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Looking for easy money? Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you $$ for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel activities with more than 100,000 merchants and brands nationwide. Start getting paid for doing the things you already do. Simply download the Dosh app, securely connect your credit and debit cards, and live life as usual. Every time you use those cards, Dosh searches for available offers or coupons that match your transactions. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the offer and converts it into cold, hard cash, then deposits it directly into your Dosh wallet. You don’t have to do a thing. Dosh is also the best way to book hotels. First, plug your destination into the app to get the most competitive prices available. Then book the hotel through the app, complete your stay, and voilà — instant cash back. With Dosh, there’s no: • Coupon clipping • Receipt scanning • Code entering or remembering discount codes • Hassle Just cash back, automatically. It’s that simple. Download the Dosh cash back app now and get paid to do the things you already do. HOW IT WORKS: • Connect your cards. Dosh uses bank-level, encrypted security to connect with your credit and debit cards. • Shop, dine out, book a hotel Use any one of your connected credit or debit cards to make a purchase from a Dosh merchant — or to book a hotel or travel activity through the app — and get cash back. As an extra perk — when you book hotels through Dosh — you get the most competitive prices available. • Get cash back All cash back from offers and hotels goes directly into your Dosh wallet. • Use your cash Transfer your cash into a bank account or PayPal. Or donate it to a charity right from the app. FEATURES: • Cash Back, Automatically Dosh is revolutionizing the way the world does cash back. Unlike other cash back apps, there’s no need to cut coupons, scan receipts, or remember discount codes. Dosh does all the work for you. Through secure credit and debit card connection, Dosh automatically finds existing offers, redeems them, then puts the cash into your Dosh wallet. • Get Cash Back from 100,000+ Brands & Merchants Dosh is available at hundreds of thousands of stores, restaurants, and hotels across the country, with new offers and brands added every day. • The Only Cash Back App with Hotels & Travel Activities Worldwide Dosh is the best way to book hotels. When booking through the Dosh app, you get the most competitive prices available, plus guaranteed cash back. Booking hotels is the fastest way to rack up the cash. You can also get cash back on travel activities (e.g. city explorer passes, wine tours, amusement park tickets, etc.). Login to the app and checkout nearby activities. • Refer Friends & Family Dosh is better when shared with friends and family. That’s why we give you $5 for every person you refer (once they download the app and redeem their first offer or complete a hotel stay). So share Dosh with everyone you know. It’s like putting cash right into their pockets. • Refer Your Favorite Businesses For every business you refer that signs up with Dosh and publishes an offer, you get 20% of the marketing fees they pay Dosh for two years. If they pay us $100 a month, we’ll deposit $20 a month into your Dosh wallet. That’s $480 for two years just for the referral. Plus, you get a commission each time a Dosh user redeems an offer from that business. Dosh loves small businesses. We help them acquire new customers, increase purchases from existing customers, and drive loyalty to keep those customers for life. Love Dosh? Please take a moment to review our app! Your feedback is our greatest asset—especially when that means helping more people get cash back.

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Very limited. (2/5)

The stores and places to get cash back are pretty limited. Wish there were more places to earn from. - Tulips_4u

Liars! (1/5)

You said $15 to invite a friend with my invite link. I invited a friend and u gave me $5 - Thatyourguy

wow awesome app (5/5)

is amazing app please - I AM GAD YOUR FATHER

Love the app but... (3/5)

I downloaded the app and uploaded my card and got my $5. Only problem is I've referred 10 friends and I have yet to get any money from my referrals!! I need answers on why my money is not showing up - Iamaratingsperson1

disappointed (1/5)

i tried to register and it always said it was full then i created an reminder i was able to start registration and then it says my phone number is not valid. it is a us number and it is not voip. is like i cant win with this ppl. impossible to creat an account and tickets you create are never responded. im deleting this app - Shany_rock

Save your time, Smh (1/5)

I thought I’d love this app because I love saving. But all the deals shown to me are of places that aren’t close to me. When I update my location nothing pops up. Y’all I live in Brooklyn NY, I find that pretty odd.... I work in the city and no deals pops for there either smh. - Annabell7491

Issues (2/5)

I had issues getting signed up because it said it had reached it capacity for the day. I had referred several people but didn’t get the money ($15 referral) because they didn’t get to sign up by the deadline due to the same issue I had. - swillett0017

Get this (5/5)

It works it really works!! - BJ0417

Needs a lot of work (2/5)

The concept of Dosh is cool, but they don't have nearly enough local offer opportunities for this app to be worth remembering when you're out shopping. Also, the fact that it takes 3-5 days to transfer INTO PayPal is ABSURD. I will admit they created an amazing marketing campaign to drive downloads, but once you get the app, you will be disappointed within a week of using it.. - ChanelBelle1

Referrals (3/5)

I did two tickets about 2 referrals I never received and no one ever contacted me nor did I ever receive my referral bonuses for the two people. - That's whts up!

Referral bonuses (2/5)

I'm not getting all my referral bonuses - James Simms

It works (5/5)

Got 25 dollars in 5 minutes just by referring people. Works well - lil midnight

They be playing too much.... (1/5)

The fact that the app makes you wait to register then doesn’t consider ‘787’ area code numbers as a U.S. number is ridiculous. - Gabe1111222

False advertising (1/5)

I’m referring people and telling them it’s $15 per person you refer but we both are only getting $5 I.T clearly says on the referral page $15. - KPOSSIBLE982

Likes and dislikes (4/5)

Okay a friend sent me their link during the $15 bonus during the promotion until January 21, 2018. I download the app and started sharing my link with my friends. Many of whom tried to download the app from my link so I could get the bonus also and many got this message saying we’re growing fast and we’ve reached our daily sign up limit. It didn’t say anything about a limit when telling you to refer a friend. So I did have I think 4 friends sign up and I got the bonus for them. It’s a neat app because anything that puts money back into your pocket works for me in today’s economy. Now the things I don’t like about the app, when you cash out it takes a while for the money to go to your bank unlike other apps that just put the money on the card of your choice. But after 3 days the money was in my account. I didn’t like that you have to add a bank account after already adding your cards. I also don’t like to get the $25 back for the first hotel stay completed you have to book through their app. And I was searching for a very pacific hotel in Savannah Georgia that wasn’t on the app. So there’s limited hotels to choose from. Also they don’t have enough major retailers signed up like Macy’s , Nordstrom ones I shop a lot in my area they don’t have many restaurants either. I’m in Covington and the have Your Pie Pizza Place located in the square and some hamburger place. So not many ways to earn money if I don’t shop at any places they have. They do have Forever 21 I shop there sometimes for my daughter. I wish I New more about how to refer a business because you get paid for 2 years and that would be nice. But overall on a scale from 1 to 10 with ten being the highest I rate the app a good seven. Did enjoy the four bonus I got but would have love for everyone that tried to use my link to be able to sign up and not get the message with the emoji with 2X for the eyes saying oops we’ve reached our limit for today. And some tried to sign up in the morning and still got that message. Oh and I have purchased something from Bloomingdale’s and it’s been mailed to me but didn’t get anything for that order yet. But I’m not sure how long it takes to get your percentage when you shop online. But when I used it at Your Pie it went on right away. I think I got .70 cents back. And you have to have at least $15 on your app to transfer to your bank. But I did enjoy the app bring back the $15 bonus and this time let everyone that tries to use my link sigh up. That really wasn’t fair since I wasn’t told anything about a limit. - Ms.LoveofInteriordesign

Can someone help?! (1/5)

Why won’t it let me sign up? I’ve had the app for days, still not letting me. Saying you reached your daily limit, yet I see people signing up around the same time I am trying. Also, it’s 3AM here so how have you already hit your daily limit. - kgb97

Daily Sign Up Limit??? (1/5)

I’ve never seen an app that had a limit of how many people can sign up for their app per day...not a good sign for business. Seems like DOSH App doesn’t have the capacity or network to back up an app they’ve launched prematurely. - mcmuas

It really works (5/5)

After linking a card (they are safe encrypted website) you can earn cash back on your purchases from participating vendors online and in your area, and I’ve used this personally and it really works, it’s couponing without the hassle! - samxarias

Hard to in! (1/5)

I’ve tried for days to get registered and started, but apparently they only allow a few people to join a day. It will tell you that you’ll get an email to register and start, I guess when there’s room. But I haven’t received anything. - laci702

I’m so grateful (5/5)

This is an amazing app i love It my family and i are so grateful - Lolakae

My referral code is not working. (1/5)

Hey I referred 3 people and It has been over 72 hours for the first 2 referrals which were done in Tuesday. The last referral were done on Friday. I haven’t gotten a confirmation yet email for the referrals or anything. I got all my referrals before January 21st. Please help! - Gabby222222

No pleased (1/5)

I am not pleased at all. I have used my card twice at places that are linked to Dosh and have yet to receive and of the funds for using them! - obrn06

Helpful (5/5)

Earning cash rewards on items and services you already use is awesome. Recommend this app - Jazzn4

Frustrating (1/5)

I realize they want to incentivize you to refer others, but they don’t have their act together. And putting a limit on the number of persons to join daily is ridiculous. And they don’t have a comprehensive list to reflect who you referred and who they’ve paid you for referring. While I trust the site and the encryption, their practice for referrals is borderline unethical by sending you emails to refer people, then those people going on a waiting list and you don’t get the credit you deserve. - tennispromn

Never Got my full amount (2/5)

I referred a friend with my link and never got the $15 I just got $5 for linking my card; and of course the app doesn’t allow u to cash out unless you have $15 in your account. - Awesome_isMe

You won’t receive cash back using Dosh (1/5)

I used Dosh to make an online purchase and yet did not receive the cash back offered. I emailed customer service and they asked for a screen shot showing that I had launched the site through the Dosh app. Why would I preemptively document that I made the purchase through the app? I was told that they were “looking into it” and after a month of no response I asked for an update but received the same answer. It is now TWO MONTHS since submitting my ticket to customer service with still no resolution. I won’t use Dosh ever again and I advise you all to not get your hopes up that this app will earn you cash back either. - RL1206

No longer works for online vendors. (1/5)

After I did the most recent update, the links no longer work for online vendors. - UAKat

I loved it ! (5/5)

I loved it you guys are super awesome ! - Samanta Hernández

Useless (1/5)

Downloaded but won’t let me register because there are too many people that already signed up for today... - ciscoan

Best app ever (5/5)

Just got this new app but I love it already. Easy money. - Jilllpokjfcrddrtyh

The best (5/5)

Love, Love, Love - Meezeh

Fantastic App (5/5)

Easy to use layout with great rewards! - Old Gregg II

Need help (2/5)

Everyday when i open this app it always says registration limited come back tomorrow an i sign up online an never got any email - Raphaeldanielmicheal

Not too good to be true (5/5)

I thought for sure this app was going to be bulls*** but after successfully transferring the $95 that I got for referring people into my actual bank account, I learned that this is a legit app. People are sleeping on this, for sure. - Ihateyouforthisinstagram

Frustrating. (2/5)

I’ve had several people ask for my referral link, and I’d have WAY more referral cash in my account if it didn’t say they’ve hit their limit for the day. Today is the last day to get $15 for referrals and my friends can’t even sign up! I’ve had people try first thing in the morning and late at night and they still can’t get in. What is this “limit”? It’s ridiculous! If you want people using your app, don’t put a cap on how many people can join in a day! - Omg_its_hb


I HAVE NOT received my second payment of $15 for referring another friend to DOSH. I did receive 1 payment of $15 for the first person I referred but still have yet to receive $15 for the second person. This is my THIRD time reaching out to you all and nothing has been done. I am very disappointed and will no longer be using you all’s service. I was promised funds in the app’s agreement and have yet to receive my funds. This is a disgrace! Please take action ASAP cause I NEED my funds that I was promised. - Marcus_Truee

Stores I shop is online (3/5)

Why is the stores I shop at only online? & Why don’t I get the good fast food places like wendys etc on mine? - DominiqueDope

Daily Limit (1/5)

I’ve been trying to join for days at different times, beginning at 12:02am. Always get the same prompt: reached daily sign up limit, join waitlist now. We will notify you as soon as registration opens up. Exactly what time does registration open up? - tbr0tz

🤗🤗 (5/5)

i love this app - luvsjennyr

It’s literally free money. (5/5)

10/10 - seyi177262

Great app (5/5)

This app helped me a lot being am off work for 6 weeks I want to thank them so much - sandy51269

Awesome (5/5)

Love love love this app so awesome - Shanda M

Haven’t even started yet!!! (1/5)

I’ve been trying to register for this app for about a week now. I’ve used the notification system to provide a email when registering services are open but it still says “ we’re growing to fast “ and to check back at a later time or use website . I’ve contacted support team but no response has been given for two days . At this point I’m just very frustrated and disappointed with this app and company all together. - WinnieLexiPooh

So Far So Good (5/5)

So far so good. I haven’t had any issues as of yet, but I also haven’t had a chance to use my cards at any of the participating stores either. I have however, receive funds from referring friends and family members which was a great of earning some spending - We2care4u

Dosh (5/5)

Best Way To Make Easy Free Money. I Really Enjoy This App Alot. If Anyone Is Really Interested In Making Free Money Contact Me On Facebook: Puree Sara - TheRealPurèeSaratoga

Awesome App (5/5)

Get this app......It saves and makes money!! My family and friends, collectively have saved hundreds of dollars on things we buy anyway! During their $15 referral promotion, I’ve seen ton of $15 payment notices. - MaestroMungin

Robbery (1/5)

Completed a total of 4 referrals during the bonus $15 period. I was next to my friends while they clicked my link I sent them and linked their cards. I only received credit ($15) for one of the four referrals. Wasted my time and patience. If you’re reading this, don’t waste your time. You won’t get your money. - Evan cav

Great (5/5)

Hey love you guys but can I get some help in logging in please I had to change my number now I can’t login at all please help I submitted a ticked and I think I got an referral - Its_meprincess jones

Best app ever! 💰 (5/5)

Its the perfect app for making extra money! Love that work in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🔛 - Ziberboy4

Customer service needs help (2/5)

Please consider answering the 7 emails I’ve had to send to get something answered. Should I send #8? - Shoegirl0310