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Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep! About AutoSleep ----------------- Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to. If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning once you unlock your iPhone. Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply put your Watch on charge just before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. A handy Today Widget lets you see how your own "batteries" are charged for last night and the previous seven days. A second (entirely optional) widget lets you also track the time you have taken to fall asleep. As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis. *Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping. AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. *Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 3.2 or higher. WatchOS 4.2 recommended.

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Love It! (5/5)

I love this app, I have found it to be quite accurate. Any plans to add a haptic tap / snore prevention feature? - stchizen

Great when it is accurate (3/5)

If I wake up in bed in the middle of the night, for a minute, then go back to sleep, it will, for example say I’ve been up for an hour. So the accuracy is compromised. This happens frequently. - ryfryyyyyyy

Great Tracking, Weird UI (4/5)

I love the data that AutoSleep gives me. It seems accurate and works pretty consistently. As someone who is a restless sleeper, I love the ability to tweak the sensitivity. Where AutoSleep falls short is in the looks category. In my opinion, it feels like it is trying a bit too hard to be different and interesting looking, and ends up feeling cluttered and awkward. I would love for the interface to be a little simpler. - Kobi Tate

Excellent data (5/5)

I find this app to be quite accurate. Love the no muss, no fuss, automation. - HateUniqueNickNames

This App is Wonderful (5/5)

I’ve had this app for almost a year and other than my Bible app, it’s the next app I open each and every morning. The statistics it provides me are maddening 😃. The key is the set the proper goal for how many hours of sleep you wish to get each night. Then let the app start calculating all your statistics. I’ve learned that my heart rate changes while sleeping depending on the dosage of medication I take. When the doctor reduced the dosage, my heart rate reduced. I’ve also learned that on days that I don’t get deep sleep, I get tired in the afternoons while at work. There are more examples but there is so much feedback this app provides. 5 stars from me. - Andre0599

The Best for Apple Watch (5/5)

This app has helped me SO much. There’s a bit of a learning curve for how to figure out your best settings and what to do when you need to edit sleep, but once you figure it out, it’s quite easy. It tracks so well and there are many ways you can adjust settings to fit your sleep style. - Mollysaurus

Great Insight into Sleep Patterns (4/5)

Recently discovered this app when I decided to improve my sleep. This was my third app to try. Took me a while to get comfortable with the interface because it presents a lot of data. What I’ve found is that it is fairly accurate considering it is simply using my watch. I feed this information into Coach Nova app which coaches me on my sleep habits. My sleep has improved over the past three weeks so yes, I recommend this app. - TKring

Excellent, easy (automatic), rigorous. (5/5)

Excellent, easy (automatic) to use, uses multiple measurements to judge sleep quantity and quality. - BuckoPgh

Great! (5/5)

I look forward to checking my app every morning! I am so pleased with the analysis it provides as well as giving you the option of further investigation n Heart Watch. I highly recommend Auto Sleep. - mikiejoy

Re; (5/5)

Great App - Big Phil_B

A sleep app that give all the details I need (4/5)

This is the sleep app I have been looking for. It really does the job of letting me know how long I rest and other points that let me know if my sleeping habits have changed with very little need to start or stop. A great app. - marksbro

Good app (5/5)

I use everyday - matthewyumk

Excellent (5/5)

Very precise sleep tracking. Best app ever! - Windhawk1

Great app for Apple Watch (5/5)

Lots of good info about your sleep based on movement and HR detected from AW. Because of upgrades I have an AW2 and an AW3 so I can wear one to bed while the other charges, which makes it easy to get the full benefit of the app. - Baltimore Scott

Great app (5/5)

Just started using and already a favorite app. - Airtyme

It works! (5/5)

This does an excellent job, and improves my understanding of how many hours slept, which I have realized “I rounded up”. - gadgetfan

Followed my worst ever night accurately (5/5)

Bought because overall reviews for last six months were very good. It’s been very accurate for about a week, but last night it was spot on. 3% deep sleep!!! I’ll be dragging today, but it showed the wake periods and when my heart was stressing over not sleeping to the mark. 🙄💤 - Kish850

Reports sleep when watch is off (1/5)

When I don’t wear my watch to bed it still shows about 8 -10 hours sleep. It does a nice job when I wear the watch but I don’t always wear it. - Bill67rep

Love it (5/5)

Great app to track sleep. It’s very accurate. - boomalexboom

Love this App! (5/5)

Let me start by saying I never buy Apps but when I got my Apple Watch I wanted an App to track my sleep. I started off by downloading every free sleep tracker in the App Store, none of them worked! So I decided to buy this one because of the great reviews it got. It works! From the time I downloaded it, it has been tracking my sleep and naps without having to push any buttons. Glad I found it! - melissa.smith0473

Love this App (5/5)

Great way to track sleep - Winston Churchilll

Lights off (4/5)

I like this app a lot bc it detects your sleep automatically (hints the name 😉) I find it is more accurate when you use the lights off. - Cmurphy26

Love this app!!! (5/5)

This app is really good at tracking sleep data! It’s been very helpful to me and is motivating me to get plenty of rest and take better care of myself! Easy to understand and to look back to see your history. Seems very accurate as well! - My apple watch

Great sleep app, just a LOT of fine-tuning (4/5)

Everything in this app is SUPERB, the ONLY problem I find is all the fine tuning you (maybe not YOU but I do) have to do almost 2 times a week. And IF you have a problem? You're in trouble because you have to do even MORE troubleshooting and be prepared to read a LOT. If it wasn't for that I'd give it 5 stars. - GojuBill

Best watch app (5/5)

A great app need to get not a waste of money! - thicc fella

Great (5/5)

Nice app to use! For apple watch i feel its 98% acurate.. - martianmi

Taught me to sleep better (5/5)

Monitoring my sleep patterns really helped me identify not only when I was sleeping but how well I was sleeping. From this I was able to identify what things led to better and worse sleep. Thanks for the support and the better sleep. - Doc Melster

Great app (5/5)

It provides all the data I need!! - Mj9854

Pretty decent (3/5)

Not as good at tracking sleep as a Fitbit but it does the job ok. - MicahFrazier

Best sleep tracking app. Still room to improve. (5/5)

Best Apple Watch sleep tracking app. Works very well. Interface takes a while to grasp. But once you do it is loaded with useful information. I do challenge the team for this app to find a way to use simpler, more intuitive visualizations. - banksjim

Love it (5/5)

It’s easy to use. You don’t have to turn it on every night. I love it! - 678fit

Excellent views of the data (5/5)

This app does a great job of showing your data without the need for a lot of time to dissect it. Good job! - Zman_too

Better than expected (5/5)

Tracks everything I need to know to track my sleep. I started using a c-pap about 3 weeks ago and this app takes the guesswork out of monitoring the quality of my sleep. - Tony C 999

Get’s more accurate w every update (4/5)

Good App - Joe_no_the_other_joe

Wonderful App! (5/5)

I am so pleased with this app. It gives me all the information I need and more that I am using to keep better track of my well being. Thank you so much fo this little gem! It has been well appreciated in my home. - hrosmarino

Great for people with sleep apnea (5/5)

I use the app nightly, which only requires that I wear my Apple Watch to bed. It tells me how long, and how well, I slept, monitors my heart rate, and more. With sleep apnea, my quality of sleep is critically important in how I feel. This app definitely helps me monitor the critical life component that sleep is in my life. - OMR LAW

You should try the app (5/5)

The app is great. It provides some interesting information. I just started using this app a week ago so I’m still learning about it but am enjoying it. Got the Apple Watch to see if it could help me prove to my SO that he might have sleep apnea. I would love to see this app record snoring information. Would also love to be able to use it in my iPad to view the stats. - kmturtle

Great sleep app! (4/5)

I’ve had this app for over 6 months and it works like a dream. Tells me when I’m restless, which helps me find better ways to get a good nights sleep. Also shows me my average heart rate and deep sleep which is important. I look at it every morning. It’s part of my healthier me initiative! - Kbloss214

Enlightening (5/5)

I have only been using for 4 days but the insights are fascinating. A lot of my sleep pattern I understood intuitively but this app provides quantifiable data. Allows you to be intentional about your sleep which I suspect will improve general health. - Michaelpmurphy

Best tracker on the App Store (5/5)

I have this connected to my Apple Watch. Hands-down this is the best sleep app on the App Store. Gives reliable and accurate information and syncs up with my heart monitor. Absolutely love this app. - snjmiller

Very nice app (5/5)

I never used to track my sleep but I’m glad I started. This app is very user friendly and the fact it tracks my sleep automatically without me having to push a “start button” is awesome. - grggrs

Great app! Good information, no hassles (5/5)

Great app! - bendybob

Great App to monitor the quality of your Sleep (5/5)

I actually was speaking to an Apple Customer Relations Representative, who wa helping me resolve an issue and we were discussing my interest in purchasing an Apple Watch because I was recently diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and owned the Apple Watch and highly recommended this App along with the Heart Watch App. I have been absolutely thrilled with how well it works and how it has changed my lifestyle to get up standing more and exercising more. I recommend this App along with the Apple Watch and Heart Watch App. - Esadjennings

Great app! (5/5)

I used to use my Fitbit to check my sleep all the time, since I downloaded AutoSleep it works so well with all my devices I don’t even look at Fitbit anymore. This app gives me so much more information and is easy to use and understand, I’m not very tech savvy so I was a little hesitant, but I’m so glad I got it! - Ransunworks

Pretty good app (4/5)

Bought a new Apple Watch and decided to keep track of my sleep, especially starting a new job and sleep schedule. I really like how it lays out how much sleep, quality sleep and deep sleep you get a night. Really a neat app and only $2.. - Bgd2980

I look forward to it. (4/5)

This is amazing. How it tracks your sleep. I find myself wondering how many hours I sleep with this app. It works great for me. I’m still learning it, as I believe it is learning me. - 1Dj Lee

Counting the hours slept (4/5)

The app is a great way to track the hours slept. It encourages me to get to bed at the right hour to ensure a full night sleep. I just have to listen to it. - hashevick, john

Just bought this app (5/5)

I’m still learning the features of this app but so far I’m impressed by its functionality. - iamchriscohan

Trash (1/5)

🚮🚮🚮 Apparently after being in bed for an average of 8 hours the past several weeks I only sleep for an average of 2 hours. I know this isn’t the case. I wake rested. I’ve tried adjusting settings, following help guidelines, and only using the Watch app or phone app but I get the same results. Waste of $. - aight sleeper

Great Sleep App for IOS users (5/5)

Excellent functionality! Pretty accurate from what I can tell. Highly recommended! - Barls31