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Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep! About AutoSleep ----------------- Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to. If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning once you unlock your iPhone. Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply put your Watch on charge just before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. A handy Today Widget lets you see how your own "batteries" are charged for last night and the previous seven days. A second (entirely optional) widget lets you also track the time you have taken to fall asleep. As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis. *Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping. AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. *Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 3.2 or higher. WatchOS 4.2 recommended.

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Great app!! (5/5)

This app makes life easier for me. It is connected to my WW app, so that my activity points are automatically figured. I can see my sleep habits and deep sleep cycles. I have enjoyed it. - Siamcinderella

First app I purchased for Apple Watch 3 (5/5)

Great graphics, easy to use. - skillians

This thing is very, very accurate (5/5)

This so follows my sleep and wake patterns and it is amazing. I used another app and this one by far wins! - fotoghifer

Love the automatic turn on and off (4/5)

But when I ran the new 11 iOS it messed everything up and was not capturing so we are now currently working on trying to resolve that situation. - Lms4158

Finally a great sleep app (5/5)

Very comparable to the Fitbit sleep function that I’m transitioning from. I love it. Automatically senses when I’m asleep, awake or have started my new day. Highly recommended. - Infiniumguy

Will not sync with my iPhone X. (1/5)

Works great on my husbands 8+, but never tracks my sleep on my X. Have deleted, reinstalled and even 2 visits to the Apple Store. Very disappointing. - Kjemail

Really good app! (5/5)

This a really good app to track sleep quality. Worth every penny. Developers: please port this app to iPad. Also create an option to share live updating to share with others, or other app users. - Travnseattle

AutoSleep (4/5)

I love how you don’t have to do anything it knows when your sleeping it’s amazing how it does that - Goldpumpkinspice

Great app (5/5)

Love using with my new watch - Savingrace4u

Best sleep tracker ever (5/5)

It just works! Charge watch 1 hour before bed (after completing activity rings, for instance) and you can wear it to track sleep AND all the next day with no battery worries. Great app 👍🏻 - ike_mobile

Not impressed (2/5)

I purchased this app to use with my Apple Watch thinking it would be more accurate than other sleep apps I have used. Unfortunately it is not. Had to email for support once and they were responsive. But overall the app just needs a lot of work. - dani5748

inept (1/5)

Recorded only 2-3 hours sleep per night for four nights when In was unconscious for 6-7.5 hours each night. What was I doing all that time I was "awake?" Ran Pillow concurrently, which accurately recorded my sleep time along with metrics autosleep does not have, plus audio during sleep. Deleted autosleep. - harrymacz

Great app! (5/5)

This is a great app. It is very accurate with the times. - DannieLoy

Constantly Loses Connection (2/5)

Every few days the app tells me it looks like I haven’t been wearing my watch or whatever. I always wear my watch. It gets so frustrating to have to go through the motions of re-establishing the connection. Not even worth the time. - stormedeb

Great so far (4/5)

Gives me all the info I need. In a bunch of different graphs n formats. Love it so far - Electricity pays

Must have (5/5)

This app is essential when owning an Apple Watch. Recently got one and I like this sleep tracking better than the Fitbit! Excellent purchase, highly recommend. - djcue95

Great sleep tracker (5/5)

It seems to be very accurate for what I feel in the morning. I'm a very restless sleeper and it reflects that very accurately. Works flawlessly. I love that there is no setting it, you just sleep and it works. I have not tried it with my phone but it works great with my watch. - NPMD

Excellent! (5/5)

It took me a couple of days to dial it in, but now the app accurately detects my sleep and even my naps. Love it! Great work! - Maughaum

Works great! (5/5)

I enjoy seeing how well I’m able to sleep. Works well with the heart rate app too! Recommend it if you have any health concerns that need extra confirmations. - Bholm1

Nice app. Moved to Apple Watch from Fitbit (5/5)

The Fitbit has the sleep tracker built in. This App exceeds the Fitbit app. - tjpacini

AppleWatch Crashes (4/5)

I really like this app and the new update. The only bug is when I scroll pass the AutoSleep complications on my 42mm⌚️ 2nd generation, my watch always crashes. So now I just scroll complications on my phone so that my watch doesn’t crash to the Apple logo. - AndreiWatts

Great Program (5/5)

I needed a simple program to help me track my sleep patterns on my watch because I want stay healthy. It works good with my Apple Watch. I would recommend this program highly, it lets me adjust sensitivity because I am a restless sleeper and I don’t have to let it know when I am about to sleep like other programs. It also tracks my blood pressure while I sleep. - Pepsiwepsi

Not worth the money (2/5)

I bought this app because I wanted a sleep tracker that was tied into my Apple Watch so I could track my restlessness as I sleep. I was hoping this app would do the one thing I wanted really well. Instead, it tracks 5 or 6 things (4 or 5 of which I don’t care about), with mediocrity. The data is a sensory overload, and changing settings is extremely cumbersome (I have to go through the wizard to change notification preferences instead of a simple settings page). This app tracks my movement throughout the day (which Apple’s own activity tracker does anyway, and better). It tracks when my watch is on the charger (really?), it tracks my heart rate while I sleep (apple has a heart rate monitor already), which is cool to see the correlation, but the diversity of data being visualized is a bit much (line graph of heart emojis). All of these tracking features lead to a horrible user interface (a line graph of heart emojis for heart rate), an ugly circle graph with 4 rings. As a software developer that works with data visualizations, I found it hard to grok how to navigate around and find out how things work. I don’t like how it determines sleep quality either. It’s based on a baseline “preferred hours of sleep”, which is kind of wonky IMO. If I go to bed early enough, and wake up late enough, but have a horrible night of tossing, turning, and waking up periodically, I can still achieve 100% sleep quality (which seems horribly inaccurate). I prefer how my alarm app Sleep Cycle determines sleep quality. If I have a bad night of sleep, regardless of the hours I slept, it’s clearly noticeable. Honestly, this app has so much potential, but it just tries to do too much. - ChrisPlz

Excellent in many ways (5/5)

Ever since i got the iPhone i have wanted to track my sleep. The model 2 and especially the 3 seemed to have the battery life needed for 24hours of wearing. So i tried a couple apps and THIS is the one i settled on. Easy to use, lots of data to follow and great features. My wife and I enjoy using it and comparing our nights rest :-) Then we had a problem with her watch and some general questions. All was resolved quickly and easily by tech support. Way to go Autosleep. - Boyeen

Great once you tweak it. (4/5)

I have always had periods where my sleep pattern gets off and it takes weeks to get back on track (side note I recently found taking magnesium and l-theanine works when almost all sleep aids fail for me). I bought an Apple Watch specifically to track my sleep and bought this app right away. Tried a few others since and they track non-existent sleep. Had to play with settings and the tweak tool for a few days to dial it in but finally got it where it tracks my sleep perfectly for the past month (did update to latest version a few days ago and still tweaking). and it’s nice to know how much actual and deep sleep I am getting. - antiMusic

Great sleep tracker (5/5)

I have been using this app for a month. It so helpful to know how little Nguyen I am sleeping and when I am getting REM sleep. It has a great app and I highly recommend it. - Julie iCloud

Love the New Summary (5/5)

Now there is a “Sleep Summary“ that can be seen easily on my Apple Watch. It makes the app even better and COMPLETES it. You couldn’t ask for anything more. - Soseoul

Perfect (5/5)

There’s nothing bad I can say about it. It knows exactly when I’m asleep and exactly when I’m awake, down to the minute. The data is presented very well, also. It shows total sleep, deep sleep, heart rate, averages over different periods of time....and more. There are several settings that you can tweak for individual use as well....such as the phone setting. You can tell it to mark you as being awake as soon as you unlock your phone or you can tell it that you tend to fall asleep with your phone in the bed and not to do that. That setting is important to me because I wake up and look at my phone and I lay very still. Now the app knows that I’m not still asleep. Just as the title reads, it’s perfect! - NurseJenny79

Best sleep app yet (5/5)

I have used Sleep++ and Sleepmatic. AutoSleep is my favorite of these three apps - jedperkins

Importante (5/5)

Después de usar la app es que te das cta lo importante q es el sueño dentro de nuestro día a día , antes ni lo tomabas en cta, 🙏🏻🤪 - Tote8

can finally drop the fitbit (4/5)

the only reason i was holding onto my fitbit is now covered with this app. automatically tracking sleep is great. the last step for me is to have ifft integration but looking it up in healthkit works for me for now - davideotape

Loving this App! (5/5)

I just downloaded it today, but so far , I am loving the app. I think it will really encourage me to live more healthy .!! - BigWilley

Wanted to like this App (2/5)

Sadly this is not a user friendly app. They are trying too hard to be “tech” and it really makes this app useless for people who don’t eat, sleep, and breathe tech. You can’t change the sensitivity anymore and using adjust or teak just sends you into a loop of questions that never end with sensitivity adjustment. This is the only app that autodetects sleep based on set parameters and it’s useless. What a waste of money. - rsboucher07

Best sleep tracker for Apple Watch!! (5/5)

Tried several other apps and this is where I settled. Latest update makes it even more useful. App has helped me become more accountable to getting enough sleep, I am happy to say I am finally averaging over 8 hours!! - feinfam

Terrible app (1/5)

Plain and simple doesn’t work. Every other app works perfect but this one. Keep say everyday problems communicating with the watch. Try everything to troubleshoot it..... waste of my time and money. - Treblem10

Was great!!! (5/5)

Looks like not comparable with new iOS. The app cannot receive data from my Apple Watch. I tried few times to fix the issue as instructed on the website. - Tenzzy

Well developed app (5/5)

This app is very impressive. It has a clean, attractive and interesting interface. There are a ton of features included and, even better, lots of help screens and explanations included throughout. I’ve been wow’ed by how thoughtfully this app was designed and the amount of information you can get from it. - snowd0gg

What is happening (3/5)

Why does this app (only this app) keep disappearing off my phone every 2 days...? This will be the 3rd time I’ve downloaded it bc it keeps disappearing... what is happening !!!?? Anyone else have this problem. - 1crazychic

Excellent Data Representation (5/5)

Lots of data about time and quality of sleep. Have CPAP measuring some sleep aspects and app data aligns with that information. Because of app data, have been able to better understand personal habits and medications having bearing on quality sleep, especially relating to heart rate. My sleep has improved measurably. - Newest user

Need this (5/5)

This sleep app is the best, tried others that just confused me on how to use it. This app is user friendly - Poultry grwr

Great app!! (5/5)

It’s amazing how it gets the data. Love the app!! - Mnethan

This App is great. Can be a little complicated at first (5/5)

My wife and I both use this app with our Apple watches. Does a very accurate job of tracking sleep, and various sleep cycles. Took a little while to understand the detailed analytics, but the basic views are easy to understand. - Rgcrawford

The best sleep tracker for Apple Watch (5/5)

I’ve probably used almost every other sleep tracking app out there for Apple Watch (and a few other fitness trackers as well), so I feel confident saying that AutoSleep is the absolute best of the bunch. Once it’s setup , everything is just like it says in the name - automatic. For accurate results, I wear my watch to bed. This works out nicely even with the limited battery life, since I charge the watch while I shower. Perfect integration with Apple Health and a fair one-time cost! This is the app you’re looking for. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - Island Life

A good app, but you need to fire your UX team (3/5)

You need to make it simple to use, this is so confusing. At least do a few user testing before releasing it. Fire your UX team and get a new one, this could potentially change the whole app and it’s customer base. I choose to download this by only see the total ratings it had. Giving 3 stars as this is a good app, but you can make it great. - spanick1

Vital information that shows my sleep patterns (5/5)

I’ve been saying that I’m not getting good sleep. Now by wearing my watch to sleep, I have data to share with my physician. It shows my restlessness, quality sleep, and deep sleep as well as how often I’m awake laying in bed. This is worth the buy! I will also add that it works without wearing the watch to bed, but you get better data when you do. You get things like heart rate while asleep and how many times you’re awake without having to touch your phone each time. You lay down. It does the work. Pick up your phone in the morning and after syncing, view the results - CMac_NJ

Great App! (5/5)

This app has been so helpful and most days it is accurate! And best part is you don’t need to do anything but wear it to sleep . I love being able to track my patterns in sleep and look at my quality of sleep. The couple times I’ve left off my watch or it didn’t get a reading I was easily able to manually put the correct time in. It also syncs easily with my Apple health app . Really great app!.. - Joy sprinkler

Seems a bit overbuilt and yet does not work (1/5)

Might be the worse app ive ever used. Impossible to navigate. Seems like a scam to bank of the health hype train. Stark contrast from heart tracker and yet that app almost forces you to get auto sleep. Im not just tech savvy, tech is my life and this is impossible to use. I would like my money back.... Get an up move by jawbone and use their app. Because almost no one will use their watch to bed when it needs to charge unless you have two watches. This app needs a physical tracker if it is to work. But it UI is hysterically bad almost as bad as an app called different drummer which at least is useful due to the samples it packs. I literally lost sleep over this app but it did not track that. - V 1CKTOR

Exactly what I wanted (5/5)

This app works so well at knowing when I’m off to sleep and I’m happy with the feedback it provides. I can get a summary from my watch and details on my phone. I sleep all hours of day and night depending on work and it never has a problem. I would recommend this for sure! - Kmkendal8

Best sleep app—-bar none! (5/5)

Tried several and this one is THE best. Works seamlessly with Apple Watch and will work without. Info is great and auto loads to health app. Don’t hesitate. Apple need to buy this app and make it native to he ecosystem!!! - Harleydude64

Really good tracking (5/5)

I really love this app, it’s very helpful with tracking sleep. The best part though, is the fact that it’s automatic! You don’t have to be setting start times, off times, etc. Totally worth more than what I spent! - Migcamare