a sham. - Gm7101x

Wrong answers (1/5)

They had an answer wrong when it asked the question of what quiero means. It means want not love - Andecr

Fun and increasingly hard! (5/5)

I'm going to win one of these days... - Scmami83

They should know the right answer to the question (1/5)

Getting eliminated for there being all wrong answers to a question is pretty silly - madladythatspreggo

Cool (5/5)

It’s cool app I got it today and first try I got 3 correctly and I’m glad I’m still a child and stuff I don’t expect myself to win but I can learn stuff from this too I give 5 Star because I learned something today 😋 - Saphiredy

My recognize my answer (1/5)

On question five tonight i answered correct but it said I was wrong and eliminated me - nooklyn

Annoying host (3/5)

Fun game, my husband and I love playing against each other at night. But the host is ANNOYING! All the jibber jabber in the beginning is so unnecessary. - Horghdkdkfjdkdkvklgd

Disconnects (1/5)

Always - Lost everything

Hq (4/5)

Free money! - htk...hqpro

Amazing (5/5)

I am sooooo into this game me and my family sit down and play it every night - dhdhsueuejdhsh

HQ Trivia (5/5)

Great Game, very enjoyable and I love it,OMG!! - MY SHWANTE'

Sooooo fun (5/5)

This Game is so fun and kinda hard 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 - Slimicorn2000

Fun fun fun (5/5)

This game is so much fun! Doesn’t cost a dime and you can win real money!!! - Anniedreat

Fun app (5/5)

I love this app! I am so addicted to it! - qwebx

Addictive (5/5)

So fun. We never miss playing except when there is no WiFi. - dawn breaking