HQ - Live Trivia Game Show

By Intermedia Labs
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HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.

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love it! (5/5)

awsome app. so much fun. - ginagelchiee

Add Email (3/5)

Can you please make it so that you can use email and phone number to get an account because I don’t have a phone number - SissyChubbz

I love this game (5/5)

I love this game because even when I don’t win money it is still fun. Scott Rogowski is great. - Siednarb

So much promise (2/5)

This app could be so much fun, but there’s definitely things to be improved upon. Firstly just the technical part of it, there are still some bugs and the servers can’t handle so many people and it can get so laggy. All of that can be managed over time though so it’s not too bad. However, my biggest gripe with this game is the host. I’m not sure if they’re trying to stall or what but there is so much nonsensical rambling, sometimes I don’t even bother playing because I’m not in the mood to listen. It would be so much better if the host went straight into the game instead of make quiz puns for two minutes. Looking at you, Quiz Khalifa 🙄 - volleygirl65

"Bug fixes" not changing anything (2/5)

Still having frequent disconnection issues dropping me from games and audio/visual disturbances. Step up your game - you get millions of people playing you need to have better support - Ctdemonet

Revirw (5/5)

Its a wonderful app and everyone reading this should download it - Noah c!!!!

Pretty awesome (4/5)

Great questions, some ridiculously hard (a good thing). Too much lag time, connection issues though. - Maraudermick

Glitch (1/5)

I have been playing this game for almost 3 weeks now and have only been able to finish a the game 6-7 times. The rest of the times the game has frozen and hasn’t let me pick. I have been connected to WiFi every game. I hope this gets fixed soon. - Gfcggbdygydj

Glitch (2/5)

The game glitches all the time. Constantly. I've lost games before because it glitches and didn't pull up a question and then kicks you out, which is terrible when you're winning. Also the host talks way too much. - Megsswo

App Stinks (1/5)

Very laggy! Been kicked off, no question shows on screen, doesn't accept answers. Frustrating! Why bother? - Prfamr

Total waste of time. (1/5)

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it only matters how laggy it is. The game doesn’t present you with the questions and you get lagged out. Over hyped, under engineered. Pass. - Jaffar

Submit the code to get extra life (5/5)

adhamr - adhamr


It’s always freezing, eliminates you for no reason, or not letting you answer the questions. It’s a fun game but it never seems to work. - williambarrett

The lag (2/5)

I’ve been playing this game since it first started becoming a thing and I’m still very disappointed that they have not fixed the video feed lag, it is absolutely brutal and it’s been doing this forever and everyone complains about it yet they haven’t fixed it. Very disappointed and it ruins the experience always having a loading symbol - Corkster247

Too much to complain (2/5)

The lag, the confusion, and the fact that this wasn’t meant to be - Schmidtyeet

Fun but Barely played (4/5)

Very good game and very fun. The downside is that there are only 2 live streams a day. I get that they don’t have all the money in the world, but I feel like the 9pm one should be $1,500 and there should be one full price at 8am EST. In conclusion, very good game, but only able to play twice a day. - SNOWGG 123

Great app/game (5/5)

Love this app it’s a great way to test your luck and roll the dice to see if you win but it’s very tedious at times - Zamonkey222

Fan (5/5)

Fan but difficult to win im always lose - blooper29

Server issues. (2/5)

Major lag kicks us out. If you’re trying to expand you need better servers to handle demand. - PatrickSmith

Great interactive social game (5/5)

Love that it’s free and questions aren’t so difficult making it actually possible to have a shot at winning. The regularly hosted 1 PM and 8 PM hosted games with reminders is genius and give me and my co workers something to look forward to when we take our 2 pm break together to play. - _MoCo_

Cannot get phone verification code (1/5)

Hi - I am not able to get a phone verification code. Have tried over a month and several attempts. Please help. - MissBiskit

Great game! (5/5)

Wish i was smarter! This is such a fun concept! Who cares about winning money? Virtual group interaction ROCKS. - PatrickMcFly

Bugs still in the app ? (2/5)

Game lately freezes or lapses in loading . Maybe too many players , frustrating. - LATX831

Scam (2/5)

I was playing the other night and the entire chat room said their questions didn’t come up. The dude kept on going. Tells me it’s pre recorded. - Kkkrrriiisssjjjkkkoooeeehhh

Froze Up 2 Out of 3 Times (1/5)

This app is an awesome and innovative idea however i’ve tried playing 3 times and 2 out of the 3 it froze up and disqualified me. I was plugged in and on fast wifi. Fix your issues if you want to be a success. - bman46

Unhappy start up (1/5)

My friend referred me to play. A half hour before the game started the login would not allow me to create a profile. I uploaded my picture username and referral code and every time I pressed finish it would not prompt me to the next screen. With such a high user base it should be a priority to ensure that the app does not glitch out- as this is the entire purpose of the app is for live play. I deleted the app instantly feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The only reason it was re-downloaded is so I can attempt to play the first game to allow my friend to get her free life. It’s not even exciting for me anymore as the initial start up left a bad taste in my mouth. - karrra41

Can’t sign in. (1/5)

I want to play, but however, the app will not send the verification code to my number. 😫😫 - Therealeoc

Fun game, but there are 2 major issues (3/5)

HQ is a lot of fun, I like trivia and so do my friends. We play together a ton to see how well we can do. However, 2 major issues come about every single time. 1: Lag. I have a decent WiFi speed and I understand that streaming live to up to 1 million+ people can be a lot, but the lag can be excessive and often screws me over for questions I know the answer to because I have to read it instead of hear the question and have time to think. 2: The time it takes. I understand that many things need an opening monologue, but what Scott does is absolutely excessive. This bothers me more than lag. If it’s a 12 question game scheduled for 3pm ESTand 9pm EST with each question being 10 seconds long, the game should not give question 1 at 3:06pm or 9:06pm. Scott should talk for about a minute, say something that is actually funny, and then get right into the questions. Every other host I’ve seen has done that and I enjoyed those experiences much more. If Scott could talk less then the game would be much, MUCH better. Having that fixed would certainly improve my rating of this game. Overall, I very much enjoy HQ, but some of its issues are becoming unbearable. - This needs to be fixed!!!

Best app I’ve ever used! (5/5)

So fun and easy to play!! Just log in at 2pm or 8pm for the trivia games and answer questions for big money - Hannah031496

Good Game, Signup Issues... (3/5)

I can seem to be able to play the game because i cant verify my phone number. I never recieve the verification code even if I click on resend. A couple of my friends also seem to have this issue. - Andreshamis

Awesome idea-bad execution (3/5)

Seems to be too popular for its own good. Very very glitchy, sometimes too glitchy to play. When it works it’s a lot of fun. - Samsonite44

HQ (5/5)

Fun game really fun. Exciting - Pikesville Eagle

No way to answer (3/5)

Heard the question, could see host, answers never appearred and I could not answer. Then I was out???? - JLaga

Not ready for prime time (3/5)

Good game but it’s suffering from it’s own popularity. I have a 1 gig optical connection to the internet and still buffers, missed 1 question because screen froze... if they ramp up fast could be unbelievably popular but if they don’t fix their streaming issues no one will play the game. There’s a lion in the cage but they have to find the key to release it! - Alex1758867

Huge lag (2/5)

Huge lag - gufuknd

Send the Code (1/5)

I can’t seem to get a verify code for this app. I have tried like 5 different times. What’s going on? - Kahboomer

Code (2/5)

I can’t receive my code to signup for it - StrikeFreedonBK

Love it!!! (5/5)

Challenging and stressful. But I love it. Tonight 1/21/18 was my first time playing but I’m hooked. Hopefully I win that grad prize next time! - TDGJ26

penis (1/5)

i dint like it - Giweis

Why (1/5)

Why would you say the winner of a football game... have you not herd of a DVR - Divergcm

Insensitive and Un-American (1/5)

My wife and I played the game for several weeks, and enjoyed it. However, she and I will no longer play as the app omitted “Under God” from the pledge of allegiance. Just a Christian couple taking a very small stand. - rthester

Disappointed (1/5)

Too many glitches and questions not showing up, eliminating players through no fault of the players. No longer playing this very disappointing game. Need to fix issues. - sissbtn

Great (5/5)

Best app ever - Mick fatso

Politically correct BS (1/5)

Played a game tonight where the host removed “Under God” from the pledge. Who does he think he is? - hokiem09

Great Idea (3/5)

Although I love to play this game, there are a few problems with glitches and lag. Sometimes I get eliminated without ever being able to answer the first question. Other than that, I think this game is fun. - Cynthevin

Needs a new host (2/5)

Rogowsky gets annoying after a few games. Just ask the questions and less mindless banter. - Hennister

🤑🤑 (5/5)

Awesome live trivia quiz to win money!! - Jbens23

I never received the extra lives for my friends joining (2/5)

I never received the extra lives for my friends joining. - JCHutchinson

My question never appears (2/5)

He reads the question...I, often, know the answer, but I don’t get to answer because it does NOT appear on my screen!!! Frustrating! This happens all the time! - Khuffman28

Entertaining (5/5)

Love playing, learn so many fun facts. Just wish they could fix the glitches and lag time. - smoc04