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New Pictures Every Day! Recolor is the world's favourite Coloring Book on Mobile! Join millions of people rediscovering the relaxation of coloring. "There is nothing as meditative and all-around blissful!" Recolor features over 1000 unique coloring pictures proven to help you rest your mind. Organized into themed chapters, with range in complexity from beginner to expert-level, the pictures feature Mandalas, Animals, Bouquets, Ornates, Lowpolys, Mortes and much more. Finish your creation with unique style themes that bring your design and creativity to life. The fresh and harmonic color palettes are designed for stress relieving coloring! Recolor offers an opportunity to channel the anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment and is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life. Recolor Unlimited Subscription - With Recolor Unlimited you can subscribe for daily new picture updates and unlimited access to the full picture catalog - You'll be able to access all available pictures and receive daily updates for the duration of your subscription - The subscriptions prices are $3.99 USD weekly, $9.99 USD monthly and $59.99 USD annually or equal to the same price tier that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines in other currencies. - You may cancel a subscription or free-trial anytime via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the free-trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Recolor Unlimited subscription Terms of use: Privacy policy:

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Add stuff (3/5)

Please add a ruler so we can color straight lines!!!! - CJ#softballgirl

Nana (5/5)

Very relaxing! I deleted this and am still being charged! Please stop thank you! - Boobalas Nana

F*** You Guys. (1/5)

If I could rate this with the 💩 emoji, I would. So, in order to color ONE g******* page, I have to watch an ad? You greedy mfs are going too far with this. I either have to watch an ad every time I want to color a page, or just get a subscription. I’m completely done with this app, and you guys don’t deserve the rating you have, but people are idiots and sheep, and don’t know how to stand up against bs and continue to rate this crap high. I’ve also been reading comments of concerned parents/grandparents about possible exploitation of children? Smh. Maybe people should report your app to Apple (as if they’re going to do a d**n thing about sh**) and try to get your app taken down. You b****** make Rockstar and Devisters look generous with their content. I’m deleting this app. I’m done. - IhatePeople13

Eh... (2/5)

The coloring pages are nice but you’ve got to pay for all the good ones. All of the ones advertised as free require you to watch a 30 second video before being able to access them. - Cat19998

The reason for 2 rating (2/5)

Although this app has some good content and the different styles of color palettes are excellent, there is an ongoing push for content that is exceedingly occultism. It is a subtle attempt to brainwash subscribers into excepting things like this that is rooted in evil. You discernment inside of you dear soul and you will see. Stay Away from this App. Yahuah reigns Supreme over all things in the Universe. - jonnysvd13

Great but (5/5)

I’ve been having issues with importing my images, I’ve not run out of daily imports but it just won’t let me. It’s getting very frustrating, - Cookieswirl c fan

Please read (if u want) (4/5)

I got this app like, a year ago, and it was ammaaaazingggg... Then everything cost moneyz and I deleted it because I'm poor. But! I'm trying it out again because I loved it. I think. - ClaireBear569

One major problem (3/5)

Those of us who don’t want to pay for unlimited access can use the unlock tokens. Then, if we want more, there is an option to watch an ad to get more. What frustrates me to no end it that the instant you click on the ad button, there’s a little notification that pops up that says there are no ads at the time. Doesn’t ever even look like its searching, so if you aren’t gonna put videos there to watch, don’t tease us with false hope. - Boobahmarie1010

Rating 👎🏻 (2/5)

Not that impressed lately all my imports get taken down no matter how long I worked on them. - ksspoohbear

Totally Recommend (5/5)

I really love this app. It’s really fun and their is lots to color. It’s kind off like social media but not exactly. - Creative_gal

I think I’m in love.. (5/5)

I love this app so much! It’s a great way to express your self and get involved and n fun stuff, art competitions, q and as, etc. But one thing, I don’t like that you only get five posts a day, it’s fine if you don’t change it, but it’s the only thing I think is not great about this app, other than that, I think I’m in love with this app!! - Recolor1233

Premium Is Overpriced (2/5)

Alright, let me get this straight. 3 dollars for just ONE week. ONE week. And when you don’t even have premium, you only get a few pictures to color, unless if you pay 10 tokens. But seriously, 15 dollars for just 1 month? I think it should be $7. And 80 dollars for a year. I’m speechless. And when you’re using crayons without premium, guess what? You don’t get the red colors, orange, yellow , green, blue, purple, and the others except “selection”. Seriously? Why? Honestly, I think the free trial is worth it, but 80 dollars... no... just no. Don’t waste 80 dollars just for one year. I think this app is great, but I’m giving it 2 stars because of the whole premium situation. - McpeKiller

. (5/5)

The game is amazing! The only problem is that there are only a few crayons to choose from unless you pay for things you don't want to pay for; other than that it is the best coloring game I have had. I also don't like that there is a limit to what you publish - reveiwer#7?

Hi people this is my review (5/5)

I 100% recommend this app to everyone! It has great pictures and is AMAZING! But one small thing that could be changed is when the new pictures are to old, you can't do them anymore, so maybe you could change that! - 🤔The Reviewer🤔

Well... (3/5)

It’s not the best u can’t move or anything and u have to PAY FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING - Addycake🌈🌈🌈🌈🦄🦄

Confusing (1/5)

Can’t even figure out how to delete my account 😡 - $ophieDIY2017

Great but... (4/5)

This app is great and I love playing it! It does have an unlimited version (which is way too expensive in my opinion) but it doesnt limit the “free version” as much as the other coloring apps i’ve tried. It also gives you tokens to buy unlimited stuff. Overall I like this game but i would tweak it a little. - I play this app

Pretty good! (5/5)

I like it. A lot. So much, to where it is addictive. For this reason, please remove it from my purchased list. Good game! Thank you! - LivLoveRead

Everything you haft to buy (4/5)

I love the game but I hate when I want to do a picture I can’t do it because I haft to have a membership and my family can’t afford it and there’s such a limited amount of colors - suveua

It’s good BUT... (4/5)

It’s a good app and is really easy to navigate but some of the pictures (the really good & popular ones) will kick me out of the app! I would click on it then about three seconds later I’m looking at my homes screen! Plus, you can’t do much when you don’t pay for everything! - 123Hamilton456

This App Is The Best (5/5)

I love this app so much all of my friends are on it and they love it too. It dose not glitch it worked smoothly and you can creat the picture to your personality. This game is the BEST love it so so so so so much THANK YOU I LOVE IT❤️ - Or at least a lower price

Very basic, the good stuff costs a lot (2/5)

No way am I going to pay what they want on a monthly basis for a coloring book. That's just ridiculous. - lindamermaid

I’m very annoyed. (1/5)

This app is good in terms of what it’s supposed to do. It’s fun to color and be creative. That’s not why I’m mad. I’m mad because I tried the free trial to be able to color all of the premium designs. But when it was up, it didn’t tell me and it didn’t show how to end the trial. So the app kept taking money out of my account without me knowing. In total, it probably took about $40 from me. So just be careful when using the free trial. - Mikey Stup

Not enough men (3/5)

I love your App! I can’t sleep for coloring on it so much. Although there are thousands of images for us to color, why are there so many images of women? Why aren’t there more of men and doing men stuff? Like men on motorcycles, playing sports, bare chested men, etc. Please consider adding more men pages to the galleries! - CallmeBlessed

Amazing (5/5)

Love it... so fun and so relaxing. I have a autistic Son and I’m going to see if can down this this app on my sons ipad. - Prrada

I like it (4/5)

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! When I am angry this game is such an stress reliever it calms me down within seconds this game is so UNREAL!!!😍😍😜 - Lucy Eardley

No Limit To Creativity (4/5)

I love this app but I don’t like how you have a limit of how many drawings you can post a day. If I could post more pictures then I could let my creativity(&weirdness) flow out for the world to see. - #lovetoreveiw

Great app but some ideas (4/5)

I have used this app a long time and I love it! It is super fun to color the different pictures and connect with friends. I have some suggestions that could improve the app. I wish you didn’t limit the amount of pictures you can import in a day. I love to import different pictures and color them in different ways. I find it very annoying when I am trying to import a lot of pictures so I can have enough to post. I think you should raise the limit to six or not have a limit. Also, I think that the post limit on everyday should be raised. I don’t understand why you want to limit how much your users post and share. One more idea, I think that you should get coins every time you reach ten followers so ten coins when you hit ten followers and ten more when you hit twenty. Maybe do this when users hit a certain number of likes on a post. Anyway, I highly recommend this app. This is a super fun and creative app and it has a great concept. Please read what I said and think about having an update that provides some of these features. - 🔥Isabelle

Great but just a few down perks (4/5)

I love this app so much but why pay 7.99 a month? I mean..... - thigh power

Love it, but needs work. (4/5)

I love using this app, but I wish some of the pictures and colors were unlocked. I don’t want to pay just to get more stuff. It should be unlocked after you’re a longtime user. - Brooke_0935

Plz don’t ignore (5/5)

You should give some of the most famous people in this special things like the money pack make it free for the top 20 people Thx you - zgneuegegdw

Lovely but a few suggestions. (4/5)

I personally can’t pay for the subscriptions so I’m stuck with watching videos to get drawings, and using non premium items. Which is great and all but I absolutely love the crayons, and I wish that for the crayons and other subscription items we can watch a video to obtain them for a one time use, since the ones that are unlocked are pretty limited, along with a lot of other locked things too. I just think it’d be a nice feature for those that don’t pay. Anyways that’s all. Thanks, -Sam - .........,.,......

VERY fun but one problem.... (4/5)

This game is really fun but too many pictures are on lock which I cannot handle. Also the REALLY pretty colors are on lock and I am not wasting any of my money on just a game. Please unlock more colors and also unlock more pictures please. Thank You! - Spike and Rarity

It's okay (4/5)

I think it's pretty good but, I feel like they try to control my creativity. I want to color so many things and use cool effects and use awesome colors (crayons, live colors, some gradients)but I can't because there only there for the subscribers. If you are going to advertise it free then, have it be free. I guess all in all it's alright, but I still would recommend it. There aren't any glitches as far as I'm concerned.(i've only had it for a few months) but, it says that if I watch an ad I can get 3 unlock tokens, but whenever I try to do that it says "there are no ads at this time, please check again soon." It's really annoying. I still love the app it's my go-to app and I really really like it. - Dizzyr9

This app is STUPID (1/5)

Almost every single picture you need to buy and even the free pictures you have to watch a stupid video for I would not recommend this app to anyone looking to do real art - ÿuvo

Fun to color,but membership is way too much money (4/5)

It is fun to color and post your colorings, but membership is way too much too pay for. - #catsareawesome🐈🐱🐯

What happened? (4/5)

I colored some works that were free. Now they aren’t any more and have disappeared from my gallery. Other than that and the fact that it’s expensive to get the best colors, it’s an ok app - Mscarter2u

Not a lot of free options. (3/5)

There are a lot of options and I really like the mechanics. But I don’t want to spend money on an app I use about 3 times a month. There are only 15 free options, and they aren’t very good or creative. - MHese717

Love it 😍 (5/5)

This app Is so amazing I love all the effects but the only thing I don’t like is how it’s hard get color on small little spaces but other than that love it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 - mer bear123

Its ok (4/5)

It logged me out and won't let me back in!😡 but other that that I love it sooooo much! - Roszgirl_34576890

Meh... (3/5)

I like this app and am ok with a one time fee of purchasing the app to get the content but I REFUSE to pay a subscription for a digital coloring book. - .Akcire

It’s fun,read my review 😒 (2/5)

It’s a great app! But, HUGE but, it’s ridiculous that you have to pay to play most of the GAME!!!! Again it’s a fun game, but it frustrates me when this pops up “Recolor unlimited” there’s paying options after everything I want to color, add and make it cool and pretty, so please make this app completely free... I’d pay a dollar to download it but that’s it... ( it’s fun!) - McKenna rae b.

Use to be fun (2/5)

Can be fun but so many drama seeking teens that it’s ruining the experience. Moderation is very lean, the comment section is full of teen angst. Some of us adults just want a friendly upbeat place to color. Going to think twice before deciding whether to renew my yearly subscription. PS. If you report an inappropriate comment or picture it very rarely gets removed. I would not allow younger kids to use this app. I personally think the comment section should be eliminated, there’s no need for comments- most of it is inappropriate garbage anyway. - Kyna59

Recolor (5/5)

I love this app!!! I don’t have recolor unlimited but it’s still super cool! U can dry so many pictures and there’s so many filters. If u get the subscription then u get more pictures and more colors, it it’s super fun and time consuming! I would highly suggest getting it!! - Mar559

Needs New Management (3/5)

Great tools, but disappointing limitations (unless you pay) and, oh yeah-- no support, whatsoever. - Ifso's Little Girl

I need help (5/5)

Hi I went to open my app and look at my notifications and it said request forbidden. It says the same thing about my published gallery... does anyone know what’s going on? - HayleighSmall

Post limits (4/5)

This app is literally amazing! But I have one issue, post limits. see you can only post 5 posts per day. But since I downloaded this app in the afternoon I can only post in the afternoon because this app goes by 24 hours! PLEASE PLEASE fix this - nonspecialblogger

Not happy (2/5)

I am updating this because it seems the other bug has been fixed but now there is another annoying bug with some of the pictures you color and when you hit finish it just comes out as a black screen where you can’t see anything. It’s the ones that are 3D like and you can rotate it around and all. I’d rather see the picture not a black screen. Also tried to go to App support and couldn’t even do that. - Crazdwriter

Like it but some problems... (4/5)

Love this app but sometimes when I go to publish something, it tells me I have only two posts left when I haven’t posted anything for 24 hours. - Shughes10

The best addiction (5/5)

Where an adult can be a kid!!! I really enjoy coloring! - Softlyspoken29